The Greatest Scam - the religious verve of 'Global Warming'

From: The Australian - BUSINESS 

By: David Rogers, Markets Editor, Sydney & Andrew White, Associate Editor

Generators at five of the six NSW coal-fired power stations were hit by outages heading into the long weekend.

The nation’s energy market operator has warned that Australia “does not have the energy reserves it once had” to lean on in times of need as the power market undergoes an "unprecedented transformation”  
The comment by Australian Energy Market Operator follows NSW losing 3800 megawatts of generation capacity last week, nearly a third of its 12,000MW installed coal generation capacity, raising the threat of blackouts. 
 The outages put the network at full capacity, with peak demand in the state outstripping supply and sparking a surge in spot prices.
This was a “sobering reminder that even outside of the traditional summer peak periods, there is still a need to ensure adequate resources are available to manage the system,” AEMO said on Sunday. 
We know that :

Tomago had to shut down one of its three aluminium potlines for 45 minutes on Tuesday evening and two others for an hour each on Thursday to avoid exposure to energy prices that peaked at $14,200 a megawatt hour on Thursday, according to AEMO. 
It is noted that AGL, the company that bought Liddell (coal-fired) Power Station for  notional price of $1,

previously held an agreement to switch off power to Tomago — the biggest single consumer of electricity in the state. 
Speaking to The Australian, Tomago CEO Matt Howell said:
the production outages at Tomago highlighted the need for sufficient and reliable baseload power in Australia. 
I guess what it does illustrate is how precarious the system is when you start to rely more on weather-dependent renewables rather than conventional thermal baseload,” he said. “Renewables are not enough for energy-intensive industries like aluminium and steel.” 
The Australian notes:

Politicians of all persuasions have created this pathetic outcome on the pretext of CO2 over abundance and the religious verve of 'Global Warming' - the greatest scam since 1901! 
We now have insufficient electricity for our industries and businesses as well as for domestic dwellings, this, on top of a Federal Government charter covenant breach where Australia is 'required' to have fuel stock minimum reserves of 90 days - we have less than 41 days - why? 
Voters should seriously consider suing Federal and State Ministers personally based on dereliction of duty to the Australian people and a breach of sworn oaths to Queen and country!!!!! 


  1. It's unfortunate that most people have no idea of the concept of baseload power. The concept is actually quite simple as the baseload is defined as the minimum power needed to maintain the grid each day. In Australia, this is currently around 18-20GW and occurs in the early hours of the morning before sunrise. The daily peak occurs at around 6-7pm each evening, with a grid demand of around 33GW, meaning we have a maximum peaking generation requirement of around 13-15GW on top of the constant 18-20GW baseload.

    Today, coal can provide 100% of the baseload, with a reliable generation capacity of around 20GW. The maximum generation needed at the evening peak is made up from gas, hydro and whatever wind is available. Solar makes no contribution to the evening peak demand outside of mid-summer, where the contribution is still very small.

    The reason we had the poblem described above is due to simultaneous coal plant outages causing insufficient baseload in the system. This is because the peaking generation sources of hydro, gas and wind, rely on having this baseload minimum generation always available. When wind generation is low or non-existent, all the extra peak demand needs to come from hydro or gas, which means these two systems must be dimensioned to provide 95% of the daily peaking power demand.

    If you look into the future when we shut down most of the coal plants by 2030, we will then move into the new realm of relying on weather dependent variable power to meet our grid needs. To manage the high % of time the RE is unavailable we will apparently use "demand management", which is another term for "forced blackouts" courtesy of the state. It's no wonder Matt Howell is very worried. He's probably already looking at reloaction options or perhaps just closing down and counting his losses.

    As a parting comment, the idea we will build pumped hydro at any credible scale is laughable. These storage systems consume 20% more energy than they provide, meaning they can never repay their huge investement cost, let alone their operating costs. There is no way the private power utilities will embark on these loss making projects and cash strapped state and federal government has no capacity or apetite to spend another 100+ billion dollars. Noting, battery storage is not for grid backup, but only for frequency control, needed bu the utilities to add more subsidy raising RE , so we will be completely relient on the weather to maintain electricity supply once this dirty deed is completed.

    So, forget cyclones, storms and floods, the new headlines of tomorrow will be "Nation destroyed by large stationary high pressure system". Of course the rest of the world will just laugh.


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