Friday, 5 May 2017

Tony Hellers shows the [US} government is giving out false climate data.

Tony Heller presents convincing evidence that the official temperature record has been "adjusted" to create global warming. He compares newspaper reports of unusually warm or cold weather with the "official" temperature charts and finds they do not match. He also shows that the "official" record is different today than it was a few years ago. 

After seeing convincing evidence that the climate record has been "adjusted" to show large amounts of warming, one Senator and one audience member (at 37:20) actually ignored the facts and attacked Tony, instead of asking intelligent questions.
A Climate Science Presentation
To the Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee of the Washington State Senate
Olympia, Washington February 7,2017.

Tony Hellers shows the government is giving out false climate data. from portland politic on Vimeo.

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Senate Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers

From the office of Senator Malcolm Roberts

To anyone involved in primary production – please forward to your contacts

Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers

On 16 February 2017 the Senate established the Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers to inquire into and report on the regulation and practices of financial institutions in relation to primary production industries, including agriculture, fisheries and forestry, with particular reference to:

·         the lending, and foreclosure and default practices, including constructive and non-monetary default processes;
·         the roles of other service providers, and agents of, financial institutions, (including valuers and insolvency practitioners,) and
·         the impact of these services;
·         the appropriateness of internal complaints handling and dispute management procedures within financial institutions; and
·         the appropriateness of loan contract terms particular to the primary production industries, including loan-to-value ratios and provision of reasonable written notice. 

  Senator Malcolm Roberts will chair the inquiry.

The closing date for submissions is 19th May 2017. The committee is to inquire and report by 18 October 2017.

·         the committee will not investigate, or seek to resolve or adjudicate disputes between customers, banks or other parties; and
·         where the experience of customers may inform the committee about the practices of banks, the committee welcomes submissions that explicitly address the terms of reference (above)

·         The best submissions:

clearly address the terms of reference—you do not need to address each one
  • highlight your own perspective
  • generally no longer than four to five pages
  • begin with a short introduction about yourself
  • outline not only what the issues are but how problems can be addressed,
  • only include documents that directly relate to your key points
  • only include information you would be happy to see published on the internet.

Submissions that include complex argument, personal details or criticise someone may take the committee longer to process and consider.

Submission checklist
Before you send us your submission, check:
Have you commented on some or all of the terms of reference?             
Is your submission long? Have you provided a summary of your submission at the front?             
Have you provided your return address and contact details with the submission?            
Have you made sure that your personal contact details are not in the main part of the submission?         
If you do not want your submission published on the internet, have you made this clear on the front of your submission and told us why?
Delivering your submission

You can submit by email, but please be aware that this is not an automated process and it may take a while for you to receive an acknowledgement that your submission has been received.

You can email your submission to
Committee Secretariat contact:

Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers
Department of the Senate
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600 

Phone: 6277 3521
Fax: 6277 5706