Climate Clowns at the Guardian say; "We need to act now or the consequences will be catastrophic!"

The Guardian declares "Climate Change is real." Well, yes. Climate change is real and climate has changed since the beginning of time. But these Climate Clowns at the Guardian don't understand that.

They say:
We need to act now or the consequences will be catastrophic

Gee, we have been hearing those same words for thirty years. On the first Earth day in 1985:
"Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind."  — Harvard biologist George Wald (Earth Day Predictions)
Tony Heller addresses  the long history of climate contradictions and general insanity from the left, and how they are now turning very ugly and dangerous.


  1. Of course the clowns know climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. This is an attempt to run the economy and society into the ground but a thousand cuts. They will blame capitalism for all of it, and finally socialism / authoritarianism will be glady embraced.

    Game over.

    So the sooner the enemy is understood for who he she really is, the better our chance of defeating it.

    1. I've been saying everything you've said there, plus a lot more since becoming a direct victim of this misanthropic scam in 2012. I lost my livelihood - because my coal fired power station employer, could not trade with (the lying and deceitful) PM Gillard's carbon tax added to the MWHr unit price and consequently had no choice but to close down and retrench its entire workforce. (One of 6 similarly affected Australian coal fired power stations that had to close for the same reason, all within 2 years). This is how the UN's apparatchiks are de-industrializing our civilization and taking over by stealth.
      First they convinced the gullible and scientifically illiterate masses that there is a 'problem' with the climate, which people of Western society's Capitalist lifestyles are directly responsible for, then they convinced them that 100% GUARANTEED to FAIL windmills and solar, (incorrectly) referred to as 'renewables', will 'save the planet' from imminent CO2 induced catastrophe, or even apocalypse. As well as doing everything they tell us to do - i.e. where to live, how to live (with no industry, no job, no economy, no home), no hope etc.. And, even how and what to think!
      When if the dumbed-down masses only ignored the MSM's hysterical hyperbole and went outside for a change, with their eyes (and their minds) open: would clearly see that it's all lies - just scary stories about NOTHING. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening, nor even likely to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.
      Anyway, we know otherwise. So to do our complicit and treacherous, elected leaders know that this utterly useless renewables 'technology' (made redundant in centuries past), will in fact guarantee Western civilization's industries to totally collapse. Closely followed by our economy, then by the complete collapse of law and order and morals / religions - EVERYTHING. By then, the helpless masses will be forced to accept the UN based totalitarian Socialist World Government's (NWO) 'help'. They will become totally dependent on their governance and welfare (that both will ensure they remain poor and hopeless for their entire lives)...
      That is, those survivors who don't perish by either freezing to death, starving to death, or from one of the many pandemic level diseases that will be rampant throughout the world due to poor sanitation, over-crowded or non-existent hospitals (devoid of electric power), and health services etc...
      This is the basic outline of the UN's TRUE agenda -namely: Agenda 2030, which is concealed within their CAGW / climate change Trojan Horse. However, to me it isn't hiding it very well, if at all. My own common sense alone tells me what they're hiding from us: their 'master plan for humanity' which those undemocratic, unelected, humanity loathing communist bigots have no right whatsoever to even attempt.
      The Socialist occupied and controlled United Nations URGENTLY needs to be abandoned by all member countries and destroyed.
      The reality of this scam is that we're talking about potentially, the biggest evah holocaust, yet almost everyone just dismisses it as a 'conspiracy theory', when the only true conspiracy theory is their invented HOAX of CAGW or human caused climate change. Yet they all have no problem believing every word of that pseudo-scientific based nonsense propaganda.

      "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see".


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