Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 On his continuing series, Geoff Derrick writes:

Hello to all


I hope that you all have survived the rains.  My moments of truth arrived when it became clear that the gutters on the carport needed clearing of leaf matter etc.  Job done, but up a steep ladder armed with kitchen tongs needs care at the age I am.


So attached is a continuation of the Renewable Energy and Climate Alarmism series, or RECA, taking the form of simple cartoon/image/text series of pages highlighting the shortcomings of renewable energy - unreliable, intermittent and incapable of providing base load power.  Most of you have seen Series 1,pages 1 to 5, Series 2, pages 6 to 13, and Series 3 14-21.


This email continues with Series 4, pages 22 to 29, as pdf, and also as individual jpg images. This part 4 continues with an update as to why there is no climate emergency, and we commence looking at energy density matters involving renewables. THEY ARE SIMPLY LOW RENT TECHNOLOGIES.


I make a personal plea to politicians receiving this information.  It is time for you to discuss all or some of these issues with people like Matt Kean in the NSW parliament, and, say, Trent Zimmerman in the Federal parliament.  Ask them to explain their 'science'.


And when the time comes to help the victims of the flooding in eastern Australia, government can find a lazy $7 billion currently being paid as subsidies to the renewable energy knobs. Stopping these and handing it to the more deserving flood victims would be satisfying to see. 


Redirect as you wish, and best wishes to all



Geoff Derrick

(Consultant geologist - ret)