Monday, 22 March 2021

Renewable Energy and Climate Alarmism

 Geoff Derrick writes:

Attached is a continuation of the Renewable Energy and Climate Alarmism series, or RECA, taking the form of simple cartoon/image/text series of pages highlighting the shortcomings of renewable energy - unreliable, intermittent and incapable of providing base load power.  Most of you have seen Series 1,pages 1 to 5, then Series 2, pages 6 to 13.


This email continues with Series 3, pages 14 to 21, as pdf, and also as individual jpg images. This part 3 finishes our discourse on the power crisis in Texas, and comes back to Australia where the renewable foolishness continues unabated, via the efforts of Matt Kean in NSW wanting to build a wind turbine on every hill, and Zak Kirkup, who actually proposed such a policy for the Conservative side of politics in WA, and ended up with a nickname for life - Mr 10%, guiding the WA Liberals to the biggest election loss in a century, losing his seat ,and exiting politics when he should have been in a Green-Left party to begin with.


Our pages to come will be touching on young Zak, on the Yallourn power station, and on the question of energy densities, which for renewables is very very very low.