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Recent Energy and Environmental News

Recent Energy and Environmental News
June 15, 2020/in EnergyEnvironment /by John Droz, Jr.

Our latest Energy & Environmental Newsletter is now available... For the full version of this issue, go here, page 42.  To review some of the highlights, see below.

Considering the end-of-times crises that now seem to appear almost weekly, 
please give careful consideration to Paul Harvey’s short, prophetic 1964 talk
(please watch it on your computer, in full-screen mode)

Two upbeat specials:
Six Tips for Finding Happiness (+ find religion!)

My votes for the most outstanding articles this cycle are:
Ben Stein: My View of Looters

COVID-19: Therapies and Prevention 

COVID-19: Models and Data 

COVID-19: Misc 
It’s time to Flatten the Fear
Short video: Woke Virus

Greed Energy Economics —

Renewable Energy Health and Eco-system Consequences —

Natural Gas Energy —

Nuclear Energy — 

Renewable Energy —

Misc Energy —

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions —
Short Video: The 97% Myth 

Education Related —

US Politics and Socialism —
Short video: Why?

Other US Politics and Related —
Ben Stein: My View of Looters

Science and Misc Matters —

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