Monday, 24 July 2017

The Man-made Global Warming fraud crumbles.

So much is happening to show that the Alarmists are losing the arguments. Here are a few recent events.

Japan, China, and South Korea violate Paris agreement by funding coal in Indonesia 
Paul Homewood points out that Japan, China, and South Korea are bankrolling "environmentally destructive" coal-fired power plants in Indonesia despite their pledges to reduce climate-changing emissions under the Paris climate deal.
The next generation will have to pay a $535 trillion bill to tackle climate change, relying on unproven and speculative technology.
LONDON, 19 July, 2017 – One of the world’s most famous climate scientists has just calculated the financial burden that tomorrow’s young citizens will face to keep the globe at a habitable temperature and contain global warming and climate change – a $535 trillion bill.
And much of that will go on expensive technologies engineered to suck 1,000 billion metric tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the air by the year 2100.Of course, if humans started to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% a year right now, the end of the century challenge would be to take 150 billion tonnes from the atmosphere, and most of this could be achieved simply by better forest and agricultural management, according to a new study in the journal Earth System Dynamics.
The NEXT generation has been exposed to propaganda and lies throughout their schooling and, in the long run according to this paper from the alarmists, will have to pay a $535 trillion bill to tackle the fraud of man-made global warming.