Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Plea for help: US Virgin Islands re Hurricane Irma

Regularly, this blog re-posts Energy & Environmental Newsletters from John Droz's Alliance for Wise Energy (AWED).

John has sent out a plea re Hurricane Irma's effect on the US Virgin Islands.

Here is John Droz Jr's plea.

We don’t ordinarily reach out to people asking for donations, but there is an extraordinary tragedy going on right now, that has been largely unreported. 

Almost all the news about Hurricane Irma has been about its effects on Florida. 

But what about the US Virgin Islands (US Territory) that were blasted with 200MPH wind gusts, as well astornadoes?  

What happened to the good people on St John and St Thomas was ten times worse than anything on the mainland.  

Here is a sample story, and another. This article says it all: “Everything Gone." 

Here is a sample worthy Virgin Islands charity to donate to, and another. 

Thank you for your donations and prayers to these ravaged people: 
— all US citizens. 

John & Elaine Droz
Morehead City, NC
Brantingham Lake, NY
(Puerto Rico was hit hard, but it has nowhere near the devastation of USVI.)

As John says:

Thank you for your donations and prayers to these ravaged people — all US citizens.
and citizens of the World.

While you are thinking about it, here is some thinking music from Sonny Rollins -

St. Thomas

Tenor Sax : Sonny Rollins
Piano : Kenny Drew
Bass : Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen
Drums : Albert "Tootie" Heath