Monday, 16 July 2018

Are the Alarmists kidding?

Are the Alarmists kidding? Or are they just pushing their Agenda21/Agenda30?

Today, on Australia's NSW Central Coast, some Ourimbah residents had their water pipes frozen due to sub zero (ºC) temperatures. I guess we were saved from freezing because we are a few metres above the valley. In fact, at our gate, on next door's property, there is a 30 metre communications tower. Our residence is above that.

However, it was so cold that I fired up our wood-burning fire.

Around midday, I went out and sat on a garden bench which was in full sun and felt the warmth warming my body.

Beautiful warming delight!!

Which made me think: Why don't the alarmists factor the SUN into their calculations?


It's the Sun, Stupid!!

As Alex Jones says:

They are caused by the gigantic Sun......