Friday, 18 October 2019

Morbique vs ClimaCooDust

The Tower of Babel.
Is the peak burning from "Global Warming?"

It looks like the Climate Alarmists are running scared as their "climate catastrophe" is being exposed as a fraud, nay, a giant fraud. This has created much babble from "true believers" in the climate change fraud. Social Media suppresses Climate realists article and posts, Facebook employs alarmists to counter realist articles (new word Facebull?), debate sites have banned "climate deniers"....etc etc

Some recent babble from true believers comes from Babbel;

According to Wikipedia:
Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, available in various languages since January 2008.
Well, Babbel has succumbed to Climate Alarmism. They have published a list of words that wouldn't exist without "climate change." (link)
It’s not just the environment that’s changing. Languages around the world are also adapting to describe new realities.
One that particularly amused this blogger was:
Morbique — The morbid desire to travel to places to experience them before they are irreparably damaged by climate change or other manmade changes. The morbidity is usually exacerbated by the fact that the mode of transportation needed to reach this place burns fossil fuels and probably contributes to its further destruction.
Gee, alarmist Obama wants to take his family to the Great Barrier Reef before it is gone for good! (It's in good health.) Think of Greta and all the carbon dioxide used in building her (carbon [dioxide] free) borrowed yacht and the many airfares her trip created, think of all the alarmists and their flights attending the many talk-fests to discuss the climate emergency.

I can think of a portmanteau word for Babbel and the other pro-alarmism sites. Is has three roots

  1. Climate Warming/Alarmism/Catastrophe;
  2. Carbon Dioxide; and
  3. Bulldust:


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