Do Alarmist MSM lie?

Two MSM Items:


According to CNN, scientists say a huge part of Antarctica is melting.

Oh dear! What will we do?

Why not move Climate Refugees to melting Antarctica.

Climate change will force refugees to move to Antarctica by 2030, researchers have predicted.
Among future scenarios are the Olympics being held in cyberspace and central Australia being abandoned, according to the think tank report. (Tell 'em they're dreamin', son!)

Forum for the Future, a research body committed to sustainable development, said they wanted to stir debate about how to avert the worst effects of global warming by presenting a radical set of 'possible futures'. (Telegraph - LINK)

But........How is Antarctica Melting?

As Tony Heller (Deplorable Science Blog) points out, virtually the whole continent is below freezing.
How then could scientists say: "....
a huge part of Antarctica is melting."