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Michael Shellenberger: Apocalypse Never.

John Droz Jr

Image: The Australian
As you may know, Michael Shellenberger is a longtime, world-renown environmental activist.

His recent public climate change mea-culpa (article and book) resulted in some of the same shockwaves that Michael Moore’s film produced a few months ago.

As reported in last week’s Newsletter, his apology article was posted on Forbes. However, that was quickly censored and removed. (See this subsequent sample reaction about Forbes’ censorship.) For those who didn’t get the chance to study Shellenberger's powerful commentary, please read it here.

I know Michael a bit, and wouldn’t say that his awakening was like Paul’s, but rather it has been more evolutionary. (IMO this is why we should encourage those who have a differing perspective to be open-minded — and to be patient with them if they are.)

Over the last few years, Michael has given some fine Ted Talks, and it is clear that (to his credit) he is getting a better understanding of the issues as time goes on:
1 - 3 years ago: How Fear of Nuclear Ends

I would strongly recommend reading his new book: Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All.  Here’s most of a good review.

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John Droz, jr.
physicist & citizen advocate

PS - To hear more of what Michael has to say now, listen to his interviews with:
1 - Alec Epstein on Power Hour,
2 - Robert Bryce on the Power Hungry Podcast,
3 - Heartland, and
4 - SkyNews.

Climate News July

A review and commentary on topical matters concerning the science, economics, and governance associated with climate change developments.

Alan Moran
1 July 2020
Developments in science 
Professor Ralph Alexander’s review of extreme weather finds there to be no trend in precipitation, hot and cold days, hurricanes.  He notes that the IPCC, though espousing global warming has so far adhered to the path of science by finding little to no evidence linking extreme weather to global warming.

Veteran activist Michael Shellenberger in his new book Apocalypse Never recants his previous alarmist views, and now argues, among other things:

  • Climate change is not making natural disasters worse
  • Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels
  • The build-up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more, and more dangerous, fires in Australia and California

David Whitehouse reviews a comprehensive study, published in Science, that shows warming in West Antarctica, often cited as a precursor to a general global warming, is not seen in East Antarctica and has nothing to do with increased emissions. The evidence was insufficient for those with acute forms of confirmation bias like Michael Mann, the serial litigator who concocted the “hockey stick” that purports to prove modern warming is unique.

Roy Spencer tracks actual and modelled climate trends since 1979 and finds the models project temperatures 50 per cent greater than actual.
The warm May in England was paraded by the BBC as evidence that global warming was taking place.  Central England has remarkably good temperature records back to 1659 and Paul Homewood shows we have in fact had 47 hotter Mays than in 2020
Developments in Economics
The collapse in demand has reduced electricity prices.  In Germany this has led to an increase in the green surcharge on consumer bills which in 2020 will be €26.2 billion, with the government paying €11billion of this.

Around 5,000 German wind turbines with a total output of 3.7 gigawatts (GW) will fall out of the 20-year “EEG” subsidy regime at the end of the year. The subsidy was €24 billion last year ($AUD 40 billion) where it contributed around €67 per MWh on top of the market price of €53 which, compounding the windfarms’ distress, has collapsed to €34. 

In spite of subsidies having transformed Australian energy costs from the world’s lowest to among the highest, a new publication by Beyond Zero Emissions, bankrolled by Cannon-Brookes and other foundations, claims more such subsidies will create a million new jobs. The green activist, Fatih Birol, who heads the International Energy Agency, has a similar agenda. But the Guardian’s environmental alarmist Adam Morten reports that 11,000 Australian renewable energy jobs will disappear unless the government increases subsidies.

India and China, however are giving coal a more prominent place in energy production.  Indian PM Narendra Modi, has announced a privatisation program, saying “coal sector has finally been pulled out of decades in lockdown and liberated”.  In China, Greenpeace reports a massive new upsurge in new coal plant and Bloomberg expects the 2021-25 Five year Plan to feature further increases.
Developments in politics
GWPF’s YouGov survey finds COVID-19 has overtaken global warming as a concern in UK
What a difference a virus makes!  California’s Governor proposes to cancel January’s $12 billion “climate budget” of subsidies to low emission purchases, action against ocean rise, and support for technologies. However, California is not averse to imposing new costs on others and has passed laws requiring truckers to reduce their emissions.

The EU, notwithstanding the posturing of “President” Ursula von der Leyen, has agreed to abandon the $15 billion a year that airlines would have been obligated to spend to do their bit for climate change prevention.

But the European Commission wants to set up a €40 billion Just Transition Fund, allegedly for CO2 reduction but which will specifically ban nuclear investments

As part of its zero emissions by 2050, the UK is to have a stand-alone Emissions Trading System -  a carbon tax - at a £15 per tonne ceiling and covering plant that accounts about one third of emissions.  This is unlikely to be sufficient and, according to the Green Alliance, the government must spend an extra £14bn a year to meet its climate targets, while simultaneously reducing support for other initiatives. Greens are also angry that not enough is directed to their favoured schemes in the UK government £5 billion COVID-19 recovery spending.

Spain is planning €90 billion in investment to enable renewables to supply 74 per cent of demand by 2030. In a triumph of hope over experience, the Spanish government claims its plan will create 107,000-135,000 jobs per year.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is thought to be a candidate for AG under President Biden.  He sued ExxonMobil Corp., Koch Industries and the American Petroleum Institute, saying they have long deceived consumers over the effects of climate change.  Ellison has links to Communist and Nation of Islam identities.

Former head of the Australian Greens Party, Bob Brown, has stepped up his opposition to windfarms in Tasmania due to their visual intrusion and bird killing.  He opposes the plan to have a second undersea electricity link with the mainland and considers lower usage of electricity to be the best strategy.
According to Joe Biden, “Climate change is linked to increased pregnancy risks — and heartbreakingly, Black mothers are being hit the hardest.”

“Come into my parlour, said the spider ...” – a newly discovered variant of the huntsman spider has been named after Greta Thunberg.

Cold Comfort

Viv Forbes

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Australian Climate Sceptics Blog

Needs Some Warming here too (Canada)

Cold Comfort 

To download this article with all images click:

Before sunrise yesterday, the grass temperature in Washpool, "Sunny
Queensland" was minus 1.7 deg.

There was no wind or sunshine. Wind turbines were becalmed and not even
moonbeams energised our solar panels.

In that still, frosty darkness, green energy failed again. Not a watt came
from becalmed wind "farms" or from subsidized solar panels cluttering many
roofs (including ours). But we didn't need our diesel in the shed - we were
saved by trusty Old King Coal, with maybe a dash of gas or hydro.
Reliable 24/7 generators provided pre-dawn power-by-wire for lights, heaters
and coffee before we checked the frosty flats for new-born lambs.

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Yet politicians, academics and the UN-ABC-BBC relentlessly push unreliable
"green" energy, promising it will promote global cooling.
They should be careful what they wish for.
Neither sheep nor shepherds like frosty darkness.
Viv Forbes
Washpool   Qld   Australia 4306

The Benefits of Global Warming :