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Facebook Fake Experts vs Clintel's scientists

A member (Stein Roger Nybakke) of our Australian Climate Sceptic Facebook group posted a link to the Clintel.nl pages (link). This was rated false by Climatefeedback.org.

As should be realised, science is not rated by numbers. The story of Professor Barry Marshall bucking against all "scientific" opinion re gastric and peptic ulcers and winning a Noble prize should warn people.

A bit of background on Climatefeedback.org revealed the "experts?"
Amber Kerr Researcher, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, University of California, DavisExpertise: Agricultural impacts of climate change, Ecosystem-climate feedbacks, Land use change and forestry, Societal adaptation
Note: Her expertise relies on impacts of climate change. Her only published paper (link) contains the following (inter alia):
  • Increasing global temperatures are likely to have major impacts on agriculture;
  • We used literature synthesis to create several sensitivity indices;
  • To estimate exposure.
Giorgio VacchianoAssistant Professor, Università di Milan 
Mitch Lyle Professor, Sr. Research, Oregon State University 
Timothy OsbornProfessor, University of East Anglia, and Director of Research, Climatic Research Unit
Twila Moon Research Scientist, University of Colorado, Boulder 
Victor Venema Scientist, University of Bonn, Germany
These six scientists have refuted the work of the clintel.nl scientists from all over the world. Including
So far, we outnumber the "experts" 3 to two. (6 Professors to 3 professors)

From Belgium we add:
Emiel van Broekhoven, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Antwerp.
Christophe de Brouwer, MD, Honorary Professor of Environmental and Industrial Toxicology, 
Samuel Furfari, Professor of Energy Geopolitics at the Free University of Brussels
Georges Geuskens, Emertitus Professor of Chemistry, Free University of Brussels and Expert Publicist on Climate Science
Raymond Koch, Retired Research director at Lab. Plasma Physics, RMA Brussels and Fellow Lecturer at UMons
Henri A. Masson, Emeritus Professor Dynamic System Analysis and Data Mining, University of Antwerp
Ferdinand Meeus, Retired Research Scientist, IPCC expert Reviewer AR6
Jean Meeus, Retired Meteorologist, Brussels Airport, Author Best Seller Astronomical Algorithms 
Yes!  16 (including 5 more professors) to their six!  ....but wait! There's more!

From Denmark we add:
Bjarne Andresen, Professor of Physics, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
Johannes Krüger, Emeritus Professor, dr.scient, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
Niels Schrøder, Geophysist/Geologist, Associate Professor Institute of Nature and Environment, Roskilde University, Denmark 
Now 20 (3 profs) to their 6.

From France also:
Benoît Rittaud, Associate professor of Mathematics at University of Paris-Nord, President of the French Association des climato-réalistes. ECD Ambassador
Jean-Charles Abbé, former research director at CNRS, labs director (Strasbourg, Nantes) in Radiochemistry, expert at NATO and IAEA
Charles Aubourg, full professor at the University of Pau, geophysicist.
Bernard Beauzamy, university professor (ret.), chairman and CEO, Société de Calcul Mathématique SA (Paris).
Jean-Claude Bernier, emeritus professor (University of Strasbourg), former director of the Institute of Chemistry of the CNRS
Pierre Beslu, former searcher and head of department in the french Nuclear Energy Commission (CEA).
Michel Bouillet, PhD Human Geography, Emeritus Professor, Former Associate Researcher at the MMSH (Aix-en-Provence)
Christian Buson, PhD in agronomy, director of research in a company (impact studies in environmental issues, sewage treatment).
Sylvie Brunel, full professor at Sorbonne University, geographer and economist, former president of the humanitarian organization Action against Hunger (Action contre la faim).
Philippe Colomban, CNRS Research Professor, Former Head of Laboratory at Université Piere-et-Marie Curie, Expert in Hydrogen-based Energy Storage
Jacques Colombani, Former Research Director retired from ORSTOM-IRD, numerous Studies in Hydrology and Climatology and Specialist in Fluid Mechanics. Member of the Board of ORSTOM for twenty years
Vincent Courtillot, geophysicist, member of the French Academy of Sciences, former director of the Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris
Pierre Darriulat, Professor of Physics, Member of the French Academy of Sciences
Gérard Douet, PhD in Nuclear Physics, Retired Engineer at CERN, Technical Manager on Digital Transmission and Video Encoding
Hubert Dulieu, Emeritus Professor Applied Ecology, Formerly Senior Researcher in the CNRS, President of the National Scientific Research Committee, Vegetal Biology Section (XXVII)
Patrick Fischer, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, University of Bordeaux 27. François Gauchenot, governance specialist, founder of Saint George Institute.
Francois Gervais, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Material Sciences, University of Tours
Gilles Granereau, Former meteorologist, currently project manager environment and tourism in a public institution. Worked on coastal risks, marine erosion, sand dune fixation, hydraulics, forest management, botany.
Maximilian Hasler, Associate Professor in Mathematics, University of French West Indies
Claude Jobin, Retired A&M Engineer Specialized in Microwave Communication
Philippe de Larminat, Professor at École Centrale de Nantes, specialist of business process modeling
René Laversanne, Former researcher at the CNRS, 16 patents. 7 European Climate Declaration September 26, 2019
Christian Marchal, astronomer and mathematician, former research director at the French National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research, former professor at the Observatory of Paris (1980-93), former assistant professor at Polytechnic School (1981-92).
Marc le Menn, Head of Metrology-Chemistry Oceanography Lab, Brest.
Charles Naville, R&D Exploration Geophysicist, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Rémy Prud’homme, Emeritus Professor in Economics at University of Paris-Est, Former Deputy Director Environment, Directorate of OECD 47
Isabelle Rivals, Associate professor in Statistics at ESPCI Paris
Jean Rouquerol, Emeritus Research Director at CNRS Marseille, Expert in Gas Adsorption and Calorimetr
Étienne Vernaz, former Director of Research of CEA (Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique) in France, Professor at INSTN (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires).
Brigitte Van Vliet-Lanoë, geoscientist, Emeritus Research Director (CNRS, Université de Bretagne Occidentale), stratigraphy and paleoenvironments, Quaternary and Holocene.
Théa Vogt, retired CNRS searcher, géomorphology, Quaternary palaeoenvironments, soil and desertification remote sensing 56. Henri Voron, Retired Civil Chief Engineer, Specialized in Water Management
Adding 31 to 20 (51) to their six(6) (16 more professors)

German Scientist who signed the list:
H.J. Bandelt, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Hamburg
Dietrich Bannert, Professor Honoris Causa, University of Marburg
Lars Birlenbach, Dr. in Chemistry, University of Siegen
Klaus Döhler, Professor of Pharma sciences, University of Hannover
Friedrich-Karl Ewert, Emeritus Professor Geology, University of Paderborn
Hermann Harde, Emeritus Professor of Experimental Physics and Materials Science, Helmut Schmidt-University, Hamburg
Werner Kirstein, Emeritus Professor of Climatology, University of Leipzig
Stefan Kröpelin, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Free University of Berlin and University of Cologne, Specialized in Climate Change of the Sahara
Ulrich Kutschera, Professor of Plant Physiology &Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kassel, Germany, and Visiting Scientist in Stanford USA
Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, Professor of Operations Research (i.R.) HTW of Saarland, Saarbrücken
Lothar W. Meyer, Emeritus Professor of Material Engineering, Chemnitz University of Technology, Saxony Entrepreneur ‘Nordmetall GmbH’, Member of the Board of ‘Vernunftkraft Niedersachsen’
Carl-Otto Weiss, Emeritus Professor in Non-linear Physics, Advisor to the European Institute for Climate and Energy, Former President of the German Meteorological 
Now 43 to 6.....(11 more professors)

 From Ireland we add:
Jim O’Brien, Chair, Irish Climate Science Forum, Expert Reviewer IPCC AR6, ECD Ambassador Tony J. Carey, BA (Natural Sciences), Clare College, Cambridge
Ultan Murphy, B.Sc(Hons) Chemistry, Industry Science Professional
J. Philip O’Kane, Emeritus Professor, School of Engineering, University College Cork
Peter O’Neill, Retired, Expert Reviewer of IPCC AR6
Dr. Brian N. Sweeney, Founding Chairman of Science Foundation Ireland
 48 and counting....(1 professor)

From Italy: only counting their Proffesori there are 51!
From the Netherlands, out of their 57 climate experts, there are 21 professors;
From Norway, 17 experts of which 10 are professors;

Adding professors only we get 130.

We have Sweden we have 18 climate experts including 12 professors;
Switzerland                   2-1
United Kingdomn       22-3
Australia                     75-5
Brazil                           7-3
Canada                       17-5
China                           3-2
India                            1-0
Japan                           1-1
New Zealand             14-1
Russia                          1-1
Sth Africa                   3-3
USA                          45-14

So, out of Clintel's 500+ climate experts, there are 181 professors and assistant professors; out of Climatefeedback.org  six experts there are 3 professors and assistant professors.

Do they really believe in the fraudulent 97% of scientist believe (a religious term) in the #agwFraud?

Do they really believe that their 6 scientists know more than our 500+climate experts?
If their 97% is right, they would have to come up with

Clintel #
if 3% 500
Then 1% 166.666667 0.01
So 100%= 16666.6667 1
Climatefeedback.org really need  to get another 16,667 experts to counter Clintel.nl's 500+experts.

Do they really believe that their  3 professors and assistant professors know more than our 181 professors and assistant professors?

If their 97% consensus is right, they would have to come up with
Clintel #
If 3%+ 181
Then 1% 60.3333333 0.01
So 100%= 6033.33333 1
Climatefeedback.org really need  to get another 6030 experts to counter Clintel.nl's 181 professors and assistant professors.

As noted above, as Albert Einstein once said:
No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”  
See    AGW - A falsified hypothesis 

Come Clean, Facebook! Let your so-called experts be challenged!

Friday, 18 October 2019

Morbique vs ClimaCooDust

The Tower of Babel.
Is the peak burning from "Global Warming?"

It looks like the Climate Alarmists are running scared as their "climate catastrophe" is being exposed as a fraud, nay, a giant fraud. This has created much babble from "true believers" in the climate change fraud. Social Media suppresses Climate realists article and posts, Facebook employs alarmists to counter realist articles (new word Facebull?), debate sites have banned "climate deniers"....etc etc

Some recent babble from true believers comes from Babbel;

According to Wikipedia:
Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, available in various languages since January 2008.
Well, Babbel has succumbed to Climate Alarmism. They have published a list of words that wouldn't exist without "climate change." (link)
It’s not just the environment that’s changing. Languages around the world are also adapting to describe new realities.
One that particularly amused this blogger was:
Morbique — The morbid desire to travel to places to experience them before they are irreparably damaged by climate change or other manmade changes. The morbidity is usually exacerbated by the fact that the mode of transportation needed to reach this place burns fossil fuels and probably contributes to its further destruction.
Gee, alarmist Obama wants to take his family to the Great Barrier Reef before it is gone for good! (It's in good health.) Think of Greta and all the carbon dioxide used in building her (carbon [dioxide] free) borrowed yacht and the many airfares her trip created, think of all the alarmists and their flights attending the many talk-fests to discuss the climate emergency.

I can think of a portmanteau word for Babbel and the other pro-alarmism sites. Is has three roots

  1. Climate Warming/Alarmism/Catastrophe;
  2. Carbon Dioxide; and
  3. Bulldust:


Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Energy & Environmental Newsletter: October 14, 2019


 October 14, 2019

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy and environmental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult WiseEnergy.org for more information).
A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every three weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and the environment. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.
Some of the more important articles in this issue are:
Why Wind Turbines Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction
It Costs $532,000± to Decommission A Single Wind Turbine
In a “Reversal” Wind Power Industry Wants More U.S. Tax Credits
NY County Health Board Eyes Wind Turbine Regulations
A new tool in China’s kit of repression
Video: Kentucky Governor’s Keynote Speech on Low Cost Energy
Weathermen Wild As Wind Turbines Interference Wrecks Their Radar Signals
NC Energy Company Finds Solar Power Actually Increases Pollution
Socialism Is the Greatest Threat to the Environment
Why Wind Turbines Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction
Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism
President Trump, religious liberty, and international climate policy
The IPCC’s Seldom Mentioned ‘Uncertainties’
Chief UN Climate Scientist Calls the Climate Narrative “Religious Extremism”
IPCC Lead Author’s Research Uncertain About UN’s Climate Goal
Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’
‘There is no climate emergency,’ hundreds of scientists, engineers tell U.N.
Miscellaneous Energy News:Video: Kentucky Governor’s Keynote Speech on Low Cost Energy
Weathermen Wild As Wind Turbines Interference Wrecks Their Radar Signals
NC Energy Company Finds Solar Power Actually Increases Pollution
Short video: Renewable Portfolio Standard Scam (Part 2)
Video: Hansen & Shellenberger: Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?
Sorry Greta, India needs more coal to power growth
Wind: A bad choice for the energy-hungry
Netherlands is shutting Europe’s largest gas field in a push for renewables
Do people with rooftop solar panels still have power in California?
California’s Dark Ages (Renewables the cause, and not the cure.)
Gas Prices Soar as Californians Find Green Energy Is Useless in a Blackout
Dyson Becomes Latest Sign That Electric-Car Bubble Is Bursting
Extract CO2 from our air, use it to create synthetic fuels
Ocean City Demonstrates Off-Shore Wind Is No Easy Sell
Our Energy Security Is Threatened by Unprincipled Politicians
The Wind Industry Tackles Trouble on Two Fronts
Manmade Global Warming Articles:Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism
President Trump, religious liberty, and international climate policy
How I changed my mind… about global warming
The IPCC’s Seldom Mentioned ‘Uncertainties’
Chief UN Climate Scientist Calls the Climate Narrative “Religious Extremism”
IPCC Lead Author’s Research Uncertain About UN’s Climate Goal
Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’
‘There is no climate emergency,’ hundreds of scientists, engineers tell U.N.
Dozens of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back
Some Recommended Sources for Objective Info on Climate Change
Marxists join climate strike: for system change, not climate change!
It’s Time To Move Beyond The Toy Models that Guide Climate Policy
The climate cult
Video: Ask John with Climate Change Skeptic, Jim Steele
US Presidential Candidate Said Climate Change May Require Elimination of Private Car Ownership
President Obama, Al Gore, Ocasio-Cortez are climate change hypocrites
No Transparency Keeps Climate Hysteric’s Findings in the Dark
Archive: How Much CO2 Does A Single Volcano Emit?
EIA: developing nations CO2 emissions increasing 8.4 billion tons by 2050
E&E Legal Asks SEC to Address False and Misleading Climate Change Statements by Several Companies
Climate alarmists buy off CalTech, NASA with monstrous $750 million payoff
Mann, Hayhoe Try to Erase the Medieval Warm Period
Ten Countries Block EU Climate Target Change
German Government Waters Down Climate Bill
Here Are 4 Outrageously Insane Climate Proposals
Don’t be duped by climate alarmism
Idiotic Environmental Predictions
German Environmental Cofounder Calls Climate Movement Hysterical, Overhyped
500 expert skeptics rattle Europe’s climate cage
Serious Errors In IPCC Ocean Report Revealed
Global Warming & Impressionable Youths:
The False Prophets of Climate Change
Greta Thunberg and the Cult of Adolescence
The Global Warming Cult is Polluting Adult and Children’s minds
Drama Over Science? Greta’s Climate Speech and Appeal to Emotion
Church Of Sweden Announced Greta Thunberg ‘Successor’ Of Jesus
Putin dismisses Greta Thunberg as a ‘poorly informed teenager’
George Soros Emerges as Key Funder of ‘Global Climate Strike’
High School Students and the Real Facts of Climate Change Movement
Time to Hear from Sensible Adults
Please Quit Scaring Our Kids
The Sheer Folly Of Today’s Eco-Protests
Short satire video: Green activist Greta Thunberg & Thomas Cook
Chemtrail Truthers Are Coming After Greta Thunberg
Is global warming worth the anxiety on our young people?
Chicken Littles vs Adelie Penguins
Science, Education, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:
What the Trump impeachment inquiry is really about
Yes, the Deep State Really Does Exist
Short video: Why I Don’t Want and Don’t Deserve Reparations
The Progressive Agenda to Dumb Down America’s Children
The 50 most miserable cities in America
With a $230 million deficit, UN may run out of money by end of month
Trump Tells Bankrupt UN to Find Money Elsewhere
Archive: The importance of stupidity in scientific research
Superior: An Open Letter to Heartland
Artificial Imbecility: Alexa In Your Bathroom
The University of Washington Should Not Censor Faculty Social Media
How about a Bipartisan Treaty against the Criminalization of Elections?
If New Report About Whistleblower Is True, It’s A Game Changer
Is Google News legally liable for bias against conservatives?
Short video: We’ve Found The Magic Frequency
Short video: All I want to do is to Make Cookies
New Book: Modern Egalitarianism Undercuts Fairness and Dignity

Monday, 14 October 2019

Censorship of climate sceptics

Anthony Cox

Alarmists control the media and because they do it’s astounding that less than 50% of the punters support their ridiculous ideology. Every day we are bombarded by screaming loons, autistic teenagers and super rich billionaires telling us the world will end in 11 years, 7 months and 14 days if we don’t declare a climate emergency, give up meat, cars, planes and basically either die or live in a cave. We’ve had professors from Sweden advocate cannibalism and a young woman demanding we eat babies which, given the behaviour of alarmists, was regarded as normal for them.

It should be no surprise therefore that any view contrary to alarmism will be censored and those holding it attacked. We have seen the Conversation ban sceptics, the ABC banned sceptics many years ago and the loathsome Jon Faine regularly hung up on deniers. Sceptics have been threatened with prosecution, being tattooed like Nazi victims and hounded from employment.

My latest experience with these tactics was on Quora, an on-line chat-room run by 2 ex Face Book employees. If you defend Trump, call the never Trump commentators, snowflakes or put up detailed evidence that alarmism is wrong you’re in trouble. This is what I put up at Quroa recently in conversation with someone who identified as being a PhD in climate or some such thing. This person declared that all the increase in atmospheric CO2 was from humans.

I counterargued, noting several recent papers proving the increase in atmospheric CO2 was natural:

This was dismissed by the PhD and then I put up a proof based on the C14 bomb test spike done by the great Bob Cormack:
We know from empirical data (the bomb spike) that atmospheric concentrations decay back to equilibrium in an exponential curve, C(t) = C(t=0)exp(-t/a), where a is the time constant of the decay (and ~0.7a is the half-life).
The decay rate at any time, t, is dC/dt = -1/a * C(t=0)exp(-t/a) = -1/a * C.Hence, the concentration decay rate is proportional to the concentration (what makes the system linear, and is the generating definition of an exponential). 
(I’m going to refer to all rates and quantities as positive, and identify which way they’re going by labeling “in” -to the atmosphere, and “out” -of the atmosphere.) 
Let’s suppose we have an equilibrium with Rin = Rout, and C = constant. If we measure Rin = Rout = 100Gt/yr (carbon, not CO2), and C = 800Gt, we can immediately deduce the time constant, since R = 1/a * C, we get a = C/R = 8 years. (This is ~ 30% smaller than derived from the bomb spike data, so perhaps there is more than 800Gt C in the atmosphere, or we need to include some fraction of the biosphere, or the estimates of Rin, Rout are high.) 
Now, let’s suppose we add an Anthropogenic component, “Ain”, to “Rin”, and continue doing so for an indefinite time. How much does C increase? There are two ways of doing this – both easy since the system has been measured to be (nearly) linear: 
1) Increase at equilibrium (t -> infinity):Since Rin = 1/a*C_natural, then (Rin + Ain) = 1/a * (C_natural + C_anthro). These linear equations are easily solved for C_anthro = a * Ain.Hence, if Ain = 8Gt/year, C_anthro = 64Gt/year, or about 8% of total atmospheric concentrations. (Also, about 30 ppm). 
Note that this is the maximum concentration increase that can be caused by an Anthropogenic input of 8 Gt/yr that continues forever. It does not continue to build up, as Ferdinand assumes – that assumption is equivalent to assuming that the time constant, “a”, is very large – 100’s of years. Making this (hidden) assumption then raises the problem of where is all the missing carbon in the atmosphere (or equivalently, why is the carbon cycle so very far out of balance?) Also, of course, such an assumption cannot explain the bomb spike data without ad hoc assumptions about the behavior of C14 vs C12. 
2) The same result can be gotten by considering the discrete yearly increases in C anthro: 
Year 1 total C_anthro = AinYear 2 total C_anthro = Ain + (1-1/a)AinYear 3 total C_anthro = Ain + (1-1/a)Ain + (1-1/a)^2 * AinYear n total: C_anthro = Ain * Sum(r^n), where n goes from 0 -> n , (r=1-1/a) 
This is a geometric series, whose partial sum (at year N) is:C_antho = Ain *(1-r^n)/(1-r),and the infinite sum (at forever) is:C_anthro = Ain *1/(1-r) = a*Ain (after substituting r = 1-1/a) 
So to summarize:1) Measurements show that the atmosphere adjusts to an input of CO2 by an exponential decay. This implies that the sink rates are proportional to the concentrations.2) Both the measurements and estimates from total CO2 amounts give similar time constants for the decay.3) Points 1 and 2 put a limit on the increase in CO2 atmospheric concentration that can be caused by a continuous anthropogenic input to the yearly input times the time constant.4) The claim that a continuous anthropogenic input can cause a continuous, fixed increase in CO2 atmospheric concentration contradicts both the measurements in point 1 and the estimates in point 2, hence is false. 
This is a great proof which conclusively shows it is nature which is causing the increase in atmospheric CO2 so that even if you believe CO2 controls climate (it doesn’t) if the increase is natural there’s nothing we can do.
I waited for some time allowing the PhD to wade through the proof and after 2 days posted a follow up asking where the PhD had gone. Then this comment and the proof disappeared and viola the PhD came back to say I had not posted any evidence contrary to his declarations that alarmism was real.
For me it was just another example of how sceptics are being marginalised.
The media is propping up alarmism giving uncritical attention to all of it’s lies. But hopefully the alarmists have overplayed their hand. Their hypocrisy is now out in the open and the nuisance that alarmist groups like extinction rebellion are making is staring to wake the punters up. Let’s hope Trump wins in 2020 and some of our pollies grow a backbone; otherwise this hypocrisy will take over:

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Freedom of Speech: Benjamin Franklin

Cliff Mass (source: Wikipedia)
Clifford F. "Cliff" Mass is a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of WashingtonMass maintains a popular weblog (Ed: aka blog) in which he posts regular articles on meteorology, Pacific Northwest weather history, and the impacts of climate change[8] written for the general public. According to Mass, "Global warming is an extraordinarily serious issue, and scientists have a key role to play in communicating what is known and what is not about this critical issue.[9]"

Note that Cliff is from the alarmist side.

Global warming is an extraordinarily serious issue, and scientists have a key role to play in communicating what is known and what is not about this critical issue.
Most alarmists shut down debate; don't approve of free speech.

However, this week, when sites like "The Conservation" have decided to censor "denialist's" comments, Cliff has come out on the side of free speech: (link)

The University of Washington Should Not Censor Faculty Social Media

This (Cliff's) blog will describe a series of serious violations of freedom of speech and academic
freedom at the University of Washington.It will describe how a highly partisan Dean and her senior staff at UW’s College of the Environment (COENV) have suppressed diversity of viewpoints and censored the social media of faculty and staff, including this blog.  I will review apparent violations both of the faculty code and constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

What I will describe should concern you, no matter where you are on the political spectrum.  Progressive or Conservative, Democrat, Republican or Independent, you should care deeply about the suppression of viewpoint diversity and the restriction of freedom of speech in favor of the partisan agenda of a group of university administrators. 

Their actions are a direct threat to the very nature of the University of Washington and our democracy.  
And I need your help to rectify the situation. 

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of 
speech.” Benjamin Franklin