Friday, 8 November 2019

More FAKE NEWS as the Alarmist Lies continue

 The great James Delingpole reveals how he became known to the world in a Spectator article.

Here reveals the "scoop" that made his name was topping and tailing a WUWT piece
I noticed an interesting story starting to break on the Watts Up With That? website. 

It was the beginning of the Climategate revelations.

Climategate mattered because it offered the first solid proof that the scientific establishment wasn’t being altogether honest about man-made global warming. Up until that point, one or two of us had had our suspicions. But this was the breakthrough; the moment when the alarmists were caught red-handed with egg over their face and their trousers down. 
Note: James said-
It was the first solid proof that the scientific establishment wasn't being altogether honest about man-made global warming. 
For "altogether honest" read "Faking data."

And it has continued unashamedly unabated.

  • Consider the changing of data.
  • Think about support for the MBH Hockey Stick.
  • As the #AGWFraud is exposed more and more, the pushers come out with more and more extreme charges.
The latest is the FAKE 11,000 "Scientist" Climate Emergency Scare.

As reported by "our ABC:"
More than 11,000 scientists around the world have signed a scientific paper declaring a climate emergency, backing protesters across the world demanding action.
The paper, published in the journal BioScience, declares the climate crisis "has arrived" and is "accelerating faster than most scientists expect".
As reported by the Alarmist Guardian:
The world’s people face “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless there are major transformations to global society, according to a stark warning from more than 11,000 scientists.
“We declare clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency,” it states. 
And from a previously respected 
Today, more than 11,000 scientists have co-signed a letter in the journal BioScience, calling for urgently necessary action on climate.
This is the largest number of scientists to explicitly support a publication calling for climate action. They come from many different fields, reflecting the harm our changing climate is doing to every part of the natural world.
Note that each of these media (all known to push climate alarm) included the words "11,000 Scientists.

Did these organisations check whether there REALLY were 11,000 scientists?

If they had, they would have discovered some strange "scientists."

Excellent environment writer for the Australian -Graham Lloyd revealed:
Dozens of signatories including Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter headmaster Albus Dumbledore from Hogwarts have been ­removed from an Alliance of World Scientists declaration of a “climate emergency”.
Access to the 11,000 name-petition that accompanied a statement of concern published in BioScience on Tuesday was blocked on Thursday. 

Anthony Watts, on his site, added this Cartoon by Josh:
Mickey Commented:

How dare you!
And, looking at the (AMENDED) list - HERE

Looking at the Australians in the list:

Brett Abbott Landscape Ecologist Not a climate scientist;
Abrams, Kym    Research fellow, evolutionary biology  Not a climate scientist;
Amiji, Burhan     Senior Technical Officer,  ?Not a climate scientist?;
Anderson, Jess     MD                  an MD, great, but Not a climate scientist;
Angles, Mark PhD       Microbiology, great, but Not a climate scientist;Anson, Jennifer       Ecologist Australian Wildlife Conservancy, but Not a climate scientist;
Appleby, Rob   Researcher/Environmental Futures Research Institute (EFRI) 
Armstrong, Bruce Emeritus Professor, Public Health University of Sydney Not a climate scientist;
Avery-Gomm, Stephanie PhD student,  conservation science, but Not a climate scientist;
Backstrom, Ana Landscape Ecologist, but Not a climate scientist;
Adjunct Professor Henri Bailleres LINK but Not a climate scientist;
And so it goes. Not one AUSTRALIAN Climate scientist (whatever that is)  in the early entries, and, I dare to say, not many in the rest of the documents.

Here are the Canadian non "scientists" as revealed by Ezra Levant:

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