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Whenever someone asserts that a scientific question is “settled,” they tell me immediately that they don’t understand the first thing about science. Science is never settled. Dr David Deming

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the science of climate change is the lack of any real substance in attempts to justify the hypothesis ~Professor Stewart Franks

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Copenhagen negotiator accuses Rudd of lying

Report on ABC News Site.
From one of our members - Anne:

Mr Di-Aping said he had high expectations of Mr Rudd, but claimed that throughout the negotiations the Australian Government has not matched its actions with its rhetoric.

"The message Kevin Rudd is giving to his people, his citizens, is a fabrication, it's fiction," he said.

"It does not relate to the facts because his actions are climate change scepticism in action.

Later, they quote the Governor of California:

In Copenhagen, Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger told delegates that leaders and ministers will not be able to find a solution on their own.

"They need to co-operation (sic) the activists, the scientists, the universities," he said.

China's negotiator says Kevin Rudd lied to Australia

Tuesday morning on Good Morning America Governor Schwarzenegger said that people were saying "fix the economy first." Arnie was saying you can do both. Like California, Mr President? The greenest state is the brokest state!


The Courier Mail picked up the same story,1,26493376-952,00.html

Mr Rudd arrives in Copenhagen tonight and will argue for rules that allow polluters to grow but force all countries to be held accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions but he is expected to encounter tough opposition.

China and the United States are the world's two biggest carbon (dioxide) emitters.

What this story doesn't tell you is that the US is one of the Developed countries, whereas China is described as a LDC (Less Developed Country) so, although China is now the biggest emitter of CO2 and the US comes in at No 2, the US will have to pay compensation to the LDCs including China!

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