Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Avengers: Infinity Wars: a great critique of Paul Ehrlich and the final solution proposed by Greens and Alarmists

Movie Review: Anthony Cox

The grim chap above is Thanos one of the nastier villains in the Marvel Universe and the anti-hero of the latest marvel movie blockbuster. Thanos has a plan to restore environmental balance to the universe: kill half of all the people who are alive and that will ease the pressure on nature and allow the rest of the people to live in bucolic bliss. The method of the killing will be random and of course Thanos is exempt from the culling.

This is not a new idea. I discussed it previously in another review of the movie Kingsman where another super-powerful (or at least super-rich) loon, Valentine, tried to enact a similar plan on Earth. Thanos wants to take it further and apply the principle to the whole universe.

Back in the real world there are plenty of people like Thanos and Valentine. Paul Ehrlich is the author of The Population Bomb and notorious for making a bet with Julian Simon about the imminent shortage of crucial metals and resources. Ehrlich lost and would not make another bet. To this extent Ehrlich belongs firmly in the same camp as the peak oilers who have predicted a world shortage of oil, another failed prediction.
Predictions are stock in trade for people like Ehrlich and global warming alarmists (Ehrlich is an alarmist, no surprise there). None of these predictions about the world ending due to global warming have eventuated and the alarmists are left with manipulation of temperature records and hysterical further predictions.

Ehrlich’s view about population draws heavily on the studies done by a legitimate scientist, Malthus. Thomas Malthus was an 18thC environmental scientist who formed the view that population growth will always outstrip food production. Malthus was wrong as modern agronomists like the great Norman Borlaug and modern agricultural techniques showed

Norman Borlaug

If Ehrlich and his ilk just stayed in their university office and didn’t bother the rest of us they would not be a problem. Unfortunately, Ehrlich has influenced politicians and policy at the highest levels. One of Ehrlich’s associates was science advisor to president Obama, John Holdren. Both Ehrlich and Holdren think there are too many people on Earth; they both think too many people will exacerbate AGW and that natural retribution will be as bad as Malthus predicted.

In their 1977 book, Ecoscience, Holdren and Ehrlich advocated forced abortions and community sterilisation. They also supported a world superagency for control of population and the environment. This idea has underpinned the United Nations approach to AGW and was central to the Copenhagen process with the Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC] solution to AGW based on the UN having governmental status and powers. All the subsequent IPCC gatherings such as Paris support this idea.

Population control and reduction is a view shared by other leading AGW supporters. In Australia Clive Hamilton and Glenn Albrecht advocate drastic reductions in population. Albrecht, a former Newcastle academic now based in Western Australia, thinks that the true sustainable population of Australia should be no more than the Indigenous population which existed before European settlement occurred. Other leading green commentators like Keith Farnish and Finnish philosopher Pentti Linkola also see humanity as a threat to nature, and again their solution is for the population to be severely reduced to a few million living in a non-technological primitive state.

What alarmists and doomists like Ehrlich don’t appreciate is that prosperity is the antidote to population increase; and a stable democratic society. People who live in a free and open society with the government on their side generally don’t have large families to look after them in their old age because they know what they earn won’t be taken off them and there will be safety nets.

Population increase occurs through religion and poverty. The alarmists like Ehrlich through their advocacy actually increase social poverty by encouraging failed energy sources like renewables. They also say nothing about insidious religions like Islam and generally oppose agricultural innovation and technology. In short they actually work to produce the very thing they are afraid of by opposing real  progress.

Alarmists are also hypocrites. Thanos says he only wants to kill half the people. In fact he wants to kill everyone. The misanthropy of alarmists knows no bounds. Typical alarmist commentators at places like the ABC hate humanity and express delight at the prospect of the extinction of the human race. Consider these comments made by alarmists:
The human race behaves like a parasite on the earth, but in the end the earth will win. After we are long gone it will correct itself and revert back to its pristine state. The humane race lived in harmony with the environment, for thousands of years, like a benign cancer, but over the last few centuries we have mutated into a full blown aggressive cancer gobbling up the earths resources at an ever increasing rate and causing massive degradation to the environment.

And the sooner the human race departs this poor planet for good, the better off it and all non-human inhabitants will be.

There's a lot of solace in knowing the Earth still has more years ahead of it than behind. Plenty of time for evolution to re-work its wonders - without humans around to muck the whole thing up again. (Just hope all the chimps get wiped out, too - they're no better than us)

This is sick. And it is sick that this mindset has infiltrated policy through-out the world. There are many people who want to exterminate the rest of us. They hide behind noble causes and actions. They are merely deranged. Look at the 2 photos above, Thanos and Borlaug. Who would you prefer? Let’s hope the remaining Avengers get their act together in part 2 of Avengers Infinity Wars and rid the Universe of the terrible Thanos. And let’s hope the world wakes up and gets rid of alarmism and the influence of ratbags like Ehrlich.


  1. From:- https://citizenjournalisthove.wordpress.com/

    Having just seen this "Avengers" film I thought exactly the same thing as Geoff Brown.
    I'd like to add to his comment the statement from Attenborough "Humans are a plague" made in 2013 on Radio 4.

    (see:- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/earthnews/9815862/Humans-are-plague-on-Earth-Attenborough.html)

    I regard that statement as so sick as to be deeply worrying. What kind of person could think of every living human they they were a plague?

    To say of all of humanity that it is a plague is to say that Black people AND Gays AND Jews AND Women are a plague.

    The statement is Racist AND Homophobic AND Anti-Semitic AND Misogynist all in one go, and yet no one is allowed to challenge it.

    He's not just sick and twisted he is a liar as is evidenced by
    "BBC withdraws Human Planet series after whale hunt scenes exposed as more fakery "

    Another recent film in a similar vein is Downsizing (2017) with Matt Damon, where people shrink themselves down to Tom Thumb stature to reduce their impact on the world and the end scene just takes it for granted that there is going to be a ecological apocalypse.

    The environmental movement is far more nazi than the nazis ever were.And far more powerful.

    1. "The statement is Racist AND Homophobic AND Anti-Semitic AND Misogynist all in one go, and yet no one is allowed to challenge it."
      You can say all that in one word: misanthropic It means HATRED of humanity.
      I.e. the entire UN IPCC invented glow-bull warming or climate change hoax is a huge misanthropic scam.

  2. Avengers Infinity War Review IMDB. Suffering hype fatigue, over a year of industry talk about this movie in pre release. It takes away from viewing the movie. In the end it's just more of the same computer generated over the top smash and bash that appeals to 12 year olds or those that are stuck at that age. The first avengers was original. But now what Hollywood movie makers due best, take an original movie concept to cash in until death in franchising occurs. Click avengers infinity war full movie watch movie free on zmovies now. Sorry about raining on your Hollywood comic book Heroes block borer. But the only hero I can see is someone to say enough comic book sequels. They've become boring and predictable recycles. I spent more time thinking about how uncomfortable the theater seat was than being interested in the things blowing up in the movie. Seems Hollywood is addicted to CGI for making movies that shouldn't be made. If they keep going this way they could probably try selling a film of things just blowing up, no story, plot or actors acting just things blowing up.

    1. "Sorry about raining on your Hollywood comic book Heroes block borer."

      Your comment is OT... Obviously, you didn't read one word of the above post.
      Yet I concur that what you've said about the childish 3D video game morphed into a movie Avengers: Infinity Wars and the (too) many others like it, is right on target and hit the bulls-eye!

    2. The point is there are signs Hollywood, typically a den of lefties and alarmists, is developing a sceptical POV.


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