Blow, blow, thou winter wind

Polite Mockery by IPE's
Des Moore

Climate bard floweth

Blow, blow, thou winter wind perchance yon Hamlet envision the cause of dangerous global warming for it resides in thy breath so rude that a climate study finds the undiscovered country at whose sight awakes an everlasting judge.

The Climate Study Group advertisement (part), 19/1

Soft you now perchance to dream that this perceives the experience of early years when the judge delivered the adage of freeze, freeze and pass ye to sleep no more (The Climate Study Group advertisement, 19/1 see above). Or behold the ease with which our many beliefs of years to come will bring good fortune if we restrain the breath of what we use to live.

But why, you ask, should our clever modelling not provide us with everlasting sun and moon? And put no limits on the breath we use. Perchance the answer is that such free emissions will cause the judge to heat beyond the norm. Or do the witches of Macbeth simply frighten our judge beyond his control? Me thinks he plays with much ado about nothing and should recognise the beneficial effects of natural influences since Shakespeare wrote.
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Des Moore, when not channeling Shakespeare, is a former Deputy Secretary of the Federal Treasury and is the Chairman of the Institute of Private Enterprise,