Saturday, 17 November 2018

Brazil on Paris!

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro

At the end of last month, Jair Bolsonaro was voted in as the next president of Brazil. During the campaign Bolsonaro said
he would follow Donald Trump out of the international pact, drawing criticism from the UN’s environment chief (link)
however, Bolsonaro folded after bleatings from the lefty sheeple:
Bolsonaro vowed to follow in U.S. President Donald Trump's footsteps and leave the Paris climate accord, though he recently backpedaled on that stance............. He said the country would stay in the agreement - as long as it did not have to give up jurisdiction of the Brazilian Amazon. The accord makes no mention of this possibility. (link)
There is hope for the side yet. Jair Bolsonaro appointed Ernesto Araújo as Foreign Minister. Brazil's new Foreign Minister
believes climate change is a Marxist tactic to instil fear, stifle the economic growth of western countries, and benefit China. (link)

Incidentally, Bolsonaro wants to move their Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Perhaps Australian's politicians should pay more attention to Brazil. They definitely should pay more attention to their electorates.


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