Thursday, 31 May 2018

"Our" ABC again defies its charter to be accurate, impartial, fair and balanced.

Long term readers of this blog may remember when we reported that the ABC defied their then chairman Maurice Newman. (See True Lies and Misinformation)
ABC went against their chairman Maurice Newman. Newman said that they should be even-handed on reporting of the global warming debate (link) but the ABC journalists should be called activists because they revolted and went against the ABC's charter and their chairman's wishes 

Mr Newman was criticised by Christopher Warren, the Federal Secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance in a letter the next day:

I was concerned to read yesterday the remarks made by ABC chairman, Maurice Newman, to a gathering of journalists, program-makers and management on Wednesday.
Since his speech I have been contacted by a number of Media Alliance members from the ABC’s news and current affairs team who have interpreted Mr Newman’s remarks as an attempt to influence the ABC’s line on climate change.
Yes, in defiance of their charter, the ABC took their
ABC’s line on climate change.
In the Australian today, Mr Newman again calls out the ABC for inaccurate reporting:

Climate propaganda parades as science on your leftist ABC

In a Four Corners program presented by ABC journalist Michael Brissenden titled Weather Report, as Mr Newman says: "which was entirely devoted to global-warming advocacy masquerading as science."

Some of the inaccuracies:

  1. Brown Brothers planned to move part of its operations to cooler country;
  2. Blatant perpetuation of a false Bureau of Meteorology hottest day Penrith announcement;
  3. Warming in southwest Western Australia had “happened faster than anywhere else on the planet"
1: Brown Brothers Wines:
    .....retiree Bob Fernley-Jones wrote to Brown Brothers and found: “At this stage we don’t intend on selling any vineyards in Victoria. We have always had the philosophy that we grow the right varietals in the most suited climate …”
2: Penrith Hottest day:
Perhaps none was worse than the blatant perpetuation of a false Bureau of Meteorology announcement that at Penrith on January 7, the Sydney Basin recorded its hottest day. The bur­eau, with lightning speed, ­corrected the record to acknowledge Richmond in 1939, but the ABC chose to ignore the correction. 
          See also Jennifer Marohasy post: BoM Blast for Dubious Record Hot Day

3: Warming in southwest Western Australia:
Viewers were told that warming in southwest Western Australia had “happened faster than anywhere else on the planet”, without mentioning the region had just recorded one of its coldest summers in two decades.
Mr Newman reports:
It beggars belief that any broadcasting organisation could put such biased ­rubbish to air. But unforced corrections or apologies are not in today’s ABC’s DNA. 
And again, Maurice Newman reports on how "our" ABC treats complaints:
Fernley-Jones lodged five complaints about Weather Alert. All he achieved was a rebuke. “Our records indicate that to date you have lodged five complaints via our webform regarding the edition of Four Corners 5 March. In future should you wish to lodge a complaint about a program please set out your entire complaint in one submission … Kieran Doyle wrote to you on 12 April acknowledging your emails and attachments … The email advised you your complaint would not be investigated by Audience and Consumer Affairs. This advice relates to all of the complaints you have submitted.” 
"Our" ABC told Mr  Fernley-Jones that, because you issued FIVE complaints when you should have only issued ONE, we are going to dismiss them.

"Our" ABC is a public body that should answer the public's complaints. To dismiss them is an outrage. Surely, as "our" representatives, parliament should force the ABC to answer all complaints.

I suggest all readers should write to their local member and ask them to make the ABC respect and follow its charter. The ABC's charter was changed last year: (link)

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has yielded to some of
Pauline Nation's demands on the ABC.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Fair and Balanced) Bill 2017 will put into action some of the demands made by Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, and agreed during media law reform negotiations to get the minor party onside. 
The proposals include the additions of the words ‘fair and balanced’ to the ABC Charter, which will complement the existing requirement that the national broadcaster should be ‘accurate and impartial according to the recognised standards of objective journalism’.
How fair and balanced was it for "our", or is it "their," ABC to broadcast the inaccuracies detailed above?

How fair and balanced was it for "our", or is it "their," ABC to dismiss Mr Fernley-Jones' complaints because he made FIVE instead of one.

"THEIR" ABC is out of control.

Should the Turnbull government cut the apron strings and let "THEIR" ABC stand alone?

The IPA (this blogger is an IPA member) thinks so.

New IPA book calls on government to privatise the ABC by 'giving it away'

Against Public Broadcasting, released on Friday night, labels the ABC "an anachronism" whose rationale is now redundant and which has become a $1 billion-a-year drain on the public purse. 
Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, who has close links with and remains a member of the IPA - a conservative think-tank - quickly distanced himself from the publication and said the ABC would remain in public hands.
Against Public Broadcasting authors -Dr Berg and Professor Davidson - say the ABC "should be given away to Australian citizens or group of citizens on some pro-rata basis - equal shares per head, or share of income tax paid, or welfare benefits consumed, or any other formula deemed equitable and politically palatable".
To this proposal, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said that the government:
"has no plans to change the ownership of the ABC" but had "a significant agenda to enhance the accountability, transparency and efficiency" of the broadcaster.

Let us earnestly and sincerely hope and pray that Mitch Fifield 's plans to enhance the accountability, transparency and efficiency of the broadcaster return the ABC to accountablilty and accuracy of reporting.
I expect there will be no change to "THEIR" ABC!!