Questioning Consensus on (Man-made) Climate Change?

Questioning Consensus on (Man-made) Climate Change?
Letter to the Editor by Leon Ashby - President The Climate Sceptics Party

Julia Gillard is talking of consensus on climate change.

If consensus means we can ask questions before we give a verdict, I have these questions for the PM.

1) Has the world previously warmed without man-made greenhouse gases being a factor? (e.g. the Medievel Warm period in 800 - 1350 AD)
If so - How can we be sure climate change is not just a natural cycle?
2) Has the world warmed in the last 12 years since 1998? If not, then does not that contradict the idea global warming is still occurring?
3) Are greenhouse gases able to cause runaway Global Warming? - If so which scientist has the evidence?
If not, then why wait until the evidence comes in before wasting $billions on an unproven guess?
and finally
4) Will an ALP / Greens controlled senate combined with a sham consensus process force an ETS or a Carbon Tax on Australia (causing much financial hardship).

In my view we need to vote in fearless Independent Senators to ask the hard questions and bring accountability to the processes in Canberra.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics