Global Warming Slowdown- or hiatus (peer-reviewed.)

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Although the ALARMISTS try to deny it, since 1998, there has been no significant global warming,

A peer-reviewed paper published in Nature Communications by Johnson et al (Nature Communications 9, Article number: 1724) includesin its Abstract:
The recent levelling of global mean temperatures after the late 1990s, the so-called global warming hiatus or slowdown, ignited a surge of scientific interest into natural global mean surface temperature variability, observed temperature biases, and climate communication, but many questions remain about how these findings relate to variations in more societally relevant temperature extremes.
Oh1 The levelling of global mean temperatures?  

YEP! that means, doesn't it?.....NOT WARMING!

Back to the Abstract:

Here we show that both summertime warm and wintertime cold extreme occurrences increased over land during the so-called hiatus period...

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OH! And a couple more Peer-reviewed papers:

Global mean sea level rise during the recent warming hiatus from satellite-based data
Yes, another peer-reviewed paper confirming the global warming hiatus.

Weak Cooling of Cold Extremes Versus Continued Warming of Hot Extremes in China During the Recent Global Surface Warming Hiatus

Abstract: ...warming hiatus in China after 1998
YEP! There it is again, in peer reviewed journals,

Global Surface Warming Hiatus

but the alarmists, the deniers of true science, say that temperatures continue to rise.

When will they ever learn? When will they admit that the #agwFraud has been busted?

volume 9, Article number: 1724 (2018