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STATE OF THE CLIMATE 2017 - Ole Humlum

In a report by Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography, University of Oslo, Norway - Ole Humlum, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (Link pdf) - his findings included:

Air temperatures

Many Arctic regions experienced record high temperatures in 2016, but in 2017 conditions were generally cooler. The Arctic temperature peak in 2016 may have been affected by ocean heat released from the Pacific Ocean during the 2015–16 El Niño and subsequently transported to the Arctic region.

Sea ice

 Both variations had simultaneous minima in 2016, with consequences for the global sea ice extent. A trend in the opposite direction, towards higher ice extent at both poles, appears to have begun during 2017, as was predicted in ‘State of the Climate 2016’.

Snow cover

Considering seasonal changes since 1979, the Northern Hemisphere snow cover autumn extent is slightly increasing, the mid-winter extent is approximately stable, and the spring extent is slightly decreasing. In 2017, the Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent was somewhat higher than in 2016 2016, especially during winter, spring and summer.

Global monthly lower troposphere air temperature since 1979 

Global monthly average lower troposphere temperatures since 1979, representing conditions at about 2 km altitude:
(a) UAH, (b) RSS. The thick lines are the simple running 37-month averages,
approximately corresponding to a running three -year average.
Both satellite records for the lower troposphere temperature clearly show the temperature spike associated with the 2015–16 El Niño, and the subsequent drop towards the level characterising the period before (Figure 3). Comparison of the latest (December 2017) record and the May 2015 record (red) shows that only a few small adjustments have been made to the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) series, while the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) series was recently subject to a large adjustment towards higher temperatures from 2002 onwards; about +0.1ºC. This adjustment was introduced in 2017.

Read More: STATE OF THE CLIMATE 2017 -  Ole Humlum

A warning from the Past.

Part of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961) (link)

“The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded. “Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.  

“It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system – ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society. — President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961 

SCIENCE advances fastest when data and conclusions are shared as quickly as possible. Yet it is common practice for medical researchers to hoard results for months or years (link)

(Editor) It is also common practice for #CAGW #Alarmists to secrete their data.

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Energy & Environmental News - 26/3/18

AWED Friends:
This is a special edition of our Newsletter, to pass on some pressing information.

The accuracy of computer models is critical to the entire climate change issue (and thus renewable energy). Two very good videos have been just released that tackle this complex matter: 1) a 4± minute video in the style of PragerU releases, and 2) a 20± minute film designed for a deeper understanding. (BTW, I have the contact info for both filmmakers, so if you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know and I’ll pass them on.)

Since Russian collusion is a hot topic, I put together an overview document about how the Russians (and Chinese) have an almost identical energy agenda, as do the leaders of some mainstream environmental organizations. Please also note that this Newsletter has several recent articles about Russian interference (see below).

North Carolina has been ground zero for the environmentalist war on fossil fuels. Currently the battle is about offshore gas and oil exploration. To put some balance into this issue, here is a Position Paper that looks at all of the expressed concerns. It’s a living document so periodically check it for updates.

I also did an update of my article Twenty-One Bad Things About Wind Energy, which has become the most-viewed post on the very popular Master Resource.

I just updated the list of sample NYS towns, comparing each of their local wind ordinances. No matter where you live, if you are dealing with wind energy, this information should be of interest to you.

Lastly, ABC (American Bird Conservancy — one of the more reasonable environmental organizations) is hiring a person to deal with wind energy. Here is the position in case you know someone who would be interested.

Some recent articles on Russians and energy policies:

John Droz, jr.
physicist & citizen advocate

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PPS: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Alarmist Greens are wrong on global warming again

This blog has constantly reported that a VOTE for the Greens is a VOTE against Australia. If you look at the Greens' policies you can see that they are anti Australian sovereignty, promoting world government.

Andrew Bolt has exposed the fact that theGREENS are vultures (again) with a column:

Alarmist Greens are wrong on global warming again

THE Greens are vultures. They flap in to feed off every natural disaster, screeching: “Global warming!” They’ve done it again with the fires in NSW and Victoria and the cyclone that hit Darwin. 
With the fires at Tathra still burning, Greens leader Richard di Natale on Monday accused the Turnbull government of doing “everything it can to slow this country’s transition to renewable energy”. Australians were “bearing the brunt of their failure”, he claimed. “In the last few days we’ve seen bushfires savage Tathra, Bega and South West Victoria. We’ve seen a cyclone hit Darwin.”Di Natale made three points there — each one false. How typical. 
First, a cyclone hitting Darwin is not a sign of warming. Even the Bureau of Meteorology admits its warming models actually “project fewer tropical cyclones in the Australia region in the future”. Get that? Global warming means fewer cyclones, not more. Indeed, the BoM reports a steady fall in the number of cyclones here over the past 30 years — and fewer severe cyclones, too. With the fires at Tathra still burning, Greens leader Richard di Natale on Monday accused the Turnbull government of doing ‘everything it can to slow this country’s transition to renewable energy’.  
Secondly, Di Natale is also wrong about the fires. True, Tathra residents lost 69 homes. Thank heavens no one was killed. But in the past century we’ve had many worse fires, making these far from unusual or evidence of a more dangerous climate. In 1939, for instance, the Black Friday fires killed 75 people and the heatwave that summer was so extreme — reaching 47.8 degrees in Sydney — that more than 400 other Australians also died. Never since has Sydney been that hot, despite all the Greens’ talk of global warming. 
Di Natale’s third point is even madder — that these fires and the cyclone are the price we pay for the government’s bad global warming policies. In fact, nothing Australia could do would make any measurable difference to temperatures. We’re just too small, making up only 1.3 per cent of the world’s emissions. 
What’s more, satellite data shows the world’s temperature last month was just 0.2 degrees above the average for the past 30 years. 
What tiny part of that tiny warming (some of it natural) could we have changed by cutting our emissions even more? And what difference would that have made to the fires? So Di Natale is either a liar or a fool, in my opinion. If the Greens were genuinely interested in what fed these fires, they’d ask what some locals are asking — whether authorities were too green to do proper hazard reduction burns.  Now, if the Greens were genuinely interested in what fed these fires, they’d ask what some locals are asking — whether authorities were too green to do proper hazard reduction burns. 
Or they’d ask why the Bega Valley Shire Council has a 30-page document outlining its rules and regulations against clearing trees. Or they’d ask why the Rural Fire Service initially turned down offers of help from the urban-based Fire and Rescue NSW. 
But no, the Greens are too eager to beat up their warming scare to ask such practical questions. And they’ve done that for years. They’re always the vultures when there’s death and destruction. 
Ten years ago, when we had a drought, then Greens leader Bob Brown blamed global warming, claiming he had “data indicating that drought was the new norm across Australia’s greatest food bowl” — the Murray Darling basin. Indeed, he said in 2006 we faced there “the spectre of permanent drought””. When the rains instead returned and floods hit Brisbane in 2011, Brown didn’t miss a beat. This, too, he claimed, was global warming at work and coal companies should pay for the flood damage they’d caused.
What a phony. Once again, those Brisbane floods were far from the worst to hit the city. In 2013, Greens leader Christine Milne blamed global warming for the floods of Cyclone Yasi, as well as for the dry that fed the later fires in NSW. 
There had been a higher flood in 1974 and an even higher one in 1841 — 150 years before the Greens got their global warming religion. It’s as if the Greens have no memory at all of the floods and droughts and fires Australia has endured for centuries. Every disaster for them is the first and worst and sign of a climate in chaos.
And so in 2013 Greens leader Christine Milne blamed global warming for the floods of Cyclone Yasi, as well as for the dry that fed the later fires in NSW.
Greens MP Adam Bandt last year likewise blamed global warming for Cyclone Debbie and accused the Turnbull government of not doing enough “to stop cyclones becoming more violent”. Yet just the year before — 2016 — Australia for the first time recorded not one severe cyclone. If that’s global warming, then good.

The Green vultures have feasted too long on our disasters.
Drive out these scavengers.

Overheated: How Flawed Analyses Overestimate the Costs of Climate Change

Oren Cass
A report by Oren Cass for Manhatten Institute:


Prominent recent studies that forecast the cost of human-caused climate change rely on statistical analyses of the effects of temperature variation. These correlation-based, temperature-impact studies start with present-day relationships between temperatures and outcomes such as mortality or economic growth. They extrapolate from those relationships a proportionally larger response to long-term projected climate warming and assign dollar values to the very large impacts that appear to emerge. 
This paper examines a set of such studies that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Government Accountability Office have used to estimate the costs of human-caused climate change for the U.S. by the end of the 21st century. The costs include deaths from extreme heat, lost hours of work from extreme heat, and deaths from heat-caused air pollution. The paper also examines another study, published in Nature, that projects the effect of human-caused climate change on global economic production.

Oren Cass is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. 

More From Oren Cass in this YouTube presentation:

Sea level rise grossly overstated by sloppy science

Fig. 6: Plot of the Nino3,4  index since 1980.
Currently it is showing a moderate La Nina. Source here.
As reported by Pierre Gosselin (link)

German scientists Dr. Sebastian Lüning (geology) and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (chemistry) say recent sea level rise paper is “alarmist” and based on sloppy, “faulty” science
By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
(Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

In mid February a frightening report made the rounds through the mainstream media, and also the German evening news Tagesschau warned: Sea level is not rising linearly, but rather exponentially and thus we should expect a sea level rise of 65 cm by the end of the century! At linear sea level rise rate at today’s 3 mm/year, 25 cm would be only manageable.  So what’s behind the story? 
The urgent report is traced back to a study led by Robert S. Nerem of the University of Colorado in Boulder. In it the authors should have adequately filtered out the ENSO sea level fluctuations. An El Nino results in much greater rainfall in the East Pacific, which leads to a temporary rise in global sea level. Vice versa, a La Nina results in much rain falling on land (especially Australia) where it is temporarily stored and so leads to less water in the ocean, and this is clearly detectable globally.
A total false alarm
The conclusion is clear: a faulty paper that bordered on alarmism ended up making its way into the German evening news. 
Findings on the temperature trend-dampening factors such as the AMO and the PDO don’t even get mentioned in our science media. This is how politics gets done using science selection. We will see over the coming years exactly how things develop. Both major ocean indices are pointing negative and the solar activity is below normal, which are major counter-warming factors. 
Read more at NoTricksZone. 

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Green Swamp is Draining from the White House

Opinion: Bob Brock

James Delingpole wrote this on Breibart:

Delingpole: Slowly, the Green Swamp is Draining from the White House…

Bob Brock replied:

Delingpole’s comment in the article should be echoed again and again by Australia’s political commentators because it shines a light on our energy policies:

“That’s because, apart from being a Democrat, Cohn – as former COO of Goldman Sachs – is a Vampire Squid man through and through. 
Goldman Sachs, like most of the financial sector, is aggressively pro-climate change action.”

Why do I say this? As has been pointed out previously:
  • ·       First, Malcolm Turnbull has always supported “putting a price on carbon” which is the real consequence of his long standing support for renewable, green energy.
  • ·       Second, Tony Abbott was Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest opponent against his Climate Change policies but on 14 September 2015, Turnbull challenged Abbott, ousted him and was sworn in as Prime Minister the following day.
  • ·       Third, the Australian Government under Turnbull’s leadership agreed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) a few weeks later at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris (30 November to 12 December 2015).
  • ·       Fourth, Malcolm Turnbull assembled his loyal team of Finkel, Frydenberg and Zibelman to manage his Climate Change policies.
  • ·       Fifth, well before all this was happening, “… in 2009 Goldman Sachs announced it would spend $150 billion on green energy by 2020.”Malcolm Turnbull had close ties with Goldman Sachs: he was managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia (1997–2001) and a partner with Goldman Sachs and Co (1998–2001). See:

Just coincidence that Malcolm Turnbull supports renewable energy? Nothing happens by chance.

What I haven’t figured out yet is why Turnbull has such influence over other members of his government.

Bob Brock

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

"Kill Climate Deniers;" The stupidly titled play is back

Source: Griffin Theatre.

Kill Climate Deniers

What a stupid thing to call a play! Who, in their right mind would deny climate?

What is climate?

Encyclopedia Britannica defines climate:
conditions of the atmosphere at a particular location over a long period of time; it is the long-term summation of the atmospheric elements (and their variations) that, over short time periods, constitute weather. These elements are solar radiationtemperaturehumidityprecipitation (type, frequency, and amount), atmospheric pressure, and wind (speed and direction).
OK, so I repeat:  Who, in their right mind would deny climate?

Meanwhile, we reported on a previous performance of this stupidly entitled work (LINK HERE)  and pointed out that
According to Section 31 of the Crimes Act
(1) A person who intentionally or recklessly, and knowing its contents, sends or delivers, or directly or indirectly causes to be received, any document threatening to kill or inflict bodily harm on any person is liable to imprisonment for 10 years.  
The title of the theatre work - Kill Climate Deniers - could be considered an incitement to commit the crime of murder.

The Play's Plot:
 “As a classic rock band take the stage in Parliament House’s main hall, 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the entire government hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. (link)

Will the Powers that be prosecute the pushers of this work who ignore the Australian Crimes Act?

What has happened since the ACT Government supported Killing Climate Deniers?

Well, the AGW Fraud continues to crumble, the Alarmists are being exposed for their manipulation of data and the Paris Climate accord is crumbling.


AND - how does the image above differ from the image of George Christsensen (below) which was reported to police?

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Four Corners: the ABC costing Australia again!

Anthony Cox


The episode of 4 Corners screened on the 5th March 2018 is a litany of alarmism clichés, lies and exaggerations. The width of community involvement in alarmism shown in the episode demonstrates why Australia is heading for an economic brick wall. The disease of believing in alarmism has now infected business, farming, APRA and the Reserve Bank.

The show begins with the usual horror images of fires, waves crashing, winds blowing as though the world was ending. In the also usual sonorous voice-over we hear that Penrith recently had the hottest temperature ever recorded in Sydney a few weeks ago. This is a lie. As soon as this was announced by the BoM a quick retraction followed with the BoM admitting the temperature at Penrith of 47.3 was in fact nowhere near the temperature of 47.8 at Richmond, a few kilometres down the road back in 1939. Four Corners did not mention this retraction, nor did it mention the Penrith “record” was only for a second as Jo Nova notes:

Penrith uses one of the new AWS which record 1 second temperatures. International protocol requires at least 1 minute, preferably 5 minute intervals to measure temperature to prevent false readings due to non-climatic factors. From the graph of the Penrith temperature it is plain the 47.3 reading was an outlier due, maybe, to something other than the heat.

Four Corners then introduces its resident scientific talking head, Karl Braganza from the BoM. Braganza wastes no time in saying things are going to get worse, temperature, storms, the lot. Braganza is amazing. Here he is back in 2016 claiming storms will decrease, albeit become more powerful in the future. That claim about storms becoming worse, albeit less frequent, is thoroughly rebutted here. In fact, all extreme weather is reducing: droughts, storms, rainfall, as even the IPCC and other prominent alarmists like Professor Muller concede.

Four Corners get their little pink hands dirty when they next interview a couple of farmers, David Bruer, a paid up member of the Greens and Ross Brown, a former sceptic. Both parrot IPCC temperature predictions of at least 2C increase some-time in the future. This is wrong, the poor guys are misguided and have been conned. The global temperature is a mess with none of the ground and satellite records agreeing with each other. But naturally alarmists and the ABC pick on the hottest of all the temperature records, NASA-GISS:

Let’s be clear here. No sceptic denies temperature has not risen. The argument is about the cause. For alarmists, it’s all mankind’s fault, nature had nothing to do with it. This is stupid. Many new papers clearly show a strong correlation between the Solar output, TSI, and temperature.

Four Corners, after their detour into folksy farm-land, then get serious and present the big end of town. APRA and the Reserve Bank are shown warning about the need for corporations to in turn warn their clients about alarmism or run the risk of being sued. This is grotesque. APRA has no business advocating alarmism. Phillip Lowe, the RB governor, is strongly green. He was mentored by Paul Krugman one of the great alarmism loons. So it is no surprise that Lowe was shown advocating business take on board preparation for climate change. That’s worked really well for Australia, South Australia in particular, in respect of electricity supply and costs.

Four Corners then moved on to an assortment of lawyers, spivs and activists who worked over the usual rubbish about rising sea levels which are simply not occurring around Australia as Phil Watson’s famous study showed.

The final attempt by Four Corners to legitimise the people’s revolt against politicians’ inaction about climate change was the insurance industry. The insurance industry is well known for its support of the little folk (sarc) and even a cursory glance at how insurance has profited from alarmism, which FourCorners obviously did not do, would show insurance offers no proof of alarmism.

In 2017, the world’s biggest reinsurer Munich Re, released its report which showed storms and extreme weather had declined while annualised losses had also declined. This is consistent with ACE cyclone trends and the IPCC own publications: 
This dreadful program wrapped up with scary images of the 2009, Black Saturday fires in Victoria. 
These fires killed 173 people. They were exacerbated by the green’s policies preventing back-burning and were not hotter than the Black Friday fires in 1939. Naturally Four Corners did not mention this. 

The ABC is a disgrace.