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Climate News - October 2019

A review and commentary on topical matters concerning the science, economics, and governance associated with climate change developments.

Alan Moran
1 October 2019
Political developments: Greta’s maelstrom and other eddies
Supported by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the confected “climate emergency” psychosis brought indoctrinated kids onto the streets across the world. This article sees a religious analogy with the child prophet, Greta Thunberg, regurgitating political slogans and being consulted by leaders including the Pope and Angela Merkel.
Other world leaders, including Donald Trump and Scott Morrison, felt it necessary to publicly contest Greta’s views, a detailed analysis of which is here. In The Australian, Jennifer Oriel described her campaign as “Climate activists recruiting child soldiers” but the Guardian’s Richard Flanagan likened her speech to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Below are the sober facts on climate-related deaths.
However, emotions trump rationality in this debate. Demonstrating the depth of institutional capture by the movement, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney believes that the financial sector should start bracing for the impact of climate change and related policies.  A group of 500 investment firms, said to represent $35 trillion in assets, is calling for additional measures to meet the Paris targets.  And in Australia some 87 major companies, representing a combined market capitalisation of $US2.3 trillion, have signed onto a zero-emissions pact. With some success, eco-socialist group, Market Forces, is using Australian firms’ AGMs to pressure them into abandoning coal-based investments.

The Australian Governments’ go-to businessman, Sir Rod Eddington, after years of promoting the renewable subsidies that have destroyed industry competitiveness now says, “I believe in markets,” in justifying his opposition to government interventions that redress the adverse effects caused by previous interventions.

The Australian Financial Review proclaimed, “Australia's beach lifestyle, tourism and seafood stocks are under threat unless rapid action is taken to mitigate the world's changing climate”. But investors aren’t buying official forecasts of snow becoming a thing of the past in Australia - bumper snowfall seasons have led to a real estate boom in the Australian Alps.

Policy Developments
At the formal UN New York climate change meeting, China and India want developed countries to commit to giving developing countries (including themselves) $100 billion a year to retain them as members of the Paris Agreement.  Australia was not invited to speak in New York as it is accused of producing too much fossil fuel (much of which is exported to developing countries)!

The outcome of the New York meeting disappointed the ever-growing ambitions of the climate catastrophe industry, which is now preparing for next year’s meeting in Glasgow. E3G’s Nick Mabeyasked, “If solutions are cheaper, public opinion is mobilised and impacts much clearer, why is political action not following?”

The Merkel Government, facing mass calls for action and increased support for Greens has revved up its climate bombast.  However, activists, always using each gain as a springboard for the next, claim it has disengaged from adequate green measures.

A poll of 30,000 people in 28 countries finds respondents overwhelmingly think climate change is taking place and mainly consider this is due to human activity.
That said, climate issues do not figure in the top five concerns of US voters.  
Development in the science of climate change
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC ) issued a report prior to the New York meeting saying, “Over the last decades, global warming has led to mass loss from ice sheets and glaciers, reductions in snow cover and Arctic sea ice extent and thickness, and increased permafrost temperature.”  It also stated that the oceans had heated and absorbed more than 90 percent of the globe’s “excess heat”. One citation, a paper in Nature claiming to show increased oceanic heating, has been disproved and retracted.

The new IPCC report on snow contradicts the IPCC (2007) report which stated: "Snow cover is projected to contract." (p15), while the 2001 report projects decreasing snow and sea ice cover only for the Northern Hemisphere.

This material from Tony Heller places the various alarmist pictures into an unsensational long term perspective. 

Tim Ball won his lawsuit in Canada that said the Michael Mann “Hockey Stick”, purporting to show the 20th century unprecedented warming, was fallacious.  It turns out that the head IPCC warmist, the Goddard Institute’s Gavin Schmidt was, incognito, offering misleading blog evidence to vilify Ball, using the notorious DeSmogblog website.  Mann’s work is central to the US Democrats lining up to propose tax and regulatory measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a position stoked by the billions of dollars the US government alone has been providing scientists
The IPCC’s “Hockey Stick” purporting to show warming unique to the present century has also been refuted by more than 1400 studies that record the medieval warming and the warming rebound from the 18-19th century Little Ice Age.

In a sign that the global warming scare has got out of hand, Petteri Taalas, head of the World Meteorological Organisation, one of the two organizations that founded the IPCC, has condemned climate extremists. Taalas is himself a sometime-alarmist. 
At the New York demo, the Daily Caller interviewed uncomfortable young people about the anomaly of their consuming emission-rich products while protesting about them.  They are unlikely to support Democrat Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson’s call for 18-26 year olds to undergo one year’s mandatory national service to combat climate change.

“Darwin in action” quipped Tallbloke at the news that climate alarmists have vowed to have no more children until the Green New Deal is passed.

The EU responds to the fossil fuel induced climate crisis by ordering more private jets for its officials.

The climate change virus has spread to cricket - former Australian captain Ian Chappell thinks it will present problems of heat stroke, skin cancer, and tornado damaged and rain deprived pitches!

Almost 13,000 students are studying courses related to renewable energy at Scotland’s universities and colleges.  This wasted learning is not confined to Scotland and, fortuitously, the Australian government is seeking to re-orient training towards trade skills. 

Here’s an idea worth considering, “the environmental justice movement that is surging globally” sees defunding the Pentagon as a means of saving the planet! 
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