It's almost too late - NO CARBON (dioxide) TAX

"There will be NO carbon tax...."
We are about to burdened with a tax on invisible trace gas Carbon Dioxide; a tax predicated on a lie - There will be NO carbon tax.

All you "dinosaurs" and "incontinents" who have rallied against the tax, have you also written to your local member? Have you sent a submission to the committee?

It's almost too late but if we inundate them with submissions and complaints, maybe we can convince a few waivers.

As Carbon Sense Coalition's Viv Forbes wrote in his newsletter:

.....We need to let them know of our implacable opposition.
In an underhand move, they have revealed quietly that all public submissions on these massive bills must be made in just one week - submissions close on the 22nd of September. That's right - just one week to read and comment on over 1,100 pages of legislation. They have also decided to cancel public hearings around Australia. They hope that no Australian will find out about this or will not have the time or energy to write a submission. But let's prove them wrong. Let's flood the enquiry and the politicians with protests.
The nineteen bills on "Australia's Clean Energy Future Legislation" are listed here:

Written submissions can be emailed to the Joint Select Committee at:

The government's advice on preparing submissions is listed below but don't worry too much about it. Just tell them in your own words why you are opposed to this bill and what you will do if they pass it. Here is their advice: