Saturday, 14 September 2019

More Journals CONFIRM the global warming hiatus

Gee, the alarmists keep telling us, using manipulated data, that the global warming hiatus has not occurred.

Perhaps they should consult with their Chinese scientists.

Recently Chinese scientists have published papers about the global warming HIATUS in scientific journals.

HERE are two:

Increased growth of Qinghai spruce in northwestern China during the recent warming hiatus

Warming-induced drought caused a decline in Qinghai spruce growth in 1980–2001.
There was a clear increase in tree growth during the warming hiatus in 2001–2015.

and the second:

No trends in spring and autumn phenology during the global warming hiatus Nature Communications

So, the question is:

If the Chinese recognise the Global Warming Hiatus, why don't we?
volume10, Article number: 2389 (2019

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  1. The Hockeystick, on which all this nonsense if dependent, makes a sharp Dog Leg in 1902. You can do to NASA GISS and filter for all the stations that existed in 1901, along with their BI. Simply identify Weather Stations that have been in existence since 1902 and have a BI of 10 or less. 10 or less implies a rural station largely removed from the Urban Heat Island Effect. What you will find is that if you control for the Urban Heat Island Effect there has been no warming over the past 117 years. CO2 increased from around 296 to 410 today, and it had no impact of temperatures of stations with BIs 10 and below. Every kid should be doing this experiment in their High Schools.

    Here is the Site: Choose the Weather Station Alice Springs (23.8S, 133.88E) ID:501943260000 as a perfect example


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