Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Academic Freedom vs Collegial Obligations

Source: WUWT

Dr Jennifer Marohasy, writing of Professor Peter Ridd's court case, (here) says:

The case may be fought on legal interpretations of his obligation as a university employee to be collegial and discrete versus his right to academic freedom. This avoids the need to consider the two truths at the heart of this matter
  1. The Great Barrier Reef may be in good health, while
  2. Our academic institutions may be rotten to the core.

Also consider Peter's video on Jenn's blog (https://jennifermarohasy.com/2019/03/two-truths-at-the-heart-of-peter-ridds-sacking/ )
As Jennifer writes:

The issue of academic freedom is certainly an important one. As Peter Ridd explains in a YouTube video launched today at my blog, universities are now run by administrators who take an increasingly conformist and corporatist approach. 
This is fundamentally alien to the approach of the true scientist that must be logical, evidence-based, and always tolerant of the alternative perspective because fundamental to science is the potential for falsification.