Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Framing of the AGW Fraud: Shakespeare vs IPCC

Image: Who2

Shakespeare was very creative. He created many new words into the English language such as:
  • Accommodation;
  • Assassination:
  • Dexterously;
  • Dislocate; and
  • Submerged.

He also created many phrases that we now assume are normal English usage. Creativity at its finest.
The UNFCCC/IPCC are also very creative. They do NOT contribute to

a)     Either the English language; nor
b)    True science.

However, the IPCC and its various agencies, NASA:GISS; HadleyCRUT were very creative in creating the scam of (AGW) man-made global warming.

Here are some of Shakespeare's famous phrases compared with the sham of the GISS/IPCC.

It's all Greek to Me

The Alarmists assume that the general public are scientifically ignorant and so they make great "fast and loose" claims that, "if the truth were known," and the public "insisted on fair play," and were not "hoodwinked" it is "high time" that "the game is up" and now the public "suspect foul play" then "to give the devil (IPCC) his due" - "if the truth were known" we would wish "good riddance" to the UNFCCC/IPCC and wish they were "dead as a door-nail," knowing that they are "a laughing stock," the "devil incarnate."

Ben Johnson wrote, of Shakespeare:
I loved that man and do honour his memory. He was honest.
No-one could say the same for the IPCC.