Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Four Corners: the ABC costing Australia again!

Anthony Cox


The episode of 4 Corners screened on the 5th March 2018 is a litany of alarmism clichés, lies and exaggerations. The width of community involvement in alarmism shown in the episode demonstrates why Australia is heading for an economic brick wall. The disease of believing in alarmism has now infected business, farming, APRA and the Reserve Bank.

The show begins with the usual horror images of fires, waves crashing, winds blowing as though the world was ending. In the also usual sonorous voice-over we hear that Penrith recently had the hottest temperature ever recorded in Sydney a few weeks ago. This is a lie. As soon as this was announced by the BoM a quick retraction followed with the BoM admitting the temperature at Penrith of 47.3 was in fact nowhere near the temperature of 47.8 at Richmond, a few kilometres down the road back in 1939. Four Corners did not mention this retraction, nor did it mention the Penrith “record” was only for a second as Jo Nova notes:

Penrith uses one of the new AWS which record 1 second temperatures. International protocol requires at least 1 minute, preferably 5 minute intervals to measure temperature to prevent false readings due to non-climatic factors. From the graph of the Penrith temperature it is plain the 47.3 reading was an outlier due, maybe, to something other than the heat.

Four Corners then introduces its resident scientific talking head, Karl Braganza from the BoM. Braganza wastes no time in saying things are going to get worse, temperature, storms, the lot. Braganza is amazing. Here he is back in 2016 claiming storms will decrease, albeit become more powerful in the future. That claim about storms becoming worse, albeit less frequent, is thoroughly rebutted here. In fact, all extreme weather is reducing: droughts, storms, rainfall, as even the IPCC and other prominent alarmists like Professor Muller concede.

Four Corners get their little pink hands dirty when they next interview a couple of farmers, David Bruer, a paid up member of the Greens and Ross Brown, a former sceptic. Both parrot IPCC temperature predictions of at least 2C increase some-time in the future. This is wrong, the poor guys are misguided and have been conned. The global temperature is a mess with none of the ground and satellite records agreeing with each other. But naturally alarmists and the ABC pick on the hottest of all the temperature records, NASA-GISS:

Let’s be clear here. No sceptic denies temperature has not risen. The argument is about the cause. For alarmists, it’s all mankind’s fault, nature had nothing to do with it. This is stupid. Many new papers clearly show a strong correlation between the Solar output, TSI, and temperature.

Four Corners, after their detour into folksy farm-land, then get serious and present the big end of town. APRA and the Reserve Bank are shown warning about the need for corporations to in turn warn their clients about alarmism or run the risk of being sued. This is grotesque. APRA has no business advocating alarmism. Phillip Lowe, the RB governor, is strongly green. He was mentored by Paul Krugman one of the great alarmism loons. So it is no surprise that Lowe was shown advocating business take on board preparation for climate change. That’s worked really well for Australia, South Australia in particular, in respect of electricity supply and costs.

Four Corners then moved on to an assortment of lawyers, spivs and activists who worked over the usual rubbish about rising sea levels which are simply not occurring around Australia as Phil Watson’s famous study showed.

The final attempt by Four Corners to legitimise the people’s revolt against politicians’ inaction about climate change was the insurance industry. The insurance industry is well known for its support of the little folk (sarc) and even a cursory glance at how insurance has profited from alarmism, which FourCorners obviously did not do, would show insurance offers no proof of alarmism.

In 2017, the world’s biggest reinsurer Munich Re, released its report which showed storms and extreme weather had declined while annualised losses had also declined. This is consistent with ACE cyclone trends and the IPCC own publications: 
This dreadful program wrapped up with scary images of the 2009, Black Saturday fires in Victoria. 
These fires killed 173 people. They were exacerbated by the green’s policies preventing back-burning and were not hotter than the Black Friday fires in 1939. Naturally Four Corners did not mention this. 

The ABC is a disgrace.

Our Property Rights are in Peril.

Peter Spencer (source)

Our Property Rights are in Peril.

Peter Spencer’s appeal was rejected and the last recourse is now the High Court. We MUST stop Government from writing rules that compromise property rights. Without property rights, there are NO human rights. Without property rights, our options in life become very limited indeed- army, clergy, serfdom or starvation. Unless any of you have been hiding under a rock, you would realise that the left would like no armies, no religion (except the State becoming the religion.) This leaves universal serfdom or starvation.

As Peter’s email below shows, we need to organise farmers in particular- they are at the cutting edge of being crucified by green lunacy. There have been over 800 farmer suicides due to having their property useage – Native Vegetation Acts are very draconian. You can cop a $110,000 fine for ANY disturbance of the natural environment. You can not even collect fire wood. Media do not report these suicides. The green leaning politicians from Liberal, Labor and Greens in particular have BLOOD on their hands. Thousands of farmers have been forced off their land due to viability issues. 

Farms and farmers are under attack now. Next, it will YOUR  property.

This is about the most important fight for our freedoms we have seen. If you value your freedom, you must dig deep. You must also get the word around about this crucial battle. 

What point is there in having money in the bank without freedom?

Bail-in legislation has been signed behind closed doors. In the event of a crisis, government and banks can siphon off YOUR money. Better to use it for the cause of FREEDOM while we still have the ability to use our money wisely.

The donation details are at the bottom of this page.

Property Rights and Human FREEDOM are in OUR hands.

Jim Sternhell 

All that is required for the triumph or evil is that good men shall do nothing. – Edmund Burke.
Subject: FW: transfer of donations 
 Friends, Find me a group of farmers to talk to – urgently….. Our short notice is dictated by the terms of the Court in regards to court filings and this puts sudden pressure on all of us. Any funds should be directed…………..to the below account. Lesley Hillman is the account administrator.  I intend to brief as many farmers as possible, on the judgment, the decision to attend the High Court for  “Leave to Appeal and the reasons…..
 Anyone who can organize meetings - 50 or so farmers and as many meetings in one general area as close together so my visit is productive.
 With Peter McKell and Peter King the total account will be about $75,000. However only half of that is due for the Leave Application. That half is due in stages over the next month as the application in Appeal is due to be lodged March 15. The Balance will only be due if the leave is granted. And that amount may not be required for many months – so we have more time to raise the balance of the money… A point worth noting. There has been funds received into the fighting fund of many thousands of dollars from many countries who are supporting the struggle for property rights.  Further, I believe more support will come from international sources because the Institution of property rights is universally accepted as the cornerstone of a free civilization. A victory in Australia represents a victory for the Institution globally  - worldwide…. By upholding - embracing, fighting for, the restablishing of these rights, those people in the so-called free world support Australia in this struggle.  Supported by the free world is not alone but also those persons, Nations who are oppressed - seeking freedoms, these freedoms we sadly apparently now take for granted – these oppressed people support us in the hope of their own liberty.
 Any amount - $ is not too small. Over the next week, I will prepare a brief 3-page report and I will ask for these details to be sent to farmers who attend our meetings and they will be asked to send e-mails to at least 10 friends and them to 10 more and on and on.  The more communicated with and asked to help, the less the burden for the few….This issue of property rights must be defended.  I traveled to Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday last, at the invitation of Malcolm Roberts to meet Pauline Hanson to brief her on Property Rights concerns, in Australia. She – Pauline Hanson, was interesting to spend time with and I believe out of the politicians in the House she possibly, more then most, has Australia's interests at the very center of her focus. Pauline, was impressively versed and quite articulate regarding the real issues. Most importantly I was impressed in that she is most passionate about dealing with those real issues.
 Subsequently, this whole story was conveyed to Pauline Hanson in our meeting. Her Party is the only Party supporting the struggle for Property Rights.  In addition, I have asked her – Pauline Hanson, to push for a Royal Commission.
 I will be sending you in the next 24 hours, a 2-page report on my meeting with Pauline Hanson last Thursday regarding property and the numerous ways our rights have been stolen, as the Party is introducing a party platform regarding property rights….It affects you and your land whether you think it does or not.
 Included in the above, I will send you all a brief on the actual Property Rights that have been taken by Governments…..Australia is not only a victim of Property Rights abuses under native vegetation laws - that is only part of the story.  All Australians need to know the whole story of this comprehensive theft of our rights. Wednesday is my next meeting with Peter King. This follows attending his Chambers Tuesday and Wednesday last week.  Important note. However to hone up my readings and notes of the Judgement and reinforce my strong input on how I believe the Federal Court is in contempt of the High Court Orders  -  I will be spending all day Tuesday with a retired Judge - reviewing every aspect of my findingsand honing them for the High Court Appeal. This will enable me to embellish my contribution to those submissions Wednesday with Peter King. A note re David Evans and Alan Moran I want to acknowledge David Evan’s continued input to our work – he has been continually assisting and clarifying issues of complex science which he is so very well academically qualified to do. We are so fortunate to have David on our side in this most serious struggle. Davids moral support is also so very much appreciated. Alan is so consistent just look at the articles and his submissions to the Quadrant web Magazine are prolific and so helpfull in getting the truth out…..Thank you Alan. Links to his articles -  hereherehere and here. https://d23hjgczzncdts.cloudfront.net/organization-88b564ea-a9a6-4751-910a-a5d800019396-private/programs/a6a367c7-1cf2-4270-ba85-a6d600339454/clips/b27e1038-6724-455c-bcfc-a71900deb65f/published.mp3?sv=2015-04-05&sr=b&si=private&sig=aOQ%2FBUiHVg%2BrAEl%2F25h%2FK68JHzn7SKlh%2BQ0j2t%2Bm1is%3D&se=2017-03-15T13%3A35%3A06Z&rscd=attachment%3B%20filename%3D%22Nights%2520with%2520Miranda%2520Devine%2520Monday%2520February%252013.mp3%22

More BS from the alarmists

ACS Blog is getting sick of all the BS (bad science) posted on-line by the alarmists.

Tony Heller reports (Deplorable Science Blog) on some recent BS from the alarmists under the heading:

Understanding Climate Math

Climate experts tell us that Arctic sea ice extent (which has been increasing for six months and is right about what it always is this time of year) is the lowest in 12,000 years.
From Grist -   (link):
Our planet reached another miserable milestone earlier this week: Sea ice fell to its lowest level since human civilization began more than 12,000 years ago. 
That worrying development is just the latest sign that rising temperatures are inflicting lasting changes on the coldest corners of the globe.
Tony Heller explains:
Apparently the current 14 million km² is less than 0 km² from 6,000 years ago. 
 I prepared a reference chart to help understand this tricky climate math.
Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut
Read more of the Deplorable Science Blog - HERE.