Thursday, 1 October 2020

La Niña and fake news

Chris Gillham

Monash University has what is best described as a climate change propaganda hub.


It’s officially called the Monash Climate Change Communications Hub ( that uses what are dubbed “Climate Communicators”.


"Climate Communicators is the MCCCRH's flagship program and produces simple, long-term climate graphics for Australian weather presenters. By detailing city-level climate trends in a simple format, the program is building an understanding of the local implications of a global phenomenon. And with television remaining the single largest source of news and weather for Australians, it reaches hundreds of thousands of people with each broadcast.


There was an example of these odd little propaganda graphics on Wednesday night during Perth’s Channel 7 News 





But compare that Monash graphic with the 1970-2020 September minima in RAW at Perth Regional Office/Metro and Perth Airport …





Perth September nights certainly don’t look as though they’ve warmed 0.7C since 1970. The decade averages suggest Perth RO/Metro cooled 1.8C since the 1980s and 0.1C since the 1990s, while Perth Airport looks to have cooled 0.7C since 1980s and 0.3C since the 1990s.


The Monash graphic uses ACORN 2 average minimum temperatures for Septembers at Perth Airport since 1970. You can see that with a red trend line overlay of ACORN 2 temperatures below …





But ACORN 2 cooled Perth Airport September nights by about 0.6C from 1970 to 1997, as can be seen below with a RAW temperature overlay …





And back in the 1970s and 1980s, Channel 7’s weather department faithfully reported September minimum temperatures from the Perth Regional Observatory in Wellington St, East Perth, as shown in the overlay below …





ACORN 2 actually uses Perth RO/Observatory temperatures from 1910 until the airport opened, and cooled 1910-19 September nights at Perth Observatory by about 1.7C.


In ACORN 2, Perth September nights in 1980-89 averaged 9.3C and in 2011-2020 they averaged 9.2C.


The Monash graphic says Perth September nights are 0.7C warmer since 1970. 1970 itself at Perth Airport had a September RAW minimum average of 9.2C and a 2011-2020 September minimum average of 9.2C.


It all leaves you wondering why the Monash climate change propaganda hub needs to be producing these graphics and why TV weather presenters can’t go to the BoM website and use their graphics.


Might it be that TV weather presenters would use BoM charts based on original RAW temperatures instead of the adjusted ACORN temperatures that leave viewers sweating on the belief that because of CO2 and climate change, it’s much hotter now than 50 years ago?


Climate News - October 2020


Climate News - October 2020

                               Alan Moran

1 October 2020

A review and commentary on topical matters concerning  the science, economics, and governance associated with climate change developments.

Government policies on climate change

California gets help from Feds in allowing temporary seizure for emergency use of all generators and auxiliary engines on board ocean-going vessels in Californian ports. This is to offset California's policy-induced destruction of low cost reliable electricity with renewable requirements.


Though acknowledging excessive reliance on renewables, Governor Newsom blames climate change for California’s fires but Michael Shellenberger places the cause on “cultural change” in abandoning the forest burn-off practices that were dominant from ancient times.  Fires have compounded the problem by reducing solar energy output. Claims that the fires are due to (human-induced) dry weather conflict with Canadian fires being at historically low levels; here is the Californian rainfall record. 

The issue is active in the Presidential race with Biden claiming ‘the science’ says the cause is higher temperatures and Trump saying they are due to a lack of clearing.  Biden in the first debate said he supports Paris and zero net emissions.  Biden rejected Trump’s claim that he supports the $100 trillion Green New Deal and talked of billions of dollars only.  The alarmist media thinks Amy Barrett on the Supreme Court would be a “climate disaster”.


Governor Newsom is to solve the problem post-2035 by banning all but electric cars!  Meanwhile, California’s electricity policy makes the fuelling of electric vehicles problematic and has brought it the worst record in power outages.  

New leadership of the World Trade Organisation is to be decided soon and two of the leading candidates, both African women, favour a green climate change agenda. 


The EU, concerned at its loss of competitiveness to China powered by fossil fuels, is seeking to force it to reduce emissions or face a carbon border tax.


Excitement followed EU-China talks when the EU told China to commit to net zero emissions by 2060 (!) or face trade sanctions.  The Chinese said they’d up their commitments when Xi Jinping announced carbon neutrality by 2060 at the UN.  Paul Homewood saw this as attempting to influence the US election in favour of Biden, who would trade off Hong Kong and Taiwan for meaningless climate concessions.


EU President, Von Der Leyen, wants to see the EU reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by at least 55 percent compared to 1990 levels, substantially increasing the EU’s initial 40 percent target.  The Commission said its main policy scenarios for meeting the new climate target could result in a carbon price in Europe of €32 to €44 in 2030, measured in 2015 prices (which would almost double the wholesale electricity price).


Poland, which has been a hold-out in the EU’s pledge for climate neutrality by 2050, now plans to spend $40 billion on nuclear which will reduce the coal share of electricity to 1-28 percent by 2040. NGO ClientEarth won an order for a staged closure of Europe’s biggest generator Bełchatów, the judge saying, “We all see the damage climate change is doing. We all breathe the same air.”  The nation’s largest bank has said it will no longer invest in coal.


The Australian government issued policy proposals that avoid a carbon tax but envisage subsidies for hydrogen, renewables, batteries, carbon capture and storage and sequestration of carbon in the soils. It added detail on how these may be funded.  I covered these odious proposals here, here and here.  Dot com billionaire, climate activist Mike Cannon-Brookes thinks coal will be dead anyway in 20 years.


In the Spectator I address Australia’s continued march to climate-induced energy inefficiency.   But Labor spokesman, Mark Butler, acknowledging “plentiful coal and gas in the 20th century (made) us one of the most prosperous societies in human history”, said it had no place in this century. After a decade of litigation courts have finally allowed a $3.6 billion new gas field in Narrabri (NSW) to proceed.


Coal-rich Queensland currently has about 20 percent renewable generation in capacity terms but the Labor Government wants more.  State Treasurer, Cameron  Dick, announced a $500 million Renewable Energy Fund that would allow state-owned energy corporations to "increase public ownership of commercial renewable projects and supporting infrastructure".  Ironically this would undermine the state-owned coal generators’ profits. Even the left-financed pro-renewables Grattan Institute considered this to be excessive. Others thought it strange that governments were subsidising energy “that is already the cheapest on the market”.

Political debate

The International Energy Agency continues its agitprop, incongruously claiming that now is the time for assistance to new low carbon energy sources to replace “inefficient” coal plants.


In NSW schoolkids are saving their pocketmoney (Yeh right!) to fund lawyers to stop a coal mine expansion in order to turn back global warming. Headed by a seasoned activist, “Sister Brigit”, “she/her” lawyers argue, “the Minister has a duty to protect young people from the devastating impacts of climate change”. Such actions may prevail and prove costly in NSW where Brian Preston, chief judge of the Land and Environment Court, has form as an activist in closing down coal mines and the Energy Minister, Matt Keen, is a True Believer. 


Another demonstration of how Climate Change is the new fault-line issue in politics with the rich joining the wild eyed to become activists. James and Kathryn Murdoch became some of biggest anti-Trump donors.  Ben Pile, noting the Scientific American’s support for Biden due to climate change policies, means a fusing popular science and politics.


Extinction Rebellion’s UK activism has failed to gain support.  Environment is placed 5th in importance with only 21 percent seeing it in the top three issues, a fall of 13 percent over the year.


Moreover, pro-greenhouse action academics found of 70,000 randomly sampled European men and women, only 5% described themselves as “extremely worried” about climate change. The climate environment ranked only fifth in people’s overall views about priorities. The researchers also thought “desirability bias” that brings people to express politically correct views exaggerated the real level of concern.


Agitprop continues for using COVID as a bridge to even more renewables subsidies.  The AFR, citing WWF and other alarmists, punts the fantasy of 5 million new jobs worldwide and 44,000 in Australia as a result of greater spending on this intrinsically high cost energy source. A group of subsidy seeking and virtue signalling businesses say it can be 100,000! Superannuants will be relieved that Black Rock’s virtue signalling is not supported by its investment voting record which is focussed on profit maximisation.


Climate Hustle 2 was released and covered in an entertaining and informative way all the shibboleths about the global warming con, featuring many world experts including among Australians the late Bob Carter, Jo Nova and Senator Malcolm Roberts. 


Many agree with the Irish Times in thinking “Moral clarity of young people on climate crisis is a beacon for society”. But learning from the immature is to evolutionary theory what cancel-culture is to liberty.


Showing why they should stick to their knitting, big fashion houses have declared they will combat climate change. Speaking for many, Alessandro Michele said "Our reckless actions have burned the house we live in".  Extinction Rebellion, invited or not, catwalked with Dior. 


It had to be said! Vandana Shiva thinks the pandemic is a consequence of human-induced climate change.  Cher thinks that Trump does not give a F**k because Putin will protect him! And a leading UN adviser advocates a meat-eating lockdown to combat climate change.


Sony helps save the world.  A study claims that gaming (though not when cloud streaming) means lower greenhouse gas emissions than physical playing or travelling to watch.