Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ABC Bias hits the news.

This week on Anthony Watt's Watts Up With That (WUWT) there is a guest post by Mike Jonas. Mr Jonas compares the rates of temperature change in Australia at rural and non-rural weather stations.
Over those periods in which there were increasing temperatures, the rural stations appear to have warmed at about 60-70% of the warming rate of the non-rural stations.
My question is: Will this post be reported by the AGW propagandist ABC? My answer is no.

Recently, I made comments on the ABC's Drum Unleashed. The comments were spread over three different stories. None of the comments was published. NONE. Speaking to two of the authors, they had both heard from people who had made comments that went unpublished.

On Feb 21, the Australian published an opinion piece by Dr Marc Hendrickx entitled: 

Bias at the national broadcaster is as easy as ABC

I found it hard to get constructive comments published at the ABC. In this piece Marc describes how hard it is to get an erroneous, defamatory and abusive comment - made contrary to the blog rules - removed. After a struggle of to-and-fro, with all the accuracy on Marc's side, the offending comment was removed.

On December 23 ABC advised that the offensive comments had been removed.
The level of bias and base ignorance inherent in the views of a senior ABC journalist, in supporting the defamatory comments, are truly astonishing.
The affair leaves one questioning the credibility and objectivity of ABC's environmental reporting, along with the independence and efficacy of ABC's system of self-regulation.
Why did it take so much effort to remove the offensive comment? How did Phillips obtain permission to run such a biased and unbalanced opinion page at the taxpayers' expense?
The question is: Who's ABC is it? The ABC says that it is "Your ABC" but treat it  as if it is their ABC. Complaints often get the brush-off and, unless you persist as Marc did, nothing happens.

Marc Hendrickx runs the great blog ABC Newswatch.


Des Moore, Director of Institute for Private Enterprise has a similar story posted at Quadrant On Line.
I decided, however, that I would send a brief complaint to the ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs asking that the Lateline program stop being one-sided and give its viewers the opportunity to hear the other side. I noted that there are numerous scientists (and others) who reject the dangerous warming theory and referred to the Oregon petition signed by over 30,000 scientists (including 9,000 with PhDs) who have done just that (there are, of course, other such documents).
Worth a read.

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