Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sharia Law analysed

Islam: Sharia Law analysed: comment by ‘Liberty’ in the Australian 12/5/2017 
Sharia is taking hold because people do not understand it and the far left or post-modern globalist mainstream media either support it or oppose it as The Australian purports to do (but often censors any attempt to educate the general public so that they can effectively resist it). Will they censor this? Do they wish to resist sharia or assist it? We will see.  
Islam knows no separation of religion and State. Islam as a religion is merely observance of Islam’s ‘five pillars’ - prayer (salat), pilgrimage (haj), almsgiving (zakat), fasting (sawm) and belief in one God (Allah) and that Muhammad was his last and most perfect (al insan, al kamil) prophet and (shahada, tawheed). But under Islam, all people, all Muslims and all Governments, must comply with sharia law (that covers all aspects of private, public and political life). This is because Islam claims to be the perfect word of the world’s one and only true God - Allahu Akbar (supremacist). For that reason, under Islamic or sharia law, all non-Muslims are born Muslim but have wilfully or through ignorance (jahillyayya, kufar) ignored or corrupted the word of Allah (fatiah) thus incurring his wrath and inviting war and punishment as unclean kafirs or infidels until they revert to Islam (imperialist, totalitarian). Fact.
Sharia law is theocratic. It is made by Allah and Muhammad (Quran; and Hadith or Sunnah - the sayings, ways and deeds of Muhammad whose conduct is normative and mandatory (Q 5:10; 33:21; 47:33 - uswa hasana). It claims to be perfect, universal and unchangeable. To say otherwise is apostasy (grave sin - shirk - Q 4:50), bidah (impermissible innovation) or blasphemy under sharia - punishable by death. Fact. Sharia is made, interpreted and applied by religious authorities (Ayatollahs, Ulema, fatwas, etc.).
By contrast, Australian law, and our legal and political system is democratic. It is based on popular sovereignty where our secular law (not mandated by Christianity or any other religion) is changeable by peoples’ Parliaments or constitutional referenda. A core principle of Australian law is the ‘separation of powers’ between Church and State. Religious or Canon law is not supreme. Sharia law is therefore fundamentally incompatible with Western human rights law and Western democracy. The European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber said so in the case of Refah Partisi v Turkey 2003.
The Muslim ummah is divided into a majority that isqoran sharia compliant and a reformist minority that renounce sharia law for democracy - technically apostates. Fact. Therefore, only reformist Muslims can abide by their citizenship pledge that requires them to abide exclusively by Australian law and Australian values. Quran 33:36 and many other Ayat say very clearly that Muslims must obey sharia law in preference to any other law. Anyone who says otherwise is simply lying (taqiyya - sharia mandated deception to spread sharia - Q 16:106; 3:28; 3:54) or ignorant.  '...It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly strayed in to clear error...'. (Q 33:36).
Sharia law is fundamentally incompatible with Australian law and the core cultural values it embodies for the systemic reasons set out above but also because of its abhorrent content. This is because sharia law punishes with death or barbaric punishments (death, stoning (sahih Bukhari 6:60:79), amputation, whipping (Q 24:4), confinement until death (Q 4:15), immolation (Q 4:56), and crucifixion (Q 5:33). These barbaric punishments apply to: apostasy (Q 4:89, 9:66, 9:73; Bukhari 4:32:260), blasphemy (Q 33:57, 33:61), adultery (Zina - Q 24:2, sahih Muslim17:4191), homosexuality (Q 7:80-4; 4:16), drinking (Q 5:90) and gambling, and ‘making mischief’ (insurrection or resisting sharia (fitna) - Q 5:33). Sharia punishes theft by amputation (Q 5:38). Sharia prohibits religious freedom (Bukhari 4:32:260 ‘…for the Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ Q 9:29 ’..Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and his Messenger have made unlawful (Islam and sharia law)..’.  It permits slavery and sex slavery of kafir (Q 4:24; 3:50). It employs barbaric lex talionis  - ‘eye for eye tooth for tooth’ (Q 5:45).
Sharia does not permit, and mandates against, equality before the law. Muslims are superior; non-Muslims are inferior (Q 3:110, 2:89). Muslims must not befriend (except to convert), or assimilate to, non-Muslim people or society (Q 5:51; 48:29 -al wara wal bara ‘us versus them’). Infidels are unclean - najis (Q 9:38; 98:6). Sharia discriminates against women (women are inferior Q 4:34) and non-Muslims. It enables underage marriage and consummation and thus child rape (Bukhari 5:58:234; Q 65:4), rape in marriage (Q 222:3), wife beating (Q 4:34), honour killing (Q 4:15; 18:65-81), polygamy (Q 4:03), female genital mutilation (Bukhari 7:72:779 and Muslim 3:684), first cousin marriage (Q 4:23), gender segregation (Q 24: 27-31) and seclusion (menstrual women in particular) and forced veiling (niqab and hijab - Q 24:31; 33:53; 33:59). Women must prove rape or suffer punishment as an adulterer (Q 24:4). Divorced Muslima are not entitled to an equal share in marital property (return of Mahr - bride price - only) and generally lose child custody after divorce. The man (only) can initiate divorce without fault by saying talaq three times (‘triple talaq divorce’); Muslima must seek permission or prove fault. Muslima get only half that of a brother as their share in inheritance (Q 4:11), their testimony is worth only half (Q 2:82) and cannot marry non-Muslims (Q 2:221; 60:10) but Muslim men can (Q 5:5) but must convert them.
Very dangerously, sharia law mandates Islamism. Islamism is the sharia mandate that all sharia compliant Muslims must use all forms of jihad to subjugate all people to sharia law (Q 2:216, 9:111, 9:29, 33:36). Jihad has many forms - word, speech, dawa (proselytising), money (Halal taxes and banking and jizya), hostile immigration and demography (hijra) and subversion (infiltrating Governments, universities, media and judiciary - see the Muslim Brotherhood ‘strategic plan’ captured in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial in the US - stealth jihad and civilizational jihad - ‘sabotage their miserable house from within by their own hand and that of the believers’ until Islam is victorious). The worst of all forms of jihad is violence and terrorism (‘Sword verses’ - Q 2:191-3; 3:151; 4:89, 8:12, (‘…I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them..’) 8:39; 8:60; 8:67; 9:05; 9:29, 47:4). Sharia is therefore terroristic, supremacist (Q 9:33; 61:9), imperialistic (Q 9:29), genocidal (Q 2:191-3; 17:16), Jew hating (Q 5:82) and hence fascist. Therefore - all moral, sensible, Australians, including reformist Muslims that Australians welcome and strongly support,are very properly opposed to sharia law. They see its spread as an existential threat.
To the extent that sharia is moderate it is because its tenets are not enforced not because sharia is moderate in its tenets. The earlier peaceful or Mecca verses (Q 2:256; 3:64; 5:32; 49:13, 109) are ‘abrogated’ (cancelled out - Q 2:106, 16:101) by other inconsistent and/or chronologically later Medina or ‘Sword verses’.
But many people simply will not address this by learning what sharia law is by independent study of the Quran, Hadith (Sunnah) (sharia’s two primary legal sources), Sira (Muhammad’s biography) and Tafsir (explanatory notes on the Quran). See for example the Team B II report of the US Center for Security Policy, WikiIslam, Center for the Study of Political Islam. They choose to remain deliberately ignorant for ideological reasons, because it would destroy their multiculturalist Utopian fantasy or from fear. Those that support sharia through their deliberate ignorance or because of treasonous intent betray their fellow Australians including reformist Muslims (that renounce sharia, jihad and Islamism - like US Muslima Asra Nomani, Dr Qanta Ahmed) that Australians welcome and strongly support.