Election Now Rally - Canberra 16 August 2011

Photo: Dr Jim Sternhell
Photo: Leon Ashby

An estimated crowd of 7,000 or more people attended the Election now rally. The Climate Sceptics founding president Leon Ashby addressed the crowd just before the Liberal's Bronwyn Bishop. Bronwyn Bishop revealed that Julia Gillard, from inside the cowards' castle had moved question time from a 2pm start to a 1:30pm start.

Photo: Geoff Brown
Leon had conversations with various people including Liberal Senator Cory Bernadi (above), CDP candidate Peter Madden and Galileo's Malcolm Roberts. Speakers included Tony Abbot, Barnaby Joyce, Scientist David Archibald, Angry Anderson.
Photo: Geoff Brown
  I traveled with The Carbon Sceptics proposed NSW Senate candidates for the next election, Bill Pounder (L) and Bill Koutalianos. 

The Convoy of No Confidence started the same day with Peter Whytcross leading off from Port Hedland with the first of 11 different convoys from all parts of Australia. (See http://justgroundsonline.com/ )

Photo: Dr Jim Sternhell
Photo: Dr Jim Sternhell


  1. Good Start.
    Let's build momentum.


  2. ignorant old greedy fuddy-duddy morons. All you are doing is the multi-nationals dirty work without realising it because you have been brainwashed and taken in by slogans and chants. Only the most intellectually inferior and challenged of people on this earth would support this cause. Wake up and begin to think indepenantly! 90%+ of you will not be effected at all by this carbon tax, but it is an absolutely essential stepping stone towards giving the cost of our profit on the environment an ACTUAL monetary "cost". You people are nothing but selfish and afraid of change.

  3. Paul (or should that be paul - what's up mate? Can't you find the capkey? or is your self esteem so low that you don't think that you need a capital?)

    You say "ignorant old greedy fuddy-duddy morons..."
    You say this from a position of ignorance. A look at the pictures will show that the ages range from the very young to the old.

    I pity you because you probably have been "brainwashed and taken in by slogans and chants."

    Are you ignorant of these facts accepted by all scientists?

    1. Water vapor causes more of the greenhouse effect than CO2.

    2. CO2 makes up less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere - at last count 391.7 parts per million. Man made Co2 emissions are only 3% of that very tiny amount. (Is your tiny brain able to take this in, paul?)

    3. The Vostok and Greenland ice cores, that AL Gore used in his science fiction movie An Inconvenient Truth, actually show temperature rising for an average of 800 years BEFORE CO2 rises and therefore could NOT be the cause of the following temperature rises. (Al Gore lied)

    4. The Hockey Stick graph used by the InterNATIONAL Panel on Climate Change has been discredited.

    5. Natural sources emit around 97% of the annual CO2 emissions.

    Were you aware of those facts - or were YOU ignorant?

    Wake up and begin to think indepenantly! (and use a spell-check - it will help you to communicate!)


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