Crowded Cafes, asphalt alleys, euthanasia and gay marriages

AB "Banjo" Paterson in his famous poem "Clancy of the Overflow" wrote:

I am sitting in my dingy little office, where a stingy Ray of sunlight struggles feebly down between the houses tall, And the foetid air and gritty of the dusty, dirty city Through the open window floating, spreads its foulness over all.

In his column yesterday in the National Times Peter Costello revealed some of the Greens policies, some of their urgent policies.

"I wonder if all those people who voted for the Greens in August expected that? They might have thought that a carbon reduction scheme was the number one Green priority or an end to logging. But it turns out it is euthanasia."

He tables some of their other policies. As I have written elsewhere on this blog, people should go to the Greens website and look at their policies. There is a strong reason why they are called "Watermelons." As a father told his son recently after his son voted Green at the last Federal Election: "So, you don't want to inherit the family house? The Family Assets?"

Peter goes on to point out that the Greens poll strongest in the foetid, gritty, dusty, dirty city and the more you head out into the greenery their vote evaporates.
"Imagine taking a journey from the GPO to the state border. The Green vote is highest where you start - in the inner-city terraces and converted warehouses. In the seat of Melbourne, the Greens polled 36 per cent and in the seat of Sydney 24 per cent.As you move out through the suburbs to the quarter-acre blocks, the Green vote declines. When you get to semi-rural and country areas, it falls even further. In Gippsland, it is 7 per cent and in Parkes (New South Wales), it is 6 per cent."

My Senate Candidate Partner at the last Federal Election had this to say:
"One can only hope that Peter Costello might communicate some of these thoughts to global warming alarmist and brother Tim Costello who wants to help the poor by taxing them more, via carbon taxes. Christopher Monckton clarified that the draft Copenhagen Treaty was really about a UN world government rather than saving the planet. He is also highly critical of the UN IPCC climate science. For those that can add 2 and 2 together go to the Greens website and under the "Policies" tab look under "Human rights and democracy" and there you have it "Global governance". Now go out and buy the DVD "Global warming or global governance" and cross your fingers for an early election."
Peter Costello has a sting in the tail of his article:
"But the political left has found marketing itself under the label "Green" has a much better appeal. 
They are also taking a lot of support from people who think that Green is a description of environmental policies. It is much more than that. It is a clever marketing label. Beyond the label is a fully formed agenda of radical positions on tax, economics and foreign affairs.It pays to look carefully before buying the product."
What a pity the Coalition didn't campaign against the Greens and expose some of their foibles before the last Election. They might have picked up more of the disgruntled Labor voters.


  1. What nobody appears to mention is that COP16, Climate Conference, Cancun Mexico is due end of November 2010.
    This time it will not be a freezing Northern Hemisphere Winter to discourage the attendees.
    Even the good Lord Christopher Monckton has not issued any warnings.
    It is TOO quite.


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