Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Lauren Southern finds Sydney's No-Go Zone

Anthony Cox

I went to the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern talk at Darling Harbour on the 28th July.

No protestors and a large, no doubt well-paid police and private security presence were in attendance. 

Lauren Southern in Movie Farmlands
We took in the film Farmlands first. This was a bit overwrought even though the subject deserved it but was interesting in that it showed white ghettos and camps developing plus white and black only settlements which were offered as the solution to the racial disharmony in SA.

I was a bit worried because we estimated there were only about 200 people in the large auditorium during the film. After the break however the auditorium filled up and we did a rough count of between 1900 - 2200 people. The audience was mainly young, a few weirdos with antennas sticking out of their collars but predominantly young and very interactive and supporting during the talks. Only one person was removed: a beta male who looked like Justin Beiber was thrown out; he looked very startled but my mate said he had an Antifa scarf around his scrawny neck.

Molyneux kicked off the evening. He was dynamic, one of the best speakers I've seen. He was unscripted and paced the stage during his talk which lasted about an hour. His theme was based on a scathing critique of aboriginal culture, an oxymoron since they lived in bands. For Molyneux aboriginal culture was a dead end based as it was and still is on certainties. It was a culture which was not only barbaric, cruel but also did not tolerate any dissent or questioning which for Molyneux is the hallmark of a great society and why Western society is the best. Molyneux raised an interesting point as to why aboriginal culture was so stagnant: it killed off its best and brightest, those who would have questioned its primitive totemism. Aboriginals did not deviate from the spiritual certainty it was based on and remained dependant on nature. Molyneux was fiercely critical with the reverence for nature which underpins modern leftism and concluded by saying the support by leftism for aboriginal culture was because of those shared qualities of certainly, intolerance and nature.

Molyneux was a hard act to follow but Miss Southern matched him. It is extraordinary that she is only 23. She is poised, intelligent and passionate. Like Molyneux, she is a fierce supporter of Western society and its Christian heritage. She based her talk on multiculturalism and how it is the agent of subverting Western society.

Most readers here will be familiar with the arguments that multiculturalism is not about diversity but division and destroying the host culture and replacing it with other cultures so enclaving and balkanisation occurs within the host society. But to hear such a charismatic figure as Miss Southern espouse these obvious aspects of the mass immigration policies being pursued in so many Western nations was invigorating. She had many examples not least her confrontation with the wallopers in Lakemba. It's interesting that in the auditorium were about a dozen uniformed police who were nodding in agreement during her talk.

Both Molyneux and Miss Southern spoke bluntly about the media and were obvious supporters of Trump. They both spoke about the role the MSM plays in suppressing free speech.

It was a great show with both speakers urging support for Western values and for people to fight back against the elites.

Lauren Southern in Lakemba.
As a footnote, it’s interesting that most of the MSM including the pusillanimous John Laws have been castigating Lauren Southern for trying to go into Lakemba to have a look around. She was stopped because a senior policeman said her presence was likely to cause a breach of the peace. This action by the police seems to have no legal substance as described in the Police powers and Responsibilities Act NSW 2002. It is plain that any breach of peace would not be caused by Miss Southern but would be done by Muslims. This was the case in Melbourne where Miss Southern was charged $67k by Vicpol because Antifa thugs were violent. Here in Lakemba Miss Southern is being punished because Muslims are violent and opposed to free speech.

This youtube video contains Ms Southern's warning from NSW Police (starting at 15:55):

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