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Prince Phillip mis-reported

 This blog has previously posted facts of Phillip and how he was diametrically opposed to his alarmist son Prince Charles on the #agwFraud.

During the reporting of Prince Phillip's death, there have been many references to Climate matters, WWF, etc.

However, the fact remains, Prince Phillip was strongly on our side and opposed the thoughts of his silly son Charles.

Here is an item by Rowan Dean in the Spectator. Please add more in comments.

Prince Philip, climate sceptic, already spinning in his grave

10 April 2021


3:51 PM

Prince Philip was a climate change sceptic. In correspondence to Spectator Australia contributor and author Ian Plimer back in 2018, the Duke of Edinburgh not only compliments Professor Plimer on his most recent book, The Climate Change Delusion, but also praises his previous book ‘Heaven and Earth’, which similarly questioned the ‘missing science’ behind the global warming scam.

Furthermore, in the letter which Ian has kindly provided to The Spectator Australia, the late Prince — who was never one to mince his words — described the wind turbines now blotting the landscapes globally as ‘monstrosities’.

Here is the letter from Windsor castle, dated 29 April 2018:

What a great question. As we can see, Prince Philip, a Patron of the Royal Geographical Society admired the work and writing of geologist Ian Plimer. In fact, the Prince attempted to invite Professor Plimer to London to address the Royal Society of Artists (RSA) on the topic of climate change. That invitation was later rescinded by the mandarins at the Palace, as was documented by James Delingpole in the UK Telegraph at the time. As Delingpole wrote:

Prince Philip, a Patron of the Royal Geographical Society admired the work and writing of geologist Ian Plimer. In fact, in 2010 the Prince attempted to invite Professor Plimer to London to give the Prince Philip Lecture at the Royal Society of Artists (RSA) on the topic of climate change. That invitation was swiftly rescinded by the mandarins at the Palace, as was documented by James Delingpole in the UK Telegraph at the time. As Delingpole wrote: 

Here’s part of the embarrassed kiss-off Prof Plimer received from the RSA’s chief executive:

I am afraid I am writing to you with some disappointing news regarding the Prince Philip Annual Lecture on 5 May.

As you well know, the debate around climate change has recently become highly politically charged, both globally and especially in your home country.  Equally, as I am sure you are aware, members of the Royal Family need to be scrupulous in avoiding any appearance of advocating or supporting a particular political stance.  The RSA’s charitable status also requires us to maintain absolute political independence in our programme of events and research events.

After discussion with Buckingham Palace, it is therefore with great regret that we must withdraw your invitation to give this year’s PrincePhilip Lecture.   The Duke of Edinburgh is personally disappointed as he read your book with great interest and was looking forward to hearing you speak, but I know that you will recognise that the now highly controversial debate surrounding this issue would make it inevitable that he was seen to be taking a particular position.

What is extraordinary about that letter is that as well as confirming the Prince’s admiration for the Professor, it points out that the Royal Family should have nothing to do with the politics of climate change. Yet today, a decade on, both future monarchs Prince Charles and Prince William, the former in particular in advocating the Great Reset and embracing Greta Thunberg, and the latter in his fondness for Sir David Attenborough, are in climate politics up to their eyeballs. 

Prince Philip, now that he’s finally in his grave, will surely spend a great deal of the years ahead spinning in it.

Just When You Think It Cannot Get Any Worse…

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics) NW Connection

Bill Gates, photo credit: Wikipedia

This is a tale about mad scientists or mad ‘wanna-be’ scientists who have the money and/or power to implement their very dangerous ideas. It is a cautionary tale about the great dangers we face from those who claim to understand science, but frequently have no idea even what science is, let alone understand its complexity.

People once knew that scientists work with very sophisticated topics that are typically far beyond the reach of those without scientific training. But that understanding has given way to simplistic and very erroneous explanations that too many are happy to repeat ad infinitum. “Climate Change” is perhaps the most egregious example. While our climate is always changing for perfectly natural reasons, political propagandists want everyone to believe that it is all due to the burning of fossil fuels. That is total nonsense, dangerous nonsense.

Bill Gates

Let me nominate Microsoft founder Bill Gates as a great example of a mad ‘wanna-be’ scientist, who has too much money and too little education to address real scientific issues. He is a very skillful computer programmer and an astute businessman who enjoyed great success. But that ability hardly translates to other professions from science to baseball to plumbing.

As Clint Eastwood once said with a sneer, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

Gates wants to solve the ‘climate crisis,” by dumping millions of tons of chalk into the stratosphere to reflect enough sunlight to cool the Earth. Never mind that there is no legitimate climate crisis of any kind. That is all imaginary. But what of his idea? Would it work? Would it be safe? What evidence do we have?

Usually, those who propose the preposterous are careful enough to avoid suggestions where we have ample evidence of what will happen. Gates wants to mimic what occurs when a large volcanic eruption sends vast amounts of dust into the relatively stable stratosphere, where it will remain for years. Lesser volcanic eruptions like Mt. St. Helens in 1980 sent about 2.5 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere, where it quickly fell or washed out, because little got into the stratosphere. It did not cause noticeable cooling of the global atmosphere.

Larger volcanic eruptions, like Mt. Pinatubo and El Chichon, did manage to dump significant quantities of ash into the stratosphere and probably did cool the planet slightly. However, the largest volcanic eruption in human history of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 sent 100 cubic kilometers of debris airborne, with considerable ash reaching the stratosphere. It led to the ‘Year without a Summer’ in 1816. With killing frost and snow in the middle of the summer, crops failed in New England and elsewhere, resulting in the greatest famine of the 19th century.

Happily, even climate alarmists are alarmed with the Gates plan, because it could have serious unintended consequences from destroying the ozone layer to altering ocean currents. They fail to mention the harmful effects of cooler temperatures and less sunlight on agricultural production. That undercuts their contention that greenhouse warming is dangerous. Warmth and sunlight are fundamental to agriculture. So is carbon dioxide.

Sending large payloads into the stratosphere is fraught with danger. I know, because I have done so. With enormous helium-filled balloons, we lofted several hundred-pound payloads to 140,000 feet to study galactic cosmic rays. The balloons were large enough to be seen from the ground, leading airline pilots to report “a balloon off my wingtip at 40,000 feet.” Of course, the balloon was 100,000 feet above them, but it had to rise through aircraft altitudes.

While we took every precaution to keep air traffic safe, everyone was still nervous. Occasionally, a balloon would get away and sink into aircraft altitudes. One balloon even floated over the Soviet Union and was shot down. A fellow graduate student had to go to Moscow to get his thesis experiment back! We nearly had one huge experiment drop on Dallas, Texas. But instead, it floated down on a nearby farm, merely destroying crops. We were lucky.

One or few stratospheric balloon experiments are probably worth the risks for the knowledge gained, but using thousands of them to deliberately pollute the stratosphere is total lunacy.

President Joe Biden

Geriatric Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris administration cannot be accused of having the innate intelligence of Bill Gates, but they do suffer from the same delusion that they understand climate science, and we have to do something immediately to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Oh really? Where is the evidence?

Without solid empirical evidence, wild theories are not even close to science. Joe likes to publicly claim that all his policies “follow the science,” as he turns to his handlers and snickers.

Wild policies inevitably follow wild theories. Do not bother arguing with them, because they stopped listening long ago. Coming in April for Lenin’s birthday and Earth Day will be ever more strident warnings that we have to do more to save the planet, followed by the declaration of a “Climate Emergency” and numerous new Executive Orders to eliminate the internal combustion automobile engine and fossil-fueled power plants. Geriatric Joe and Scientist Joe intend to be Dictator Joe.

Mad scientists can usually do the elementary math to avoid proposing what does not compute. But not Joe. He thinks he can print enough money to pay for the “Green New Deal,” with the consequence of bankrupting America. He thinks that intermittent renewable energy can replace reliable energy, with the consequence of destroying the electric grid. He thinks he can improve the weather by limiting carbon emissions, with the consequence of reducing our ability to feed the world’s population. And he thinks he can corrupt science and scientists for political purposes, with the consequence of destroying the miracle that created and sustains the modern world.

The real disaster that Biden-Harris are trying to avoid is having no crisis to move their agenda forward. If COVID wanes and people realize that carbon dioxide is beneficial, Biden-Harris will no longer have an excuse for dictatorial behavior. That is the real disaster they want to avoid.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

No one can talk about the COVID pandemic without bringing up the great epidemiologist Anthony Fauci. At least Fauci thinks Fauci is great. Unlike Gates and Biden, he is a real scientist who clearly gets some things right. That is a great improvement over the ‘wanna-bees.’ But he is still one of the mad scientists because he is so taken with himself that he misses a lot.

Fauci eventually realized that the pandemic was getting out of hand and did realize that “140,000 Americans” might die. But he failed to realize that a death rate that was doubling every few days could go much higher, even with strict lock-downs. Strict lock-downs lessen the immediate consequences of an epidemic by “flattening the curve.”

The problem is that they extend out the epidemic, such that many still die. Of course, the economic damage of a shutdown increases rapidly with the length of the shutdown. The psychological damage from isolation and job loss cause substantial harm too. But the great Fauci was not great enough to think beyond centuries-old techniques like quarantines and modern methods like vaccines that take a long time to implement.

Physicians with a little more sophistication recognized that there were a number of promising ways to treat COVID patients and lessen death rates, using hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, and other therapies. They were not cures, but where used, they did lessen the death rate significantly until effective vaccines became available.

Fauci also appears to have missed the extraordinary difference between what the Chinese called the “Wuhan Flu” and real influenza. Influenza causes many deaths across all age groups, while almost all COVID deaths occur in those over age 60 and especially those with existing health problems like diabetes. Hence, only the elderly needed to be isolated. Most others should have been allowed to go about their lives because their only risk from COVID was inconvenience.

Real scientists bear some of the blame for failing to oppose mad scientists promoting nonsense.

Gordon J. Fulks lives in Corbett and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research.

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Flood Plains are for Floods

by Viv Forbes

Natural flood plains form where floods spread silt and mud in river valleys. Being flat, fertile, picturesque and usually supplied with surface and underground water, they attract farms, orchards and gardens. These are inevitably followed by roads, houses, infrastructure and businesses.

Despite this,  all the planners with their rules, the pressure of people plus a bit of corruption has always resulted in population clustering on fertile flood plains and deltas beside scenic rivers. London, Paris, Rome, St Louis, Montreal, New Orleans, Brisbane and most other cities were built beside rivers. There is no point trying to stop or reverse this tide of history but those who choose to build or live on flood plains must bear the costs of the occasional flood.

Community groups will always help those stricken by floods but taxpayers and insurers should not be forced to subsidise the insurance and damage costs for those who choose to live in risky places - their choice, their risk, their cost. Naturally, insurance for flood-prone property will be expensive or not available – a clear message for those with ears to hear.

More cautious people build on the hills and leave the flood plains for floods, farms, trees, market gardens and grass. Rational town planning would require sellers and developers to provide accurate flood maps to buyers, and councils should paint flood levels on power poles. 

There are few risk-free home sites. Those who build in thick bush or neglect cool-season burn-offs will inevitably suffer from bushfires; those who build on flood plains will be flooded; those who locate near fault zones will occasionally be shaken by earthquakes; those who build near the sea risk cyclones, giant waves and tsunamis; and those who farm the rich volcanic soil near “dormant” volcanoes risk sudden burial under ash and lava.

The old railway engineers soon learned to build their lines above most flood levels wherever possible. So a useful rule is: don’t build essential infrastructure below the railway lines. 

If you choose to locate on a flood plain, be prepared to pay higher insurance costs. And if you build your house there, build it on stilts, like this:

Rather than wasting billions on futile efforts to change global climate, governments should spend those billions on flood-proofing their railways, bridges, airports, roads and electricity supply. 

And they should build more dams and weirs to conserve water and moderate floods.

Dark Emu
by Clyde Brown

In his book “Dark Emu”, Bruce Pascoe argues that pre-colonial aboriginals were much more than simple hunter-gatherers and were living in towns and villages, building houses and dams, altering the course of rivers, tilling the land and sowing crops (which they harvested and stored) as well as sewing their own clothes.

At the same time, he claims that they had a system of pan-continental government that generated peace and prosperity.

However, a few Europeans (escaped convicts or ship-wrecked sailors) were taken in by tribes and lived with them, often for years. Their reports of aboriginal life tell a very different story. Read more:

Lessons from Fukushima

by Dr Kelvin Kemm

Eleven Japanese nuclear power stations were struck by a massive earthquake, followed by a huge tidal wave, followed by an explosion in one nuclear power station, followed by an enormous evacuation of civilians. Some 17,000 people were killed. Guess what killed them? Was it the earthquake, the tidal wave, the explosion in the power station or the evacuation? How many have suffered from radiation and what caused the explosion? The answers may surprise you. Read on here:


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The Net Zero Suicide Note 
by Viv Forbes 

Only the West is conned by the Net Zero siren song. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are not so stupid. We must remove the fools leading and betraying western nations.

Tough Times Ahead
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We have tough and dangerous times ahead.

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Emissions Confusion

 Emissions Confusion

by Viv Forbes 
Please pass on.

What parallel universe are Australian politicians living in?

Their Net-Zero policy says we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions to induce global cooling.

Then their COVID closures and lockdowns destroyed the travel industry, thus slashing travel emissions. 

Success - one industry approaches its zero-emissions goal.

Are they pleased? No, those who were locked down yesterday are today promised Queensland government travel vouchers to visit Cairns. 

And the feds have already offered 50% airfare subsidies. 

And now three levels of government collaborate to promote another travel emissions extravaganza – the Queensland Olympic Games.

All travel subsidies increase emissions.

Do they want more or fewer emissions? We are confused.

Maybe tourists will ride bicycles to Cairns and the Games buses, trains and planes will run on political hot air?

Is this the way tourists travel to Cairns in the net-zero world?(Cartoon) 

Queenslanders paid to take a holiday:
Federal Travel Subsidies:
Brisbane bids for Olympic Games: