Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Recent Energy and Environmental News - Special Version

Recent Energy and Environmental News
June 8, 2020/in EnergyEnvironment 

In this special version of our Newsletter, I’m only covering two topics: 
      1 - Some background about the Newsletter, and 2 - George Floyd.

1 - The AWED Newsletter 
I receive a LOT of questions about the Newsletter (How long it has been published? How much time do I spend putting together each issue? Can the Newsletter be reposted on social media sites? Can past issues be easily searched for topics of interest?  Etc., etc.).

For the first time ever, I’m publishing answers to all the questions I’ve been asked. If I’ve missed any, let me know and I’ll update this summary.

2 - Some George Floyd Insights —
I wrote a commentary about this issue, from the perspective that our recent poor societal choices have made the riots (looting, arson and deaths) completely expected. My piece was published in the DailyWire last week. 

Archbishop Vigano’s superior letter to the President touched on some of my theme, as did Dennis Prager’s excellent video about values. 

a) Some Black Perspectives on the George Floyd Matter:
President Obama (2015): Looters are ‘Criminals' not Protestors 

b) Some Other George Floyd Insights:

John Droz, jr.
physicist & citizen advocate

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