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Dr. Judy Ryan is a retired scientist living in Canberra. Over the last several years Judy has developed an email database which includes all the media and many prominent Climate Alarmist Academics and Politicians etc.   Judy believes strongly in the strength of the public email because the recipient cannot ignore it, as it is not a good look when the Australian and International Media are openly watching. Judy’s experience is that the public email can expose  Lysenko-like corruption in Academics and Wilful Blindness in politicians. 

Below is a record of Judy’s work. The evidence-based posters, which are designed to be user-friendly, with specifically targeted links, are at the top.Judy requests that you distribute them electronically and physically.

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See Drs. Ryan and Curtis' posters

Please download them and post them wherever you think is most suitable:

Who in Australia has altered their data to make the 1930’s cooler than it really was? 


4 min video             Poster                      Another Poster 

Altering Data to mislead = Fraud

Why would the Scientists at the BoM do such an evil thing?

Evidently its worlds best practice because NOAA & NASA fake their data also (scroll down to 2nd graph) 

But the EPA still shows the truth

If you are looking at the paper version go to for the click on links version 

Active links for this poster below.

The Chief Scientist seconds before 
he admits that lowering  Australia's emissions 
of CO2 to zero would make no difference to 
Global Temperatures

*Why has the cost of electricity in Australia moved from among the cheapest in the world to the 4th most expensive?

*Why do Dr Finkel and Science Senator Sinodinos say that Australia will be able to transition to wind and solar. As this daily adjusted barchart shows, wind and solar contributions to the grid are minuscule compared to COAL.

*Why do the Chief Scientist and the Minister for Science claim that wind and solar are renewable and clean? They are intermittent and dirty compared to coal. (3rd paragraph - Page 2). Plus research shows that heightened CO2 levels have greened the planet.
*On what basis do the Chief Scientist and the Minister for Science claim that wind, solar and even hydro are able to respond to the daily demands of the Grid. As this daily adjusted graph shows, they cannot. It is fossil fuels that are responding to the daily demands of the grid despite the fact that when wind and solar are available Energy retailers are forced to purchase them at a high subsidised price.

*Why are Australian taxpayers paying the salaries of these totally inept, ideologically blinded, political appointees?




Rutherglen2015version.pdf (113KBs)
CarbonPollution&CO2.pdf (384KBs)
HockeyStickGraphComparedToGeologicalReality.pdf (1,262KBs)
TheFalseConsensusPoster-3.pdf (117KBs)
FailureOfClimateModels.pdf (91KBs)
BW_CAGW_RejectedByAMA1951.pdf (704KBs)
Sun_and_C02.pdf (182KBs)
I_love_C02.pdf (74KBs)
SatelliteObservationsOfGlobalCO2Levels.pdf (1,017KBs)
Eucla1920.pdf (180KBs) Why did the Auusie BOM show Eucla as cool in December 1920 when it was hot?
DaftJunkMapsFromTheAustralianBureauOfMeteorology.pdf (229KBs) How can the Bureau of Meteorology think that the average maximum for South Australia could be higher than the highest maximum?
CharlesSturt.pdf (597KBs) Why don't the climate hysteria mongers read the history books?
WilliamCreekHeat.pdf (89KBs) How did the Bureau of Meteorology manage to lose the William Creek data?
NonInteracticePosterForDecember1931.pdf (398KBs) Where is the evidence to support the Bureau of Meteorology's claim that the temperature in Central Australia was around 33C in the early 1930s?
SystemGeneratedFakeData-2.pdf (637KBs) Are the BoM's maps for Central Australia examples of system generated fake data?
AtmosphericCO2LevelsFromThe1990s.pdf (323KBs) Only 3% of total annual emissions of CO2 are actually created by human activity, which comprise 1/400th of a percentage point of the annual global increase in atmospheric CO2. 
GlobalCoolingAlarmismInThe1970s.pdf (126KBs) Global Cooling Alarmism in the 1970s. 
Lysenko_V2.pdf (120KBs) The different faces of institutionalised Lysenkoism. The evidence indicates that Lysenkoism goes with fabricated data. Both are a form of fraud. 
FertiliserEffectOfCO2.pdf (314KBs) Global fertiliser effect of CO2 1982 - 2011.

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LetterToChiefScientist.pdf (207KBs) On 27th March 2017 Dr Judy Ryan sent a public letter to Australia's national Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel and around 2700 other politicians, scientists and media outlets. The letter was a reminder to the Chief Scientist regarding a Public Forum at Parliament House on the 29th March, two days later. In the letter Dr Ryan provided evidence based examples which indicate that the scientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have systematically adjusted their data for the first half of the 19th century so that it portrays an unbelievably stable and much cooler climate than actually existed. Dr Ryan assured the chief scientist that she would be attending the forum and offered to discuss this evidence with him. But will the Chief Scientist attend the Forum or will he keep himself wilfully ignorant?

Why does the Chief Scientist make flippant comments denigrating those who don't prescribe to his version of human caused global warming? On 6th June 2017 Dr Judy Ryan sent a public letter to Australia's national Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel and around 2700 other politicians, scientists and media outlets.
Dear Concerned Citizens of the World,
It’s not a good look for the Chief Scientist to make flippant comments denigrating those who do not prescribe to his version of the science re human caused global warming aka climate change. His comment re ‘not having ones mind so open that their brains leak out’ directed at Senator Roberts in the senate should be beneath a man in his position. Further, for him to repeat it on the evening news for a cheap laugh is insulting to those many decent, good, people who have come to realise that HCGW is a politically driven scam.
What is it that the Chief Scientist and our equally naive Minister for Science do not understand re the hypothesis that ‘HCGW is a politically driven scam orchestrated by the United Nations’. I and many others have provided them with the evidence supporting this hypothesis repeatedly.
Currently, I am working on an evidence based poster re last 120 years of temperature rise. I would like the Chief Scientist and Minister for Science to objectively investigate this evidence.
I strongly request that the Chief Scientist and Minister for Science also look at the posters here and please click 'reply all’ when you respond. In closing the evidence that CAGW is a politically driven global scam is robust. My promise to my country is not unlike that of many others here and overseas.
I will do my best as a member of the Goodies Team to expose this scam and ensure that its perpetrators are held individually accountable, no matter how long it takes. It is the only way to save ourselves from the evil agenda that underpins this great crime against humanity.
Respectfully Yours

DearChiefScientist_PleaseHelpRestoreScientificIntegrityToAustralia.pdf (117KBs) Well, guess what! the Chief Scientist did not attend the Public Forum on the 27th March. Was it an attempt to keep himself wilfully ignorant of the evidence raised in Dr Ryan's first letter, shown above? Below is Dr Ryan's second public letter to the chief scientist. It raises another two issues. One is the Global Cooling scare campaign in the 1970's. The second is the historical evidencing of scientists faking their data in order to gain favour and funding from political sources.

The distribution for this letter totalled 5,982. It included the politicians, media and academics who received the first letter. However, Drs Ryan and Curtis believe that subversive pseudo-science based education is the core problem for Australia and all western nations. For that reason this second letter was also distributed to many schools and universities in Australia and other nations. Drs Ryan and Curtis firmly believe in the power of the public letter. As they often state "it is not spam if you are distributing evidence in order to expose a scam".

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Public email sent to Senator Arthur Sinodonis (441KBs) on 2nd February 2017 by Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis. Approximately 8000 recipients, both national and international, were either openly copied or bcc'd.
The public email provided the evidence that the Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change 'hypothesis' is,and always has been, a politically driven global funding scam. As the letter explains, Senator Sinodonis claims that no one has provided him with evidence to support this claim and its because it doesn't exist.
As the record shows in the letter, Drs Ryan and Curtis have provided the supporting evidence of the global funding scam to Senator Sinodonis multiple times, but on every occasion he has chosen to remain wilfully ignorant of that evidence.
BrushOffFromArrogantDepartment.pdf (95KBs) Reply dated 31st January 2017 from the Australian Department of Education & Training.
MinisterSimonBirminghamAndAllUniversityChancellors.pdf (43KBs) On the 21st December 2016, Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis sent a public letter regarding the "Sorry State Of Australia's Science Curriculum" to the Minister for Education Senator Simon Birmingham. All Australian University Chancellors and the media were openly copied in. A further 6,500ish citizens of the world were bcc'd.
This is an open letter to the PM Malcolm Turnbull and Ministers Greg Hunt and Julie Bishop. It addresses Dr Roger Dargaville's statement that he and others removed a table that showed the minuscule amount of Australian greenhouse gases from the 2001 IPCC report:
LetterToDargaville.pdf (226KBs) Letter of reply to Dr. Roger Dargaville, Deputy Director, Melbourne Energy Institute.
2nd letter to Dr Dargaville which corrected an earlier error (442KBs)

AussieGov'sDecisionRegardingReportOnWindTurbineSenateReportOverdue.pdf (69KBs)
On the 26th August 2016 Dr. Judy Ryan and Dr. Marjorie Curtis sent a second, more public, request for the Turnbull Government to finally make a decision regarding the senate enquiry's report regarding the environmental and energy supply issues associated with wind turbines.
As Judy and Marjorie state in the correspondence, the evidence shows that the many elements of the renewables/clean energy initiatives are based on the pseudo climate science of a few individuals in Australia.
In fact, the vast majority of submissions to the enquiry were against wind turbines. Why does the Turnbull Government continue to ignore the wishes of the Australian people?

On the 13th May Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis sent a public letter to Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Australia), Greg Hunt (Minister for the Environment), and Julie Bishop (Minister for Foreign Affairs). The subject line read "The Political Chaos in Australia".
The total number of recipients was around 2,200. Close to 1,800 Australian politicians or council members were openly copied in. About 200 politicians from other democratic nations were also openly copied in. Educational institutions, legal entities and media were also copied in. And last, but not least, independent scientists and citizens all over the world were BCC'd.
Together, we will fight forever to expose the global pseudo-science based CAGW aka HCCC scam; and the evil Agenda that underpins it.

1of6_AreTheProposalsPoliciesAndProceduresOfCOP21PredicatedInDeceit.pdf (103KBs) Are the proposals, policies and procedures of COP21 predicated in deceit? Open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology maladjustment of data

As of March this year (2015) the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is under investigation for possible maladjustment of its data by an Independent Advisory Forum. The BoM scientists say they follow World's Best Practice, but all over the world Meteorological Agencies are coming under scrutiny.
The world will be watching Australia. The public submission by Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis to the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and the Technical Advisory Forum sets out the historical context which facilitated what the evidence is suggesting is a politically driven global scam.

Their submission emailed on 4th March 2015 was CC'd to more than 360 national and international media, political and other interested entities. It was BCC'd to many more. They find that the public email is a powerful tool and encourage others all over the world to use it.

Citizens Holding Government Accountable

A formal complaint sent to the Ombudsman on 29th August 2013 against the Department of the Environment (DOE) for misleading millions of Australian citizens by (1) consistently colouring carbon-dioxide black in its graphics and (2) shortening the hyphenated word to just "carbon" then coupling it with "pollutuion" or "emissions".
  1. Background (PDF 14KB)
  2. The original complaint 29 Aug 2013 (PDF 155KB)
  3. Our Formal Complaint To Ombudsman 15 Jan 2014 (PDF 22KB)
  4. The DOE's First Response 19 Dec 2013 (PDF 15KB)
  5. Our First Response 23 Dec 2013 (PDF 293KB)
  6. The DOE's Second Response 9 Jan 2014 (PDF 17KB)
  7. Our Second Response 11 Jan 2014 (PDF 25KB)
  8. The Ombusman's Rebuttal 22 Jan 2014 (PDF 25KB)
  9. Background to the resubmission of the formal complaint against DOE (PDF 74KB)
  10. Resubmission of complaint 13 Feb 2014 (PDF 19KB)
  11. The Ombusman's 2nd Rebuttal 27 Feb 2014 (PDF 522KB)
  12. Is the Ombudsman's Office a toothless tiger or is it wilfully ignorant? 9 Sep 2015 (PDF 97KB)

Letter to Mark Butler (Shadow Minister for the Environment) 24th August 2015. Does the Australian Labor Party have a fraudulent ideology? (PDF 74KB)

Citizens Holding Climate Science Accountable

On 18th February 2014 I sent an email to David Karoly with Marjory Curtis, a retired geologist, as my co-signer. Approximately 180 Australian and overseas media outlets, politicians, universities, including their student newspapers, and prominent climate hysteria mongers were openly copied in. The many sceptics all over the world who are fighting to restore scientific integrity were not.
  1. Background to latest correspondence with Karoly (PDF 11KB)
  2. Public letter to Karoly 18 Feb 2014 (PDF 1,173KB)
  3. Karoly's Immediate Response 19 Feb 2014 (PDF 18KB)
  4. Our Second Public Letter to Karoly 21 Feb 2014 (PDF 17KB)
  5. Emailed letter to Karoly 28th March 2014 (PDF 355KB)
  6. Public letter to Karoly and his two responses April 2016 (PDF 99KB)
  7. Professor Karoly's discussions re fraud and libel (PDF 489KB)
On the 13th June 2014 I sent an email to Professor Ken Baldwin at the Australian National University, with Marjory Curtis and Tony Dale as my co-signers. Approximately 330 public entities were copied in. These included the media both in Australia and overseas, Vice Chancellors, student newspapers from many Australian universities and prominent skeptics all over the world.
  1. Background to public letter to Professor Baldwin (PDF 141KB)
  2. Letter to Professor Baldwin (PDF 360KB)
  1. Public letter challenging Professor Raupbach to provide evidence supporting the greenhouse effect in the lower atmosphere (PDF 61KB)
The evidence that supports the claim that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been systematically adjusting the historical temperature record for regional Australia to fit with a political global warming narrative.
  1. Background to the claim (PDF 82KB)
  2. Email to Dr. Vertessy 10 July 2014 (PDF 432KB)
  3. Email from Professor Kevin Walsh 10 July 2014 (PDF 82KB)
  4. Email to Professor Kevin Walsh 10 July 2014 (PDF 163KB)
  5. Email from Professor Kevin Walsh 10 July 2014 (PDF 70KB)
  6. Email to Professor Kevin Walsh 17 July 2014 (PDF 122KB)
  7. Email to Dr. Vertessy 4 Aug 2014 (PDF 104KB)
  8. Email to Dr. Vertessy 1 Sep 2014 (PDF 115KB)
  9. Email to Professor Kevin Walsh 2 Sep 2014 (PDF 99KB)
  10. Email from Professor Kevin Walsh 3 Sep 2014 (PDF 193KB)

In Australia, on or about 15th March this year a Technical Advisory Forum, appointed by the Environment Minister Greg Hunt, met behind closed doors with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology scientists. The Forum will deliver its report on or before June 2015.
Below is the public submission that Dr Marjorie Curtis and I submitted by public email. Also for the public record is Greg Hunt's correspondence accepting the submission. The world will be watching and waiting for the results of your Forum's enquiry Minister Hunt.
The world now knows how Greg Hunt, the Australian Minister for the Environment, prevented a full enquiry into the Bureau of Meteorology's data adjustment practices. Altogether, in a series of 5 public emails, approx 2000 media, politicians at all levels of government, academics, scientists and prominent sceptics all over the world received the news. The question is: Is Minister Hunt wilfully ignorant?
Why did Greg Hunt stop the investigation into the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's possibly faked temperature data? (PDF 355KB)
Below is a copy of the second of five public emails sent to the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt on 12th November 2015. It contains links to evidence on the BoM's website. That evidence supports the claim that that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has systematically adjusted Australia's historical temperature data to make it appear cooler than it actually was in the first half of this century.
Maybe we need a Royal Commission into the BoM's data adjustments? (PDF 2,013KB)
On the 16th February Professor Rob Vertessy replied on behalf of the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, to our correspondence to the Minister dated 20th October 2015. (see two links up page). We had raised serious issues regarding the BOM's possibly fraudulent ideology and we had asked the Minister why he had effectively stopped the investigation into the BOM's data management practices. As you can see, Professor Vertessy did not address any of the issues we had raised with the Minister. His response was ambiguous and based on non-referenced pseudo science.
The specific links in our email to Professor Vertessy, provide the evidence that the BOM scientists have knowingly misled our politicians and the Australian people.

If you believe, as we do, that the evidence shows that Global Warming/Climate Change is a politically driven global scam then the question is Why? Where does the money go? The evil agenda that underpins it is now a clear and present danger.
In November the the global wannabe rulers meet in Paris. They will attempt to lay firm foundations for an unelected world government funded by world carbon taxes and levies. If we love life, laughter and liberty we must protect our democracy.
Please put pressure on your local federal MP and Senators of all parties. Tell them "No binding Agreement in Paris and a 'Get Out' clause on anything agreed". Nothing should be signed in Paris. Below is our open letter to our Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop. The email list totalled approx 1,500. It included every Federal, State and local politician that we could find, totalling aprox 1,240. Feel free to copy and paste any or all email address from the Apple or PC version below and use for your own letters. PC users need be aware that there may be some semi-colon separators in the list that really should be grammatical commas. Your help in correcting these will be much appreciated.

Email lists for PC Users - State Chief Ministers and other important people email contacts 
Email links for Queensland state politicians 
Email links for Australian Federal State and Local Politicians for PC Users 
Email links for Australian Federal State and Local Politicians for Apple Users
Powerpoint version of presentation to Sydney group at NSW Parliament House
PowerPoint 97 or later is required to view it but you can download a viewer from Microsoft if you don't have it installed. 
Installation / viewing instructions
Apple Keynote version of presentation to Sydney group at NSW Parliament House

This email was sent to around 200 Greenpeace members, some of whom are at the COP21 talkfest in Paris.
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Dear Australian Rotarians

Wherever you may live, whatever your colour, culture or creed, we reach out to you with compassion and integrity. Dr Curtis and I realise that you may find our statements below confronting. As ethical, good people, you tend to believe that scientists, academics and politicians  are also ethical. Sadly, history has proven us wrong repeatedly.     

The evidence indicates that Human Caused Climate Change (HCCC) via the demonisation of a life essential trace gas is the latest  politically driven global scam. The scam is based on pseudo-science and  false consensus  (The link to the short video has been corrupted, but the link to the original study still works)

The scam appears to be orchestrated mainly by the United Nations. But, why would the United Nations do such an evil thing?  Who knows, but;

> as was predicted, the United Nations  planted puppet prime ministers in both Australia and Canada (short video)

> In Australia the evidence shows that the scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology have a fraudulent ideology             

The most recent evidence of Academic fraud is  that Michael Mann, one of the worlds most prominent Climate Scientists has committed contempt of court by refusing to surrender data for open court examination

Now back to our country; in Australia the major political parties do not  care that wind turbines, as shown in this very short video  are a fatal attraction for birds over either land or sea. We think that the majority of Australians do care.  The major parties ignore the fact that our coal fired power stations simply return the life essential gas CO2 and other natural gases back into the atmosphere (page 2, 4th paragraph)

In Australia we have a Minister for Education who  has shown his derision for the science and the evidence that refutes HCCC.  He will stand passively by and allow our corrupted Academy of Science to continue to teach propaganda and advocacy instead of evidence based science to our school children.

If you are are still reading, we thank you.  If you are prepared to contact your local politician and show him or her this evidence, we thank you more. 

You can easily find your member’s  email address, just by entering your postcode at the link below

To see the rest of the evidence-based posters on the HCCC hoax go here Please consider discussing the evidence we have provided at your next Rotary meeting.  Please do not turn a blind eye and deaf ears to our evidence. We guarantee, it is robust. 

Respectfully Yours
Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis 
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