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11,000 scientist include Mickey Mouse

This blog has previously posted Dr Ed Berry's paper

Human CO2 does not cause climate change


Dr Ed now has entered the current debate re Greta Thunberg and alarmists claims

Climate alarmists use junk science to promote their agenda (link)

Ed Writes:
Greta snarls at you for using fossil fuels. Bill Gates, George Soros, and others pay to manage and promote Greta because she inspires the brainwashed younger generation to accept junk science. 
Ed then refers to the 11,000 "scientists."
In a moment, I will to show you a simple proof that President Trump is a better climate scientist than all 11,000 climate science imposters who claim we have a “climate emergency. 
Those 11,000 so-called “scientists” don’t know a freaking thing about climate science. If they were MD’s, they would be to using leaches to suck your blood. Today, they are opportunists who suck your money and your freedom. They are guilty of climate malpractice. There are not 11,000 real climate scientists on the planet.
 As we have revealed on this blog (link) the 11,000 "scientists" didn't include many real scientists.

Dr Ed moves on to "scientific truths."

First, no one can prove a theory is true. Climate alarmists have a theory. Their theory is that human carbon {CO2} emissions cause global warming, global warming causes climate change, and climate change causes bad stuff to happen.
Then they claim the bad stuff PROVES human carbon causes climate change. Isn’t that what you read in the news every day? 
In logic, their argument is called the “argument of ignorance” or “affirming the consequent.”
Aristotle explained their false illogic 2300 years ago. Here is a parallel version of this illogic that you will readily understand:            If Bill Gates owns Fort Knox, then Bill Gates is rich.            Bill Gates is rich. So, Bill Gates owns Fort Knox. 
The point is events do not prove their cause. Claims that bad stuff happens does not prove we caused it. Get it?

So, how does science work?
Science works by proving theories false. Having 11,000 claims that a theory is true is meaningless. One scientist who gives you valid evidence that their theory is not true, wins the science debate. (eg see #AGWfalsiied)
Dr Ed exposes more FAKE science but moves on to "Climate science today."
Until about the 1980’s climate science was science. Now, climate “science” is climate politics and feelings. Most people don’t know the difference between real science and fake science. The climate alarmists have a political agenda, a ton of money, and an absence of science. 
Climate politics wants you to believe the climate lie that our carbon emissions cause climate change. If you believe the lie, you will vote for a socialist government. Climate politics rejects climate truth because truth stops them from achieving their political agenda.
The climate activists want power. They want to control you. They want America to decline in power. They want a socialist world government to run the world and America.I don’t want that to happen. But it will take a lot more people than me to stop it.
Dr ED goes on to show how the climate alarmists are lying.

To read more, go to

Climate alarmists use junk science to promote their agenda

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