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The Blackout Agenda

 Opinion Piece. 

by Viv Forbes

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14 June 2021

The Blackout Agenda

Solar power fails every day from sunset to sunrise as well as during rain, hail, snow or dust storms. No matter how much land we smother in subsidised solar panels, they will still fail.

Wind power fails often and unpredictably, sometimes for days, especially in quiet cold winter weather. It also shuts down during cyclones, heavy winds or icy conditions. No matter how many hills we uglify with their subsidised roads, transmission lines and bird-slicers, they will still fail.


No one notices when green energy fails (as it often does) because coal, gas and hydro keep the lights and heaters on, trains running, petrol pumping, batteries charging and dairies, abattoirs and hospitals operating.

But everyone noticed when hydrogen coolant exploded in one unit of the Callide coal-fired power station in Queensland recently. This caused a major state blackout for 1.5 hours. Power restoration started within 15 minutes mainly from quick-start gas plus a bit of hydro.

Hyped energy “solutions” to intermittent green energy include big batteries, Snowy 2 pumped hydro and hydrogen. These all CONSUME MORE ENERGY than they can produce, and more green fashion accessories like electric cars will quickly suck the whole electricity network dry.

This foolish western fad for green energy is supposed to prevent global warming. There is ZERO threat of global warming - the real threat to life on Earth is the bitter cold of the next ice age (which is due soon).


To cope with that real climate crisis, humanity will need hydrocarbons and nuclear power, as well as real heated greenhouses fertilised with carbon dioxide, and herds of hardy cattle (or reindeer). 


All of these essentials are being attacked by foolish green children having climate nightmares because of global warming scare stories spread by power-hungry schemers of yesterday’s generation (who seek to depopulate and rule the world).


In the long history of Earth, there have been dozens of icy extinctions, but no global warming crises. Those preparing for an imaginary global warming emergency are destined to follow the mammoths and the Neanderthals to an icy extinction.

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Viv Forbes

Washpool   Qld         4306         Australia

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Viv Forbes has science and financial qualifications and long business experience and no vested interests in hydrocarbon fuels except as a consumer.


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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

The G7, woke corporates and the end of capitalism


9 June 2021

4:00 AM

The Bank of International Settlements, the G7 Finance Ministers and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission have amped up carbon emissions-based “climate risk” warnings to Australian firms. This represents a new triumphal procession of green activism through international business institutions.  

Environmental crusaders’ colonisation of business is most evident in that nadir of wokeism, the annual Davos meetings, attended (remotely this year) by business leaders who pay up to £480,000 to listen to nagging strictures of figures like Greta Thunberg and Prince Charles.  

The first Davos meeting in 1973 emphasised the importance of profits while reminding corporations that they must serve the needs of customers, suppliers and employees.  

The objective of the latest ‘Davos Manifesto’ was “the Great Reset”, seeking a more sustainable, inclusive world.  The focus is, “policies aimed at using locally-sourced food suppliers, introducing alternative sources of protein to reduce meat consumption, sourcing 100% renewable electricity, reducing or eliminating the use of materials that cannot be recycled or easily re-used, and increasing the availability of electric vehicles.”   

That so many of the world’s business leaders attend the meetings with their increasingly intrusive agendas indicates a deepening loss of confidence in traditional notions of free-market capitalism. People who built their fortunes on the philosophy caricatured as “greed is good” no longer believe the pursuit of profit brings societal wealth.  Davos Man promotes a government role extending far beyond that in today’s welfare states.  Many genuinely see the need for a socialistic future and want to use their own success to achieve this.    

Combating climate change has been the galvanising force for such interventionism, since, if some sort of catastrophic outcome of market competition is inevitable, the philosophy articulated by Adam Smith must be abandoned.  Of course, there is no evidence that human-induced climate change could devastate the world economy.  Even those who believe that greenhouse gas emissions are harmful are unable to construct a catastrophic narrative.  Bjorn Lömborg uses climate alarmists’ material to put its cost next century as shaving global per capita GDP growth from 363 per cent to 356 per cent. Many, including the leaders of the fastest growing global economies, consider such rapid growth without hydrocarbons is a fantasy.  And it is difficult to see anything but a downside for Australia where hydrocarbons comprise one-fifth of exports.   

The Davos summiteers as influential drivers of more action have popular support. UNDP finds 64 per cent of people worldwide believe in a global “climate emergency”, 59 per cent of whom were in favour of doing “everything possible urgently” to remedy it. Younger people are more accepting of a “climate emergency” than the average. 

In Australia, on the UNDP figures, 72 per cent of people believe in a climate emergency and of these 76 per cent want to do everything possible to remedy it.  A more sober picture for Australia comes from the IPOS surveys but even these have 36 per cent believing that climate change is mainly or entirely caused by human activity.    

Popular opinion doubtless drives or at least reinforces the decisions of those making investment decisions on our behalf.  And it comes as little surprise that a shareholder vote for Exxon board seats has resulted in three green activist appointments.  The vote was supported by institutional investors including BlackRock, which controls $7 trillion in savings.   

Similar judgements are made by Australian superannuation funds, apparently while also enjoying success in their investment performance.  This is in spite of conventional portfolio theory seeing departures from diversification as likely to reduce returns. Five of last years’ top ten superannuation funds exclude or avoid investments in fossil fuel businesses, usually accompanying other exclusions like weapons, nuclear energy and tobacco. Most of the five also seek changes from management in the firms they select for investment.   

Top 10 Investment Return Rankings: Latest year

Rank Fund  Return Fossil fuel exclusions 
1 Hostplus – Balanced 24.60% Avoid 
2 BT Panorama Full Menu – BT Wholesale Multi-manager Balanced Fund 22.62% No exclusions 
3 CFS-FC Wsale Pers – FirstChoice Wsale Multi-Index Balanced 21.57% No exclusions 
4 AustralianSuper – Balanced 20.70% Exclude 
5 Sunsuper for Life – Balanced 20.36% Avoid 
6 MLC MKey Business Super – Horizon 4 – Balanced Portfolio 20.20% No exclusions 
7 QANTAS Super Gateway – Growth 20.01% No exclusions 
8 smartMonday PRIME – Balanced Growth – Active 19.92% Avoid 
9 Suncorp Brighter Super Pers – Suncorp Multi-Manager Growth Fund 19.85% No exclusions 
10 Vision SS – Balanced Growth 19.69% Exclude 

It may be that the weight of funding against certain sectors has depressed their price and raised that of firms in the preferred sectors.  If so, there will be a correction.  Meanwhile, the availability of capital to firms in the targeted sectors is reduced and other firms are coerced into decreasing their exposure to hydrocarbon enterprises and incurring costly expenditures to mitigate any such exposure.  

People should be free to exercise their preferences in how their savings are used.  But regulatory and taxation incentives to superannuation funds are to maximise returns, not to re-shape the nation’s industrial profile.  Funds that promote political objectives rather than maximising members’ returns should lose their taxation and regulatory incentives.   

Alan Moran is with Regulation Economics.


Globally, in response to investment fund pressures BP, Shell, Conoco and US giant electricity utilities like Dominion, Duke and Southern have committed to net zero-emission policies.  In Australia, the Business Council is a strong promoter of this and even firms presently wedded to high coal, gas and oil supply, including AGL, APA, and BHP have signed the pledge, while the Financial Review has a story today on how the Western Australian government is forcing a slightly reticent Woodside into line.  Although there is some window dressing in this, the policies are distorting business investment decisions and, of course, the firms’ executives and PR budgets have joined the propaganda fray.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Media Balance Newsletter

 Media Balance Newsletter

June 1, 2021 by John Droz, Jr.


Welcome to the latest issue of our Media Balance Newsletter, 

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Ivermectin cost soars after research suggest 75% chance of cutting COVID deaths

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COVID-19: Vaccines 

3rd Wave of Sickness and Death will be Dominated by Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated

Short video: Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality (for countries)

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Release Study Critical of COVID Vaccines

Sweden: Damaging Side Effects From Vaccines Tops 31,000 

Documentary Film: The Truth Behind The Vaccine Trials

Twitter Censors an Eminent Infectious Disease Expert for his Opinion on Vaccines

Dr. Michael Yeadon: ‘Not One Of Those Things Is Supported By The Science’

Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks 


COVID-19: Models & Data 

NIH Study: Assessing stay-at-home and business closure effects on COVID-19

Salk Study: COVID-19 is Primarily a Vascular Disease


COVID-19: Misc 

Candace Owens slams Dr. Fauci, and the Left for killing science

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Questions linger regarding offshore wind’s economic, environmental impact

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Silence from Shoreline Press on Undersea Electric Problems

U.S. Seeks to Approve Dozens of Offshore Wind Projects in Years to Come

Biden's BOEM Pick has Worked for Top Offshore Wind Firms 


Wind Energy: Other —

David Bellavia on Wind Turbines: One and Two

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Nuclear Energy —

Britain’s real energy revolution: to roll out Small Modular Reactors by 2030

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Fossil Fuel Energy —

Alex Epstein gives Congress a 5-Minute Masterclass on Fossil Fuels

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Joe Biden’s Climate Denialism

Exxon CEO and Board Should be Dismissed Over Greenwashing Climate PoliciesFailure to Disclose: Report Exposes Academics w Ties to Law Firms

The Union of Concerned Scientists tries to “cancel” Steve Koonin

“Clean Energy for America” Bill Another Climate Con & Attack on Rural America 


Manmade Global Warming: Misc —

Report: A Workable Alternative to Net Zero

No good decisions wo good data: Climate policy the critical role of science

The WMO’s statistical temperature gamble

Scientists don’t have a clue what will happen to clouds as the planet warms 

Study: The temperature–CO2 climate connection

Cold: More To Come?

Short video: The Biden Effect 


US Elections:

How Zuckerberg Paid Progressives to Work with 2020 Vote Officials Nationwide

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Dr David Clements video about Recommendations Report

Statistical Evidence of Dominion Election Fraud? Time to Audit the Machines.

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US Politics and Socialism —

Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization

"We Have Utter Chaos": Rep Chip Roy Gives Mammoth House Floor Remarks

The Rise of Corporate-State Tyranny

Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

Tilting at the Windmills of ‘Inequity’

Pentagon’s New Working Extremism Group

Docu-movie: Brainwashed America

BLM Co-Founder Resigns Amid Financial Scandal 


Other US Politics and Related —

Why the American People Have Turned Against Biden

We Have to Save Our Constitutional Republic

In Historic 9-0 Decision, Supreme Court Rules Against Illegal Aliens

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The Big Lie

U.S. rolls out first update to flood insurance pricing in 50 years

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Rural Oregon counties look to join more conservative Idaho

'Low energy' Durham probe cost $1.5± million during six months

The Problem With Biden’s Spending Extravaganzas: They Just Won’t Work


Education Related —

Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Schools Is Unconstitutional 

How the Next Generation Science Standards Diminish Scientific Literacy

The Pandemic May Be Ending, But Student Anxiety Isn’t

A Reason Biden and Teachers Unions Suddenly Want to Open Schools

Teacher shows how schools are intentionally confusing children about gender

Worthwhile Organization: Parents Defending Education

Form for Students Attending Schools Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Letter from Physicians: Allow Students Back Without COVID Vaccine Mandate

The SCUBA Model of Higher Education


Science and Misc Matters —

US Memorial Day: Ronald Regan Speech 

Making Satan great again: The glamorization of evil 

Report: The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science

Does the Bill of Rights Protect You Outside Your Home?

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Empire of Dirt 


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