Friday, 25 August 2017

CO2 and Pollution

Of the alarmist's position on CO2, an astrophysicist friend of mine recently wrote:

For me, the greater annoyance is their repeated reference to carbon dioxide as "pollution."  That shows how uneducated and corrupt they really are.  
  • Since every living creature exhales carbon dioxide, it can hardly be pollution.  
  • Since carbon dioxide is obviously non-toxic, it can hardly be pollution.  
  • And since we are all carbon creatures who derive our existence from atmospheric carbon dioxide, it is especially absurd to call carbon dioxide "pollution."
In a recent book CLIMATE CHANGE: The Facts 2017 published by Australia's Institute of Public Affairs edited by Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, Dr. Craig D Idso wrote

Perhaps the best known consequence of enriching the air wih CO2 is that planned productivity is this stimulated. This growth enhancement occurs because, at a fundamental level, CO2 is the basis of almost all life on Earth. It is the primary raw material used by plants during the process of photosynthesis to produce the organic matter out of which they construct their tissues. Consequently, literally thousands of laboratory and field experiments conducted over the past several decades have demonstrated that the more CO2 there is in the air, the better plants will grow (Idso et al 2014.)
Source: Jo Nova: The 800 year lag.
We saw in Al Gore's first SciFi film the longterm graphs documenting CO2 and temperature and his facetious remark about the graphs going together.

What he implied was that CO2 was causing changes in temperature. Although he referred to the graphs going together, Al had deceptively separated the graphs. He knew if he put them on the same axis (see above), it would be obvious that temperature led the changes in CO2.

So we can see that, in the long history of the Vostok Ice Cores, above rise in temperature precedes rise in CO2 with a lag of ~800years.

In recent times, the same is true. As reported in New Scientist:

Climate myths: The cooling after 1940 shows  
CO2 does not cause warming
After rising rapidly during the first part of the 20th century, global average temperatures did cool by about 0.2ºC 
after 1940 and remained low until 1970, after which they began to climb again. 
From Professor Ole Humlum's Climate4You,  the above graph, plotting data from Mauna Loa and

temperature data from HadCRUT 4 and the lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature.

Another blow against the alarmists' great global warming fraud.

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