Green's Witch or GreenSwitch?

The Christian Science Monitor (20/4) has reported a fraud in the Carbon Offset Market.

A company called GreenSwitch was selling "green power" certificates. Very noble of them, NOT! They didn't buy the renewable energy in the first place.

"In January, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ordered GreenSwitch's parent company, Global Green Plan, to buy 4,000 certificates at a cost of about US$128,000. Then the agency took offsetter Prime Carbon to court over false claims it was affiliated with the National Stock Exchange and approved by the Australian government."

The ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuels has reported
• SAAB had a dubious tree planting claim;
• Avoid a Japan-based offset promoter.

Point Carbon pointed out the same day that "Carbon credits stolen during a phishing scam were transferred to accounts in Denmark and the UK."

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post (20/4) asks: "Can Carbon Offsets Save the Planet? Don't Bet on It"

The article is written by the Editor of the Christian Science Monitor.

Which leads me to the question - Are Christian Scientists the only Scientists we can trust these days?