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Lauded by the traitorous ABC, a Green activist bureaucrat has resigned in a merde-scented shower of self-regard, pique and high moral principle.

David Paull was an ecologist working for the Office Environment and Heritage (OEH) and a former greens candidate.

Paull was upset about new gas and fracking projects and the proposed amendment to thevile Native Vegetation laws in the wake of the tragic shooting of fellow officer Glen Turner by a farmer over land clearing disputes.

I have never heard any green, Paull included, take a public stand about the high rates of suicide by Australian farmers......

Adam Bandt is a Bastard.

Bandt has declared these (Oct2013 NSW) bushfires are the result of man-made global warming [AGW] and that Abbott’s efforts to remove the insidious carbon tax will cause more and worse bushfires.

Bandt’s comments are reminiscent of what his former leader Bob Brown said immediately after the 2009 Victorian bushfires. For Brown and other Green commentators the bushfires were evidence that AGW was real.

The complicity of Green policy in exacerbating the severity of the bushfires was never acknowledged by Brown or other Green advocates and supporters including Bandt.......

Andy Pitman

Pitman made no mention of the manifest effect on bush-fire intensity due to Green policies and by defending Bandt’s egregious comments should join Bandt in the bastard category.......

Christiana Figueres and Nicola Roxon

As the person overseeing the UN’s climate division, the IPCC, Figueres is answerable for the delirious material presented as ‘evidence’ by the IPCC since its first report in 1990. However old habits die hard and Figueres is still pushing AGW alarmism.......

Dr Paul Brock

Now Paul Brock is an outstanding citizen who has overcome considerable personal obstacles to make a social contribution. But he is also not the first good citizen who has been hoodwinked by the AGW Agitprop. People like Brock who have genuine natures and good will assume others share these qualities. They are ill equipped to see through the scam and lies of AGW particularly the latest Vulturism of the bushfire bastards. In Brock’s case he has been informed by The Conversation.......

Liam Phelan.

Phelan’s article reads as though he is talking to errant children who will respond to a soft but stern talking to. But his defence of Bandt is atrocious and his basic point is indefensible........

Janet Stanley of the Monash Sustainability Institute. 

The primary subject of the {ABC}interview was to tease out Stanley’s expertise about how to treat young arsonists. Stanley took a generally sympathetic approach to these little bastards. However, Stanley was not satisfied with this and just had to introduce AGW into the conversation...


  1. Big/oil/coal/gas/wood are killing the world

    See the thing is that big/oil/gas/coal/wood are killing the world. Where I live the fire last year burnt so much wood that the smoke blocked out the sun for a long time and that made everything hotter because the heat got trapped by the smoke, my friend who is a scientist at the school told me that. He is really smart and knows all about wood and how the smoke kills people with extra heat. Yeah those scum bag oil people are killing us, and they do it for money, I heard that they are now watering down petrol to make even more money. Bastards that is why my truck keeps stopping. Now I have to get a new one, but the government won’t help me as they say I need to ask big oil/gas/coal/wood for one. Fat chance of that!! Another thing is on Nuclear power places, like three mile island and that one in Japan that got drowned by the 911 wave. Yes Nuclear power places are really bad news and we should blow them up as they cause cancer and other stuff. My scientist friend told me that all we need are a few hundred more huge windmill things and solar stuff on roofs and then we can save the birds, animals and other stuff too. You see I am now a Green person, I did not used to be but since I saw that film “Greedy Lying Bastards” I have changed, cos now I know that big/oil/gas/coal/wood are killing us for money and because they are very bad people. Places like WUWT are doing a really good job of showing the world how evil is big/oil/gas/coal/wood. I am writing a book on this subject, my friend the scientist (Paul) is going to help me with some of the science stuff cos to tell you the truth, I do find it a bit much. He got all his stuff from a Mr Al Gore. Have you heard of him? Paul says he is the real deal and really knows all about big/oil/gas/coal/wood. Do you know that I am an Aussie? We have an election coming up soon, and we will put Julia Gillard back in for another 4 years. Good one eh mate? She is really smart too, (not as smart as Paul) She has this new tax called a carbon footprint tax you see and I only have to pay 15% of my wages to her and she promises to help save the birds, animals and other stuff too. Cool eh! So if you are voting, vote for her. Ok Mate! PS: I was going to become a journalist; the only job I applied for was with the ABC. But I did not want to work for them as they just do TV stuff for kids. I also wanted to go on Q&A but they never got back to me, hmm I wonder about that sometimes.
    JF:“Yes this is satire”

  2. You forgot to mention the unicorns - the need saving too ;)

  3. Windmills: "all we need are a few hundred more huge windmill things and solar stuff on roofs and then we can save the birds, animals and other stuff too"
    You forgot to mention that windmills/wind turbines kill birds. They fly between the blades, seeing they have the space, but are pulled back into the blads from the votrex created by the blades. This they cannot control, and do not expect, so they are killed. This includes almost all species of birds, including those labled endangered or extinct.

    Also: Smoke blocking the sun would help cool the earth, if anything, and nuclear power plants, when operated correctly are very safe, and hightly effective. Besides, they do not kill and birds, fish, or other animals. Only when they are run beyond their limits (Chernobyl) or placed in higher-risk areas (Japan's plant, and any other near the ocean or fault lines) do they become a risk. Reactors run properly from a stable river well inland from the ocean do not have these problems.

    *Also, please do your own research. Don't trust one person to tell you all you should know. Do the research, and make your own conclusions. "My friend said" and "[Paul] is smart" don't really mean anything. He says this, and seems smart to you, so he must know, but this can verry often lead to an incorrect viewpoint.

  4. er, this is satire remember bro lol


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