Friday, 8 June 2018

Bureau of Meteorology admits FAILURE

BOM tells why they got the winter forecast so wrong

"What the issue is, is the system we use to forecast does not do a great job when we get a change of season,"(BoM forecaster Dave Crock )  said.

Really? What a Crock!!!

Gee, a change of season? Doesn't that happen at least four times per year?

And how wrong were they?

Their forecast was six degrees warmer than what the Mackay region shivered through...
Official predictions for Friday, June 1 showed that temps in Mackay wouldn't dip below 11, but early risers shivered through morning temperatures of 5.5 degrees at 4am while at 7am the Airport registered a 'feels like' temperature of 3.1 degrees. 
Gee, they can't get the temperature correct a few days in advance or recording day-today data, but these are the people who, bowing to the #agwFraud, have been manipulating old data to heighten the global warming scare:

Scientist Jennifer Marohasy and amateur meteorologist Lance Pidgeon at the
Goulburn airport weather station that recorded minus 10.4C on July 2.
Picture: Jane Dempster
The bureau’s chief executive, Andrew Johnson, has called for an urgent review and the immediate replacement of recording equipment at a number of undisclosed sites. The action was outlined in a letter to federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg and follows weeks of turmoil over why data showing minus 10.4ºC readings at Goulburn and Thredbo went missing. (link)
Should there be an Australian Royal Commission into the Fraud of Man-made Climate Change?

Yes, Of course.

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