Clearly the global situation regarding COVID-19 has not subsided!  If anything it has gotten much more tumultuous.

Rather than periodically send out new worthwhile studies, reports and articles on COVID-19, I’m putting them all into one summary document (everything you’ll want to know about prevention, treatment, political ramifications, etc.) — and then updating that document daily, or as warranted. 

This summary document includes all the materials that were in the last special Newsletter, plus (so far) over a dozen interesting new articles. 

For example: Visualizing the History of Pandemics shows a superior graphic of all global pandemics over the last 2000 years. We need to study this closely to put the COVID-19 matter into perspective.  Wonderfully done.

For example: Compared to What? is an outstanding commentary also about putting the COVID-19 matter into perspective. Please read it closely.

For example: COVID-19: Connecting the Dots explains the startling reality that the political response to the COVID-19 issue has actually given climate change alarmists (and their Russian/Chinese allies) almost everything they have been working for over the last several decades!  Eye opening.

Please check this summary document every day or two, as it will be continually updated. (Note: I’ll change the document’s revision date when there are additions.)

Thank you for your support — it’s very much appreciated. We can get through these trying times, but we need to use our head.

John Droz, jr.
physicist & citizen advocate

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