Monday, 19 November 2018

Blogger's Rest and Recreation Leave

It's Goodbye from me and
(hopefully) Goodbye from him^^^
G'day followers and supporters,

After 15 years fighting the #agwFraud, I have decided to step back and take a break. The constant slamming my head into a brick wall has taken its toll and I need some rest and recreation.

If there are any readers who feel they can contribute by running the Australian Sceptics blog, please let me know - email  info AT

Meanwhile, to help me say "Good Bye" here are Dudley Moore assisted by Peter Cook, T-Bone Walker on guitar, Peter Sellers on snare drum, and the Dudley Moore trio of Chris Karan on Drums and Pete McGurk on Bass

Now its time to say goodbye,
now its time to yield a sigh,
Until we meet again some Sunny day.


  1. Well this is sad news for me Geoff, yet I can certainly empathize. Describing it as slamming your head against a brick wall doesn't begin to describe frustration we both share, along with countless millions of others (I hope).
    Unfortunately, regardless of how high their IQ scores might be, humans will always be prone to and fall victim to propaganda, especially the relentless hysterical scaremongering this scam has been churning out from its UN HQ over recent years.
    I think you're probably right to give up now. Even the more well known glow-bull warming sceptic's websites are rapidly descending into AGW fraud brainwashed, socialist troll riddled cesspits of scorn and ridicule.
    Frankly I think our crusade is hopeless, but on the bright side, I also think the deluded and gullible, brainwashed believers of the AGW / climate change hoax, who support the UN's humanity loathing socialist agenda, will eventually become the scam's biggest victims. All self inflicted. Viz: Orwell's Animal Farm.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you, Alan. Over the years your comments have always been appreciated.

      There IS hope that my head banging has dented that wall and two new groups announced this week might add a sledge hammer (or at least a feather duster) to continue the wall-whacking...

      The Saltbush Club (
      Skilled and Thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven
      benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal

      Advance Australia:
      GetUp faces conservative challenger Advance Australia (

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