Turnbull condemns Australia to higher energy prices

What should have been Malcolm's face after
today's meeting.
What a tradgey!!
Today, in the LNP meeting, Malcolm (Labor/Liberal doesn't matter) Turnbull has traitorously committed our country to more expensive energy and more blackouts.

Greg Brown (no relation) tweeted:
Malcolm Turnbull has declared the national energy guarantee has the support of the Coalition partyroom, setting up the final negotiations with the states.

The Australian has been told the Prime Minister told MPs the NEG had the clear support of the party room after a two-hour internal debate.
Tony Abbott was among the MPs who voiced his opposition to the policy, along with Tony PasinAndrew Hastie and George Christensen.
Today, the LNP government voted against their constituents; we, the people!

Poor Fellow, My Country.


  1. Meanwhile, over on the other side of the Pacific, commonsense prevails under Trump.

  2. About time we (the people) approached these humanity loathing traitors we trusted, thus elected wielding pitch forks and torches.

  3. NEG to me has always been shorthand for NEGATIVE
    and trunbulls dimwit scheme sure fits that descriptor.


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