Thursday, 17 September 2020

QLD Sen. Malcolm Roberts re CSIRO lack of empirical evidence proving the case against CO2

From Jim Simpson


Climate Realists of Five Dock (A Saltbush Shed Meeting Place & Clintel Partner)

 Consolidation of recent research, media release, press conference & interviews initiated by Qld Senator Malcolm Roberts exposing on the one hand; the absence of empirical evidence on the CSIRO’s part proving the case against CO2 & on the other hand; highlighting the political reliance upon evidence from the CSIRO which does not exist.


Relevant documents attached and/or links as below;


  1. Sen. Malcolm Roberts Media Release, 31st August 2020 - copy attached).
  2. Parliament House Question time re CSIRO 30th August 2020 Question time
  3. Outsiders Interview 30th August 2020 -
  4. Media / Press conference (31st August 2020) -
  5. Restoring Scientific Integrity (Full & Executive Summary Reports) - 
  6. Full & Executive Summary Reports by Alan Moran – The Hidden Cost of Climate Policies & Renewables 19th Aug. 2020 (2 x PDF copies by application
  7. Interview with Dr David Evans on models -
  8. Interview with Prof John Christy 2nd Sept 2020
  9. Interview with Prof Willie Soon 1st Sept 2020

Additionally, I understand Sen. Roberts also expects to have more interviews available on the One Nation web site shortly with the likes of Prof David Legates, Prof Will Happer, Ian Plimer and others, to contribute their respective thoughts / views regarding the merits, or otherwise, of the CSIRO’s position regarding mankind’s contribution of CO2.

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