Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Cinderella CO2

Jock Mc Poet

A steam train in a tunnel - that's a clear case of pollution

Air's black as pitch, your nostrils twitch, but what a great solution

Electric trains proved right as rain, the power's from a station

Where chimney flues scrub out all hues of soot particulation.

The only vapours from the site are CO2 and water

When carbon mates with oxygen, they have a lovely daughter

Her beauty though is not for show, her hidden charms unlisted

Like Cinderella pre the ball, soot-faced and ugly-sistered.

There is no doubt a glass of stout is good for our well being

And that there brew needs CO2 to make the cork worth freeing

And soda water isn't short'a carbonated gases

Or do you think that CO2 pollutes our lads and lasses.

The dry ice in your Esky won't contaminate your food

It's CO2 in solid form, its gas will not intrude

Solid CO2 won't melt, it sublimates instead

And doesn't turn to water which would soak your picnic bread.

The great sponge cakes your mother makes need CO2 for lightness

Champagne contains some CO2, to stimulate its brightness

So what about that greenhouse gas, the monster that we fear

It's harmless as that self-same gas that frothifies our beer.

This greenhouse thing has gone too far, the hoax must be exposed

A greenhouse is a building with glass ceilings interposed

Allowing sunlight to come in to power photosynthesis

Where Cinderella has a ball and plants can only win with this.

The heat is trapped, and heat transfer obeys the laws of heat

Conduction is through contact, that's a hot-cold, one-way street

Convection only happens within liquids and with gases

Radiation's wild and free, but slows down in molasses.

Our planet is no greenhouse and for that we've gotta thank it

Its atmosphere is mostly clear and wraps us in a blanket

And H2O it rules you know, in fact it's pretty neat

If you meet an iceberg please respect its latent heat.

The blanket that surrounds us is a blanket in a squillion

The CO2 part's pretty thin, four hundred parts per million

When yarns are stretched as thin as that, it's like a nylon stocking

It's measured by deniers, what it covers up is shocking.

King Coal has brought us from the slums, to fortune and to favour.

The real deniers criticise. King Coal's supporters waver.

But truth will win and then the fraud of taxing carbon users

And trading air to our despair, will join the list of losers.

The fragrance of the sweet fresh rain, the moisture, drops and dew

Owe so much of their sparkle to our friend called CO2.

Jock McPoet April 2011

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Alarmists still gloat over death of Sceptics.

John L Daly
John L. Daly (31 March 1943 – 29 January 2004) was an Australian teacher and self-declared "Greenhouse skeptic." He was known for speaking out publicly against what he called the "Global Warming scare," and authored the book The greenhouse trap: Why the greenhouse effect will not end life on earth, published in 1989 by Bantam Books
Looking at his scientific work today gives an insight into why the people at the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit were so annoyed with Daly’s work and why he was such a thorn in the side of their climate theories and research.  
Daly was a pioneer in the questioning of global warming theory when the rest of the world was taking little interest in the issue. In the year the IPCC was formed under the shelter of the UN (1988), and a year before Margaret Thatcher gave the IPCC her blessing, Daly was writing a scathing book on what he called the myths and politics of the Co2 scare campaign. (Quadrant - John L Daly by John Izzard)

After John's death his website, Still Waiting for Greenhouse was maintained by Jerry Brennan, until 2008.

Cheering News

In the ClimateGate emails, Chief Scientist at CRU, Phil Jones, on learning that Daly was dead emailed;
“… in an odd way this is cheering news”
Graphic; Michael Spencer
Despicable as this was, the scare-mongers, the pushers of the #agwFraud created more despicable events.

Take, for example, the using of a false identity by cartoonist, latterly UQ's John Cook. He, despicably and fraudulently, posed as Czech theoretical physicist LuboŇ° Motl.

And another to use a fraudulent identity was Peter Gleick, who wrote of the Integrity of Science.
With great LACK of INTEGRITY, Gleick posed as a member of Heartland Institute and then disseminated false "Heartland" documents. An amazing lack of integrity.

On his blog in 2012, John O'Sullivan wrote:

Despite his full public admission to be a co-conspirator in criminal activities against the Heartland Institutea charity sympathetic to skeptics, Wikipedia is at pains to hide the fact Peter Gleick yesterday admitted to this felony published here at the Huffington Post  .

Wikipedia, the “free online encyclopedia,” has set about swiftly whitewashing the self-confessed criminal conduct of climatologist, Dr. Peter Gleick. Skeptics will regard such action as further evidence that the website is an organ of man-made global warming propaganda.

This amazing example of "Scientific Integrity," Peter Gleick is at it again.

Bleibart's James Delingpole wrote of Gleick's gloating:

Knowing Coleman, I’m sure he would have been delighted by this response from people whose good opinion he valued so little. 
What he would have especially relished, I suspect, is the arrogance and pomposity and self-delusion of Peter Gleick’s claim to be on the #Science side of the argument. 
That same arrogance, pomposity and self-delusion is evident in this similarly gloating obituary of Coleman in New Republic by one Emily Atkin.
He had a six-decade broadcasting career, including a stint as the first weather forecaster on ABC’s Good Morning America, but late in life became known for his crusade against the truth about global warming.
“His crusade against the truth about global warming”. Say what? Saucer of milk for Ms Atkin! 
Later in the article, Emily gets her kitty claws out on Coleman’s lack of scientific credentials: 
Coleman was a television meteorologist, not a climatologist; he didn’t even hold a degree in meteorology. But conservative publications began to cite him as if he were an authority on climate science.
What? You mean a bit like the way liberals worship the climate science authority of Bill Nye, the ‘degree in Mechanical Engineering’ guy?
Gloat they might! But John Daly was right back in 2004, John Coleman was right during his continuing campaign against the fraud of AGW.

When the late great Bob Carter died, true science denier, Alarmist Graham Readfearn could not find "good stuff" but used the perjotative "Denialist":

Now, it is generally expected that after a person dies, you only stick to writing about the good stuff.  Others argue that failing to point out criticisms ignores those indirectly impacted and could help myths to embed themselves. 
Take, for example, the way Fairfax and The Australian have broken the news of Carter’s death to its readers. 
Both stories state as a matter of fact that Carter was fired from his unpaid adjunct professor role at James Cook University because of his views on climate change.
A University that only is open to one side of a scientific debate is not a true source of learning and an unlearned buffoon like Readfearn calling a scientist - a denier - shows his emptiness.

Meanwhile, despite what the despicables are saying, the one death that SHOULD be gloated over, is the death of the falsified AGW hypothesis, the death finally of the greatest fraud inflicted on mankind,
the death of the man made global warming fraud.