Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Save the Reef.....give generously

Image: Whitsunday Holidays
Open Letter by Peter Rees

Hi All,

Josh Frydenberg has decided to give $500 million of taxpayers money to “save the reef". The money is for improving water quality, “tackling” the crown of thorns starfish, expanding reef “restoration” and developing coral that is more resistant to high temperatures. Of that money $45m is for “Community engagement such as Indigenous traditional knowledge for sea country management”.

Traditional sea country management”. LOL! Words really fail me about just how stupid this whole AGW/Indigenous scam can get. So what happens, do they paddle a bark canoe out to the reef, spear a dugong with a spear, and get paid for it? Read a story a few weeks ago proclaiming that Aboriginals were the world’s first astronomers because of a couple of creatively interpreted rock paintings. 

Any sane person in Frydenbergs position would have asked someone like Peter Ridd, the scientist who has exposed the corruption behind the GBR “science” , to comment on whether the GBR is threatened in any way or whether it’s just natural forces at work. But that would displease Malcolm who would fire Josh.

But there’s an election coming and the libs can say they are “saving the reef” and it will get a few votes. Frydenberg is ambitious and wouldn’t dare throw his future into doubt by actually doubting “scientists” who tell us they need lots of money to “save the reef”. I wonder just how much of the money will be spent on talkfests, overseas conferences, plush dinners, scuba adventures on a luxury yacht, and alarming reports saying more money is needed to save the reef.

The insanity continues….