Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Hope for the future with two new groups.

What's this?

This clown (me) said yesterday that he was retiring....... and now he posts another post?

Well, it's a bit like some-one hooked on drugs.....trying to give it up.

I had an interesting comment from some-one who has been a long time commenter on OUR blog, Alan Vaughn.

I don't know Alan from a bar of soap, but his comments over the years have been on mark.

His comment on yesterday's post:
Well this is sad news for me Geoff, yet I can certainly empathize. Describing it as slamming your head against a brick wall doesn't begin to describe frustration we both share, along with countless millions of others (I hope).  
Unfortunately, regardless of how high their IQ scores might be, humans will always be prone to and fall victim to propaganda, especially the relentless hysterical scaremongering this scam has been churning out from its UN HQ over recent years.  
I think you're probably right to give up now. Even the more well known glow-bull warming sceptic's websites are rapidly descending into AGW fraud brainwashed, socialist troll riddled cesspits of scorn and ridicule. 
Frankly I think our crusade is hopeless, but on the bright side, I also think the deluded and gullible, brainwashed believers of the AGW / climate change hoax, who support the UN's humanity loathing socialist agenda, will eventually become the scam's biggest victims. All self inflicted. Viz: Orwell's Animal Farm. 

Kind Regards,Alan

And my reply:

Thank you, Alan. Over the years your comments have always been appreciated. 
There IS hope that my head banging has dented that wall and two new groups announced this week might add a sledge hammer (or at least a feather duster) to continue the wall-whacking... 

The Saltbush Club (http://pickeringpost.com/story/the-saltbush-club/8689)Skilled and Thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal Parliament. 

Advance Australia:GetUp faces conservative challenger Advance Australia (https://www.advanceaustralia.org.au/advisory_council)

ADVANCE AUSTRALIA IS AN INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT, POWERED BY PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU. WE GIVE MAINSTREAM AUSTRALIANS A REAL VOICE – A VOICE TO CREATE REAL CHANGE - A VOICE FOR A FAIR GO.Our mission is simple: to protect, defend and advance mainstream values and freedoms while championing the institutions which strengthen the Australian way of life. 

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  1. Thank you so much Geoff for your honourable mention of me and my commentary (rants), via this special post, which I still hope will not be your last one.
    If you really are "a bit like some-one hooked on drugs.....trying to give it up", you won't. You'll have 'relapses', but unlike a drug addict's relapse, yours will be for positive, useful and constructive reasons.
    I, as you are clearly aware, am also quite hopelessly addicted to exposing this anti-humanity fraud at every opportunity, since losing my livelihood as a direct result of it (Gillard's carbon tax), but really, what happened to me and many of my colleagues only represents the tip of an enormous iceberg. (Yes, pun intended: there are still many of them too, despite the eco-fascists lies and what they want us to believe is happening in the Arctic and Antarctic, through their hysterical and bizarre propaganda).
    If this destructive, industry and livelihood destroying process continues at its current rate, soon everyone will not only be out of a job, they will be living in a totalitarian, socialist governed pre-industrial era dystopia, which was once a beautiful country, where everyone enjoyed the benefits of affordable and reliable electrical energy, which is part & parcel of our great industrialized civilization and of course the individual freedoms that it enables over all social classes.
    These deluded and deranged humanity loathing buffoons just what to destroy it all.
    I'll be honest: I never thought I would say this about anyone, but I HATE those sub-humans intensely. They are trying to perpetrate a major and global scale crime against humanity for NO REASON, other than the fact they have been hoodwinked by a mere handful of greedy, undemocratic, unelected selfish communist bigots, whom they have never met in most cases. Why should anyone like them and what they have planned for humanity's morbid future, for no reason other than to further advance their own greed and lust for power and material wealth?
    Hence my reference in my earlier comment to Orwell's Animal Farm.

    It just totally bewilders me how this utterly ridiculous hoax with its hysterically propagated "scientific" theme - a theme which was chosen by its evil, lying inventors, who relied on the knowledge that the average person is scientifically illiterate, could fool anyone. Nothing more than the old snake-oil salesmen's pitch of using scientific sounding, but meaningless jargon to fool the gullible. I thought (incorrectly), we were beyond that immature phase of our societal development by now...
    Elementary school level general science contradicts their ridiculous CO2 / Greenhouse gas theory, so why on Earth does anyone swallow their communist sponsored green Kool Aide?
    Just mind boggling how supposedly informed, educated and intelligent people in the 21st century can be so damned naive and superstitious.

    It’s the new-age Inquisition, complete with Dominant Narrative, a Malleus Maleficarum (the handbook for an Inquisition), and even persecution of heretics and witches (referred to as 'deniers' in this current, modern day, but even more superstitious climate change Inquisition); thus it also has its Witch-finder Generals, i.e. Bob Brown, SMH writer Elizabeth Farrelly, Al Gore, Gov Jerry Moonbeam Brown, Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’, etc.
    No global warming, but a toxic level of Global insanity.


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